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This article is about the emote. For the monster, see Zombie hand.
Zombie Hand
The icon for the zombie hand emote.
Members No
Sound No
Requirements Complete Hallowe'en 2007 event.
Gaze into Maggie's Cauldron (2008 Hallowe'en event).
A player doing the Zombie Hand emote.
The Zombie hand emote was released at the 2007 Halloween event, and also the 2009 Halloween event but you were also able to get it at the 2008 Halloween event. The emote was unlocked at the end of the event. Originally, this emote showed the weapon you were currently wielding. Now, like all other emotes, it disappears when they emote starts and reappears when it finishes.

If you perform the emote while looking at your person at an angle (ex: face south and look south-west) the hand will look as if it goes through your body.

This emote does not have an emote enhancer.


  • The player always faces a cardinal direction when doing this emote. Cardinal directions are North, South, East, and West. If the player is facing North-West, then the player will turn North, then perform the emote.
  • If a player uses the zombie hand emote then clicks on a stile (such as the one out of Falador cabbage field), the player will glide through the stile instead of jumping over it.
  • There is a glitch that if a player ranges an opponent in a safespot and click's on zombie hand emote an arrow will rise to eye height bend back and shoot towards the enemy while the player is still doing the emote.
  • If a player does the emote, and then quickly clicks somewhere else on the map, the player will move to that spot, but the zombie hand will still stay in the same spot.

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