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The Zoo is an attraction at the Trool Fair.


The entrance is at (-9,-38) in the Trool Fair, you need to pay Frank Genis 10 Kamas to enter.

Clockwise from top left: Dragominotorus, Longibouftus, Bouftocornous and Bworkitus

The Zoo

Each cage is opened by pulling a lever, revealing a monster inside. Including Bouftocornus, Bworkitus, Longibouftus and Dragominotorus.

The last two cages are empty. What creatures will they possibly hold? There's no danger if you step inside the empty cages, or is there? (Recommended you do not try this alone. Or at least get out before the curtain closes)

If you enter an empty cage, and it closes, you can't get out unless someone comes and pulls the lever or you can use a recall potion.

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Guild Wars

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Zaishen Menagerie Grounds
Basic Info
Campaign: Core
Type: Explorable area
Part of: The Battle Isles
Zaishen Menagerie

(click to enlarge)
Location of the pets (Click for list)



The Zaishen Menagerie Grounds is an explorable area in the Battle Isles, situated on the western slopes of the volcanic island which also houses the Heroes' Ascent. It is accessed by speaking to Gate Guard Hirvela in the Zaishen Menagerie outpost. The Menagerie Grounds hold an account's tamed pets, which can be accessed and interacted with in a variety of ways.

Unlocking and the Training Yard

The yard is part of the Zaishen Menagerie grounds, and has NPCs to help you unlock pets and learn more about how everything works.

Once you've unlocked a pet by showing it to Emryd, you'll see charmable level 5 versions of that pet roaming about in habitats specially designed to meet the pet's needs. To see higher level versions, talk to Wynn in the Training Yard (see below) and she'll bring them out. The Rainbow Phoenix can only be charmed if you leave heroes behind.


Emryd, The Tamer

Bringing a pet charmed by either you or one of your heroes to Emryd will unlock a corresponding tier on your account for that species of pet. A higher tier will unlock all tiers below it. Two requirements must be met for each tier: the pet level and the pet evolution. The progression and requirements for each tier are as follows:

Tier Level Evolution
1 1-11 none
2 12-14 none
3 12-14 Aggressive or Playful
4 15-19 Elder
5 15-19 Aggressive, Playful, Dire, or Hearty
6 20 Elder
7 20 Aggressive, Playful, Dire, or Hearty

Note: Black Moas charmed in the wild do not have an evolution, which is equivalent to "Elder" and will unlock tier 6.

Wynn, The Zaishen Training Captain

Speak with Wynn to get higher level versions and special evolutions of your pets. She'll also tell you about the characteristics of specific evolutions and how to train your pets to achieve that evolution.

Image:Bug.png Bug! The names of the summoned pets are in English even when your preferences are set to another language.

Helena, The Zaishen Keeper

Helena unlocks tiers of pets for you in exchange for Balthazar Faction, or for a combination of Zaishen Coins and gold. You may only unlock a pet in this way if you own the pet's home campaign. She can tell you which animals are missing from your collection.

Silavor Zaishen Naturalist

Speak to Silavor to learn more about each different species of pet. He knows how they fight and how they respond to training and, if you want to tame your own, he knows where to find them in the world.

Salome Zaishen Physician

Up the staircase just north and east of the training yard, Salome can give you trivia about the various animal species that are currently in your menagerie.


  • All characters on your account share the menagerie.
  • Only you and your heroes have access to your Zaishen Menagerie collection.
  • Miniature versions of the animals can be seen throughout the Menagerie alongside the charmable level 5 ones. In the case of the Black Moa, the miniature version is the Black Moa Chick.
  • It's possible to automatically unlock all the pets (except for Prestige pets) via the Pet Unlock Pack from the in-game store (or NCSoft store).
  • Death-leveling of all animals except the Rainbow Phoenix in the Menagerie is possible. See the talk page for details.
  • If you need assistance in finding pets to add to your Menagerie, read the pet charming guide.
Historical note: After the 4th Anniversary Update, it was possible to charm the Rainbow Phoenix pet with a hero through a bug. It has since been fixed, and all pets charmed this way removed from the heroes.
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Location on World map
East Ardougne
West Ardougne Ardougne Zoo Witchaven
Fight Arena (building)

The Ardougne Zoo is the only zoo in the world of RuneScape and is available to members only.

