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Type: Planet
Location: Tau Ceti system, Mutter's Spiral
Natives: Zygons
Mentions: DW: Terror of the Zygons (mentioned, though not by name)
NSA: Sting of the Zygons

Zygor was the home planet of the Zygons. It was known to be warmer than Earth and covered in water, which was in the form of lakes with a different mineral composition than those of Earth. There were also no icecaps on the planet. Known native lifeforms of Zygor included the unaltered Skarasen and the Zygons. The whole planet was destroyed in the war against the Xaranti, though many Zygons were able to escape before the destruction. (DW: Terror of the Zygons)

Two groups of Zygons attempted to make Earth more like Zygor: those that arrived in the 12th century (DW: Terror of the Zygons), and those that arrived in 1909 (NSA: Sting of the Zygons).

This would suggest that the destruction of Zygor probably occurred no later than 1909. Alternatively, they may have attempted to modify all of the planets they conquered.

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ST Expanded

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Zygor was the captain of the ISS Imperia. He was considered a fair man despite the cutthroat nature of the mirror universe.

It was generally unknown that Zygor was Vulcan. Due to a social stigma borne by mirror-Vulcans which barred most from positions of power, he had himself surgically altered to appear Terran. He appointed an Iroid named Imirissen as a "troubleshooter" type of security officer aboard the Imperia. (Star Trek: New Empire)

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Alternate names

Takaido (Japanese translated)

Debut (Manga)

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Chapter 0??

Debut (Anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 017

Appears in




Over 9000!/Dead.


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Voice actor(s) (English)

Zygor, known as Takaido in the Japanese version, along with Bonz and Sid, is one of Bandit Keith's former henchmen.

In the Duelist Kingdom tournament, they make up Bandit Keith's henchman. Keith wanted revenge at Maximillion Pegasus for humiliating him in the final match of the Inter-Continental Championship. When Keith finds out about Yugi Mutou, Joey Wheeler, and the rest of the gang, they believe they will get in their way, and seek to eliminate them. When Joey runs away from the group towards a waterfall, Zygor beats him unconcious and he wakes up in cave with a Dueling Arena, complete with a Graveyard Field. Bonz challenges Joey to a Duel that he tricks him into thinking he must accept. Bonz has the upper hand, as his Zombie-Type monsters gain a 30% ATK and DEF bonus because of the Graveyard Field, and when they are destroyed, they just regenerate, and become even stronger from Call of the Haunted. However, when Yugi and the gang arrive, Joey manages to figure out the Zombie's main weakness and that is their DEF is 0. Using Shield & Sword to switch their ATK and DEF values, Joey wins the Duel. Bandit Keith then locks the gang in, beats up his three companions, and enters the Duelist Kingdom Finals.

Bonz, Sid, and Zygor are then seen right before the Battle City finals. The three reside in a nearby cemetary and trick people into giving up their Locator Cards. However, Yami Bakura is not intimidated by their act and challenges them to a Duel in which the winner gets all the Locator Cards, and thus goes directly to the Battle City Finals. Bakura wins in just a few moves, and then banishes them to the Shadow Realm (or Hell in the Japanese version).


It is unknown what sort of deck Zygor has. His only confirmed card in the anime is "Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon" which was seen on the screen of Seeker's laptop in episode 56 as he was searching for duelists and their rarest cards.

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