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Artwork of a Final Fantasy IV Zu

The Zu (ズー ), also known as Zuu, is a recurring enemy in the Final Fantasy series. It is usually depicted as a gigantic black bird.



Final Fantasy IV

Zus appear normally around Mysidia in either the forests, or plains, and are weak enemies due to their weakness of death and Cecil's acquisition of the Black sword.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Zus are rather strong enemies when they are encountered in each tale, and have the ability to attack twice. Upon defeat, they relinquish valuable items.

Final Fantasy V

Zus appear around Karnak up to the Library of the Ancients, and are moderately powerful enemies at the time they are fought, and offers a great deal of EXP and Gil upon defeat. They can either be fought alone or with 2x Aegirs. The upgraded Zu, Rukh, can be fought in World 3 on various oceans and are a much more difficult enemy to defeat with the ability to inflict major Wind elemental damage to the party with its Breath Wing.

Final Fantasy VII

The Zuu can only be fought in either the Battle Arena or on the bridge in Mt. Nibel. Tonadu can only be fought around Mideel on dark areas, and aren't much more difficult to defeat than Zuu. They both can yield a Bird Wing upon defeat.

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-

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Final Fantasy IX

Zuu can be fought on Cleyra's Trunk and is not a threat save for its Swallow ability, which removes a character from the battle. It can also be fought once the party comes out of Fossil Roo.

Final Fantasy X

Zus are powerful enemies encountered solo in the Bikanel Desert.

Final Fantasy X-2

Zu reappears as a normal enemy. In Oversoul, all three variations can knock off up to 75% of the party's max HP with one blow of Chicken Wing Lv.3, and they all have the ability to destroy specific items.

Final Fantasy XI

Zus are members of the Bird Family encountered in the Buburimu Peninsula.

Final Fantasy XII

Zus are normal enemies encountered on the Ozmone Plains. They fly out of reach of melee attacks, and must be hit with ranged attacks or magic.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

The Zu reappears as a normal enemy in the Lynari Desert, having extremely high HP as all Zus tend to do, and having elemental attacks, unlike any other Zu in the series.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

Garuda, named a Zuu by Alhanalem, appears as a boss, fought at Mount Vaal and Lunite Temple. It has a more mechanical-like appearance than past Zus, and is blue instead of the normal black color of previous Zus as well.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Zuh is boss encountered in Doom Castle, being a palette swap of the Pazuzu boss from earlier in the game. It fights just as its previous incarnation.


Zu means fire in the Sumerian language, and it is the name of an Akkadian god who appears as a massive bird and can breathe fire and water.

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