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A random battle taking place in the falls.
"Few can help but be enchanted by the sight of Zeirchele Falls cascading down the stairlike Algost Mountains."

Zeirchele Falls, also known as Zirekile Falls, is a location from Final Fantasy Tactics. It is a great waterfall located west of Fort Besselat. It is here that Delita Heiral fleeing toward Besselat with Princess Ovelia in tow ran into trouble with knights of the Order of the Northern Sky, allowing Ramza Beoulve to catch up. Goffard Gaffgarion betrayed them and joined the Northern Sky's attack, but Ramza and Agrias Oaks drove Gaffgarion away and then helped Delita dispatch the Northern Sky. Delita then allowed Ramza to take Ovelia to Lionel Castle.


Battle Information

Battle Information
Battle No. 12
Condition(s) Protect Ovelia
Number of teams 1
Team capacity 3 + Ramza
Guest(s) Agrias, Delita, Ovelia
Battle formation
X X . .


Enemies 6 (Gaffgarion, 5 Knights)
Enemy level 8 - 11
Recommended level 10 - 12
Items of interest Coral Sword
Additional info Gaffgarion becomes an enemy unit at the beginning of this battle, and will have the abilities and equipment you put on him.

Random Battle Enemies


Chapters 2 and 3

Chapter 4

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