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Faris as a zombie in Final Fantasy V

Zombie, also known as Undead, is a negative status ailment that appears in various games in the series and is, along with "Zombify," often the name of the spell which causes the status. Its effects vary from game to game. In others, the Zombie status makes the afflicted character undead, acquiring the same elemental resistances that zombie enemies do.

While a character or enemy suffers from the Zombie status, healing magic (and some healing items) have the reverse effect. Cure, for example, would lower HP rather than raise it. Additionally, the spell Raise instead causes the same effect as Death (though in some games it simply deals a significant amount of damage). The spell Reverse in Final Fantasy XII bears some similarities to this status.

Zombie status effect negates physical damage by an unknown percent. Zombie can be cured by using a items such as Holy Water, also known in other names as Magic Tag and Revivify.




Final Fantasy V

Zombie is inflicted by several enemy attacks. The player loses control of characters inflicted with Zombie, and they automatically attack any random target. The game ends if all characters are zombies.

Characters inflicted with Zombie status have green skin, solid white eyes and zero HP. They are immune to most damage, and equipping a zombified character with the Healing Staff will make him randomly heal party members. Please note that this is not to be mistaken for the "Undead" status which can be obtained by using certain equipment or using the Necromancer Job.

Game Element Type Effect
Holy Water + Mix Cures Zombie and restores all HP.
Dead Dance Enemy Attack Inflicts Zombie.
Zombie Breath Enemy Attack Inflicts non-elemental damage and has a chance of inflicting Zombie to party.
Zombie Powder Enemy Attack Inflicts Zombie. Works even if the character is Hiding, which results in a bug.
Angel Robe Armor Protects against Zombie and Old.
Angel Ring Accessory Protects against Zombie and Old.
Holy Water Item Cures Zombie.

Final Fantasy VI

The Relic Lich Ring makes the character undead. There are no cosmetic changes but the character is hurt by healing magic and healed by spells like Drain and Death. There is another Zombie status in the game that acts like Final Fantasy V's Zombie status.

Whenever a character under Zombie status hits a target, there is a 1/16 chance of that character inflicting the Blind status, as well as a 1/16 chance of inflicting the Poison status.

Game Element Type Effect
Spiraler Blitz Removes Zombie and other statuses at the cost of the user's life.
Tapir Dance Removes Zombie as well as other statuses.
Wild Bear Dance Removes Zombie as well as other statuses.
Pep Up Lore Removes Zombie as well as other statuses and restores all HP and MP at the cost of the user's life.
Choke Smoke Enemy Attack Revives a KO'ed character as a Zombie.
Mind Blast Enemy Attack Inflicts Zombie as well as various other statuses.
Overcast Enemy Attack Inflicts a countdown on all targets, and at the end of the countdown, the target is turned into a Zombie.
Deadly Pollen Enemy Attack Inflicts Zombie on target.
Soul Out Enemy Attack Inflicts Zombie.
Revivify Item Cures Zombie.

Final Fantasy VIII

Zombie is caused by the spell Zombie; enemies such as Blood Soul and Forbidden may cast them. Here, the target changes color into a dark greenish tint, receives damage from curing items and magic and instantly killed with Life magic and items. Healed using Esuna and the item Holy Water.

Targets under this status gain innate immunity to Instant Death and Doom statuses, and take double damage from Holy elemental spells and attacks. In addition, damage Zombied targets take is halved.

Final Fantasy IX

Several enemy attacks can inflict Zombie status on the Party, causing them to turn a dark color. Aside from the usual effects of healing items and magic causing harm, it also completely depletes the Trance gauge and prevents it from building while the status is in effect. It can be cured with a Magic Tag.

Game Element Type Effect
Zombie Breath Enemy Attack Inflicts Zombie and non-elemental damage.
Zombie Powder Enemy Attack Inflicts Zombie.

Final Fantasy X

Zombie can be inflicted on enemies by use of the Zombie Attack skill, located in Auron's section of the Sphere Grid, and by weapons with the Zombietouch and Zombiestrike weapon abilities. Characters and enemies inflicted with the Zombie status are seen with a glowing green body and red smoke clouds around their heads. The use of Zombie attacks is the specialty of Lady Yunalesca, who will also take advantage and cast Regen on Zombified characters to increase damage, and also use mega-death to instantly kill anyone who cures their zombie status. Fallen Monks found in Zanarkand are also under permanent Zombie status.

Game Element Type Effect
Zombie Attack Skill Inflicts physical damage and inflicts Zombie Status.
Contamination Enemy Attack Inflicts major non-elemental damage and Zombie as well as other statuses.
Hellbiter Enemy Attack Inflicts moderate non-elemental damage and Zombie to party.
Lance of Atrophy Enemy Attack Inflicts moderate non-elemental damage and Zombie.
Pharaoh's Curse Enemy Attack Inflicts Zombie and Curse.
Triumphant Grasp Enemy Attack Inflicts non-elemental damage as well as Zombie.
Zombie Glare Enemy Attack Inflicts minor non-elemental damage and Zombie.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Undead is the name of the status effect. The inflicted character appears in a purplish tint. Curing items, magic, and skills (except Chakra) will instead inflict damage; items, magic, and skills that remove KO will instantly kill the target; KOed zombified units retain their Zombie status and may return to 'life' upon the counter reaching 0; and skills and items with drain properties will instead heal the target and damage the user.

This status can be inflicted using the Mystic's Corruption, the Templar's Zombie, Revenant's Zombie Touch and one version of the Lucavi Cúchulainn's Bioga.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The Zombie status causes the afflicted unit to be weak against the Holy element, meaning magic such as Cure and healing items would inflict damage. However abilities that heal using a different element such as Earth Heal would still heal zombified units as normal. Abilities and items that normally revive units from KO will instead inflict severe damage upon zombified units. Conversely, abilities that normally cause Instant Death to a unit will instead restore full HP to a zombified unit. Also when a zombified unit is KOed, the zombie status is not removed and therefore cannot be revived from KO using abilities or items. Instead a counter appears above their head, much like the Doom status. When the counter reaches zero, they are revivied with 50% of their HP. Zombie can be removed with the item Holy Water. Zombies and Vampires are in permanent Zombie state.


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