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Traditional Polish Soup



  • 1,5 l boiled and then cooled water,
  • white rye flour - 3/4 cup
  • whole wheat rye flour - 1/4 cup (if you don't have whole wheat, just take 1 cup of white)
  • 5 garlic cloves
  • 1 slice of whole wheat bread


  • raw white sausage - it's a polish fresh sausage (do not eat it raw!) seasoned and prepared for boiling, for a 2 liter soup two-three pieces (in polish "laska" - it's also means a girl),
  • smoked sausage - 1 round or straight piece,
  • potatoes - peeled and in 2-3 cm pieces (do not use a ruler, please),
  • 1 garlic head, split into cloves and peeled
  • 1 handful of marjoram


First you need to ferment the flour (make "zakwas"). The ingredients are for 1,5 liter jug of zakwas. It's really a lot (for a huge party - 5 or more liters of soup) so 1/2 of ingredients will be enough for the first time.

Take a stone pot or glass jug (no metal!) with capacity more than 1,5 l (the "zakwas" will ferment and will need space).

Add flour and half of water, stir it thoroughly to avoid clots. Add rest of water. Peel the garlic, you may cut in in half, but do not chop. Add a slice of bread, make certain than bread is totally under water.

Cover with dishcloth just to avoid anything to land in it but not to cut the air access and leave it in the cool place for a few (3-5) days. If you don't have a cool (not cold!) place, you can put the jug a basin with warm water (and refill it regularly). Every now and then check, if bread is under water - it may mold easily (if it's moldy - throw it out and start over with fresh ingredients).

Now there's a trick - it's no easy way to judge if it's ready. The fluid should be opaque, not moldy in any case, greyish in color and smell nice (yes, it's subjective). There may be some bubbles.

If you don't want to make the zurek right now, put zakwas to the fridge.

Now for the soup!

Cover the white sausages with water and boil. Cut smoked sausage in four the long way and then in thin slices. Add to already boiled white sausages. After 5 minutes of boiling, add potatoes, pressed garlic and marjoram (you may add some salt, but sausages are salty). Boiling, boiling and when potatoes are soft, add zakwas (but not all - add a part and taste, if it's not too sour, add more). You can add some butter, salt or more garlic to taste. Best on the next day (after you cool it down and boil again).


  • the longer zakwas ferments, the more sour it will get (but no exaggeration - after a week of fermenting it may be inedible),
  • you can add hard boiled eggs on the plate, garnish with parsley -- add some more marjoram and pepper.
  • if zakwas are not sour enough, some addition of fresh lemon juice will do.

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Zurek was a planet on the border of the Unknown Regions, home to several dangerous animals known as Dinosaurs. Two scientific research expeditions, both sponsored in part by Yorkin Mining Industries, have gone to the planet to perform geological and xenobiological surveys. Both expeditions took massive casualties.

In 17 ABY, New Republic Intelligence deleted all known records of the planet, effectively rendering it nonexistent, due to the fear that Dinosaur genetic material would fall into the hands of Imperial scientists, allowing them to create "living superweapons".


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