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Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano.
"We are in trouble!
Trouble are we in!
—Zorn and Thorn

Zorn (ゾーン, Zōn) and Thorn (ソーン, Sōn) are the court jesters and mystics for Queen Brahne. They look very much alike, wearing similar clothes, except that Zorn has blue and white cloth, while Thorn has red and white. One could easily assume that they are twins, due to their physical similarity and peculiar speech pattern. They keep speaking in antimetabole, meaning they use the same words, but in a different order. E.g., if Zorn should ask, "Are you sure of this?", Thorn would reply, "Sure of this, I am". It is to be noted, however, that this speech pattern is nonexistent in the Japanese version of the game. They were born in 1710.

Zorn and Thorn first appear in a scene at Alexandria Castle, frantic over the disappearance of Princess Garnet. Here, they establish their role as lackeys for the Queen. Zidane first sights them at the peak of the Ice Cavern, and the duo summons Black Waltz No. 1 to stall Zidane while they flee to safety. Zorn and Thorn later come along on the Alexandrian attack on Burmecia, appearing in Gizamaluke's Grotto and Burmecia itself.

They have the power to extract Eidolons from a person, which they first show after capturing Garnet and holding her in the basements of Alexandria. They are successful, extracting the Eidolons Atomos, Odin, and Bahamut for Queen Brahne's misuse.

Zorn and Thorn later come to serve Kuja because they lose face to Queen Brahne. After kidnapping Eiko Carol, they attempt to extract Eidolons from her in the depths of Mount Gulug. However, they are unsuccessful in this endeavor, as a Summoner must reach the age of sixteen in order for Eidolons to be extracted. After this failure, it is revealed to the player that they are not twins and why Zorn and Thorn look and speak alike. They are in fact two halves of the same being, the double-headed monster Meltigemini, which the player must defeat in order to move on.


Main article: Zorn and Thorn (Boss)

Zorn and Thorn are fought as bosses in Alexandria Castle during the attempt to rescue Garnet.

Main article: Meltigemini

Meltigemini is the fusion of Zorn and Thorn and is fought upon Mount Gulug.



  • Fittingly, their theme music is called "Court Jesters", also known as "Jesters of the Moon." (A direct translation would be "Jesters of the Moonless Sky.")
  • During the party's battle with them, they use Twin magic similar to that used by Palom and Porom in Final Fantasy IV.

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