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The Zodiac Brave Story Sound Novels is a mini-game found only in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy Tactics. This mini-game consists of four "sound novels" that are related to the elements in the Zodiac Brave Story section of the game's tutorial. These sound novels have no bearing to the main plot, however, they are interesting side-stories that tell quite a bit of the history of Tactics Ivalice.

Due to time and financial constraints, these sound novels never made it into the English version and was scrapped entirely.

Efforts were made to translate the sound novels mini-game and retain its entirety; the interactivity of the story and even some audio that accompanies the story. Three of the four sound novels have been translated by Mark Rosa a.k.a. DaBubba and made accessible to everyone.




A book said to have enough power to change history if it were to be released publicly. It concerns the actions of a certain woman.

Play Oeilvert

The Tale of Enavia

Nanai's Book of Lives

Nanai Valencia, a renown psychologist of Ivalice had spend his entire life analyzing different characters. Here, he tells the story of the gambler Tango.

Tango the gambler is married to Lucilda. His excessive gambling habits worries Lucilda, who left him for another man named Lance. Saddened, Tango decides to spend time at a bar near the Chocobo Raceaway, a chocobo racetrack. He overhears the conversations in the bar about people betting on different chocobos. When the winning chocobo of the race was announced, Tango realizes that the winning chocobo was not of the chocobos people had bet on.

Tango then encounters Lucilda with Lance. He then vowed in front of them to win all the races and then give up gambling forever. As the story progresses, the player must listen to all the conversations in the Raceway and pick up chocobo names before betting on one. The ending of the story depends on the player's selection.

The Fantasy Magience Story

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