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Zip's Nuka Fix

location: Little Lamplight
given by: Zip
reward: various items

Zip's Nuka Fix refers to an unmarked and repeatable quest in Fallout 3.

Zip in Little Lamplight trades various items for Nuka-Cola to satisfy his Nuka-Cola habit.


If Zip gives you a 10mm bullet, he calls them "lucky," but there is nothing special about it. He does not accept Ice Cold Nuka-Cola or Nuka-Cola Quantum.

The Lone Wanderer says he will give an "ice cold bottle" of Nuka-Cola the dialogue tree, but a regular Nuka is taken from inventory and is required for the quest.


It is possible that sometimes he does not want Nuka-Cola from you and instead says something bad or good about you regarding to your karma. Try talking to him a few more times and he will eventually say something about Nuka-Cola, then you can activate this quest by speaking to him about it. This may not be a bug, seems like a random speech event too.


The reward you get depends on the player's Barter skill and random factor. The following table lists chances of getting every possible reward.

Reward Barter < 30 30 ≤ Barter < 50 50 ≤ Barter < 70 Barter ≥ 70
1 10mm bullet 100% 33% 19.8% 16.5%
24 5.56 mm bullets N/A 33% 19.8% 16.5%
1 Crunchy Mutfruit N/A 33% 19.8% 16.5%
1 Mentats N/A 1% 19.8% 16.5%
1 Stimpak N/A N/A 19.8% 16.5%
20 Microfusion Cells N/A N/A 1% 16.5%
  • This editor believes that if your Barter is 70 or above, a bug may occur: there is 1% chance that you will not be able to give Zip Nuka-Cola. After you choose "You said you were looking for Nuka-Cola?" there will be only the option "Never mind. I think you've had enough sugar for one day.".
Little Lamplight

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