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Final Fantasy VI Enemy
Zone Eater
Japanese ゾーンイーター
Romaji Zōn Ītā
SNES Name Zone Eater
PS Name Zone Eater
GBA Name Zone Eater

The Zone Eater is an enemy in the game Final Fantasy VI that only appears on Triangle Island in the World of Ruin. The only way to get the optional character Gogo is to allow the entire party to be Engulfed by the Zone Eater. Once in its stomach, the player can find Gogo and recruit him/her.

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Up to date as of February 05, 2010

From Yu-Gi-Oh!

Zone Eater
 English: Zone Eater
 Portuguese: Comedor de Zona
 Spanish: Comilón de Zona
 Japanese (Kanji): ゾーン・イーター
Attribute: WATER
Types: Aqua/Effect
Level: Level 1 File:Star.png
ATK/DEF: 250/200
Number: 86100785
Card Effect Type(s): Trigger
Card Description(s):
TCG Set(s):
OCG Set(s):
Video Game Set(s):
Card Search Categories:
Other Card Information:
TCG/OCG Statuses
OCG: Unlimited TCG Advanced: Unlimited TCG Traditional: Unlimited
Card/Deck/Starchip/DP Costs
TSC Deck Cost: 14 DOR Deck Cost: 10
Video Game Numbers
TSC: #393 DOR: #574
Video Game Statuses
TSC: Unlimited
Online: Unlimited
Facts about Zone EaterRDF feed
ATK 250  +
Actions No Entry  +
Anti-Support No Entry  +
Archetype Related No Entry  +
Archetypes No Entry  +
Archetypes Support No Entry  +
Attack No Entry  +
Attribute WATER  +
Card Category Monster Cards  +
Card Image ZoneEaterMDP2-EN-C-LE.jpg  +
Card Number 86100785  +
Card Type Effect Monsters  +
Class 1 Official  +
Class 4 VG  +
Counters No Entry  +
DEF 200  +
DOR Deck Cost 10  +
DOR number 574  +
Effect type Trigger Monster Effects  +
English Name Zone Eater  +
Fusion Material for Aqua Dragon  +
Japanese Name ゾーン・イーター  +
Level 1  +
Life Points No Entry  +
Lore A monster attacked by this card will be destroyed during the End Phase of the 5th turn after the attack.
Medium OCG  +, TCG  +, TSC  +, and DOR  +
Misc No Entry  +
MonsterSpellTrap Destroys Monster Cards  +
OCG Status Unlimited  +
Portuguese Name Comedor de Zona  +
RFP No Entry  +
Spanish Name Comilón de Zona  +
Stats No Entry  +
Summoning No Entry  +
Support No Entry  +
Synchro Material No Entry  +
TCG Advanced Format Status Unlimited  +
TCG Traditional Format Status Unlimited  +
TSC Deck Cost 14  +
TSC Status Unlimited  +
TSC number 393  +
Type Aqua  +
Types Aqua  +, and Effect  +
YGOO Status Unlimited  +

This article uses material from the "Zone Eater" article on the Yugioh wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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