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"Zozo? Never heard of it."
—Lying Thief
Zozo, a city suffering from urban decay.

Zozo (ゾゾ Zozo) is a city in the game Final Fantasy VI. It is a poor city, as it is made up of the working class which was expelled from Jidoor to the south. It is also a breeding ground for thieves, and all of its residents are liars. Zozo has the distinction of being one of the only actively-populated towns in any Final Fantasy game where the player can be attacked by randomly-encountered enemies (besides Fynn when under Imperial rule in Final Fantasy II and the northern part of Ur in Final Fantasy III).


World of Balance

Zozo on the W.O.B map.

The party first arrives at Zozo while searching for Terra. They find her on top of the tallest tower, where she is being cared for by Ramuh. Locke asks Ramuh many questions about Terra, and Ramuh tells him the history of the relationship between Espers and humans. Ramuh then asks Locke to rescue Maduin and the other Espers from the Magitek Research Facility, as they can help Terra. Locke agrees to go, and takes Celes with him. He later returns with the Espers, and Terra turns back to normal. There are some high buildings in the city which the party must climb and jump between to reach Terra.

If a certain clock is set to 6:10:50, Edgar can acquire his ultimate Tool, the Chainsaw.


World of Ruin

Zozo on the W.O.R map.

Once the party has spoken to Lola in Maranda and sent a carrier pigeon, a merchant in Zozo will offer to sell the party a can of Rust-Rid for 1,000 gil. The Rust-Rid can be used to open a rusted door that leads to Mt. Zozo.

Monster formations

In the city streets

Inside the buildings


"Slam Shuffle" from Final Fantasy VI
Image:FFVI - Slam Shuffle.ogg
Trouble with the audio sample?

"Slam Shuffle" is Zozo's background theme.

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