The zoo is located in the southern part of East Ardougne and holds a variety of creatures gathered from across RuneScape. It is also the starting point of the Eagles' Peak, Cold War, & Hunt for Red Raktuber quests. Most of the time, the zoo is unpopulated as there is very little to do there, although players may pass through to reach the southern lands. The zoo can also be useful for players who train Range, Magic or Melee (Halberd must be equipped). This is due to the fact that the creatures held there are obstructed from the outside.

Above the snake exhibit at the Zoo.
A map of the Zoo



At the zoo, there are a range of creatures that can be found throughout Gielinor. Here are some of them.

The unicorn pen can be accessed by using the Fairy Ring network code BIS. The penguins' and monkeys' cages can be entered during and after certain quests however they cannot be fought.


Larry is also found in the Ardougne Zoo. He is a part in the Cold War quest and can get you in a Penguin when you have the right materials. Larry is also the man who you need to talk to when you want to start Penguin Hide and Seek. He can exchange your Penguin points for coins or experience.

Parrot and Postie Pete

For those players that read the Postbag from the Hedge letters that Jagex posts on their website, they will know that RuneScape's very own postman, Postie Pete, can be found around RuneScape in certain locations. What most players did not know is that Pete's brother, Parrot Pete, works at the Zoo and is rather crazy about parrots. Postie Pete may be randomly found speaking to his brother in the Zoo.

Monkey Madness

In the quest Monkey Madness a player is told to free a monkey in one of the cages. To do so you change into a monkey. Later on a Zoo keeper finds you and traps you into one of the zoo cages. Many players also come here for fun as a monkey to scare or surprise players.

Cage arrangement

The cages are spread out in the zoo, and each contain a particular creature. It has been claimed that the creatures are organized in different cages "for their own safety", although this is unknown. The interior of the cage is designed to support the environment the creature is familiar with. As you can see from the following pictures, there is a vast difference between cages:

Monkey Cage

The monkey cage.

The monkeys are found in the monkey cage. The monkey cage can be found on the west side of the zoo, just north-east of the Penguin Cage. You can enter the cage during the quest Monkey Madness.

Penguin Cage

The penguin cage.

The penguins are found on the far west side of the zoo, just south-west of the Monkeys and west of the Scorpions. You can also enter the penguin cage during the Cold War Quest.

Scorpion Cage

The scorpion cage.

The Scorpions are found on the south side of the zoo, just east of the Penguins.

Camel Cage

The camel cage.

The Camels are on the south side of the zoo, just east of the Scorpions.

Polar bear cage

The polar bear cage.

With the release of Hunt for Red Raktuber, a polar bear cage was added which houses Chuck at the end of the quest, who replaces Larry.


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ST Expanded

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A zoological garden or zoo for short, is an establishment that keeps animals on display for entertainment and scientific purposes. Several zoos were known to exist on different planets.

The Lactrans kept humans, Canopus III dinosaurs, as well as other creatures in zoos. (TAS: "The Eye of the Beholder")

Senator Letant suggested Martok that every Romulan zoo should have a pair of Klingons. (DS9: "Tears of the Prophets")

Bishop Numida kept Klingon and Romulan, among others, as prisoners in a zoo on Apailana V. They were saved through extraordinary recklessness from Federation and Klingon redshirts. (RIS Bouteina: "Take Me Out to the Zoo")

In 2378, Robert Tuff, Norman Craig, and Tracy Carson were captured by the Tealuians lead by Xojo Manjala as potential specimens for display in a zoo. (Star Trek: Pioneer (STP): "The Caverns of Eden, Part 1, Part 2")

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Zoo article at Memory Alpha, the canon Star Trek wiki.

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

A zoo was a place where people kept different species of animals of the galaxy for enjoyment and entertainment.

Notable zoos included Bollin Exotic Animal Emporium on Cularin.


  • Young Jedi Knights: The Lost Ones (Mentioned only)


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