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Mutated zygomites, also called Zygomites, are monsters that require level 57 Slayer to kill. They resemble giant mushrooms, and are only found in Zanaris, near the Cosmic altar (Zygomites level 86), or near the furnace (level 74). To kill one, players will first need to Pick Fungi, whereupon it will turn into a Zygomite, and then reduce it to 1 or 2 hitpoints, players then can then use fungicide spray on it, which is available from any slayer master. The fungicide spray must be reloaded every ten kills, and the reloads can be bought from the slayer master at the same time. Players cannot sell the spray or reloads back to the slayer master afterward, so only buy what is needed.


Strengths and weaknesses

Zygomites mostly use magic-based melee attacks which consist of a headbutt that does up to 8 damage, but they occasionally make stronger magic-based ranged attacks by shooting spores, with a max hit of 14. Wearing dragonhide armour while fighting them seems to negate the damage somewhat. There is no warning ahead of time as to which type of attack a zygomite will make. Because of this, a player cannot avoid damage by just using one protection Prayer. Protect from Melee will negate the magic-based melee attacks; Protect from Missiles will negate the magic-based ranged attacks. Protect from Magic is ineffective.

When its hitpoints is lowered at around maybe 1-8 make sure to the fungicide spray on it in order to destroy it. If hitpoints is not low enough and a player uses the fungicide spray, the zygomite will not be killed but one use of the fungicide spray will be expended.



100% drops



Weapons and Armour




  • The name Zygomite is probably based on the class of fungus Zygomycota, though these fungi do not produce mushrooms.
  • If players try and attack something else while you are still in combat, it will read "There's a rather large mushroom monster trying to attack you at the moment. Maybe you should deal with it first."
  • If a frog or other Zanaris event happens during battle, the Zygomite will keep attacking you with a "thump" sound (melee attack) without any hitsplats, but will still be doing damage while you can't attack it until the event leaves.
  • Once a zygomite's hitpoints reach zero (before fungicide is used to kill it), its melee attack will no longer inflict damage. However, the stronger ranged attack can still cause damage.

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