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Zidane Tribal
Zidane Tribal/Dissidia
Kana ジタン・トライバル
Romaji Jitan Toraibaru
Japanese Name Zidane Tribal
Original Game Final Fantasy IX
Story Difficulty ***
EX Mode Trance
EX Burst Reverse Gaia
Japanese Voice Actor Romi Paku
English Voice Actor Bryce Papenbrook
Dissidia Final Fantasy Character
"A lady has left the future up to me. I can't run away with my tail between my legs!"

Zidane Tribal is one of the heroes fighting for the side of Cosmos in Dissidia Final Fantasy. A sixteen-year-old thief with great energy and a sharp wit - though all is lost when it comes to women. Lithe and graceful, Zidane excels at midair battling, and can run rings around foes in arenas with few footholds. During his quest to find the Crystals, he befriends Bartz and Squall, with the latter joining them later in the search. However, Kuja lays traps for them with the intent to make Zidane feel powerless and break his spirit.


Crystal and Attire

Zidane's appearance is heavily based on his original concept art, but keeps a resemblance to the anatomic style from the designs of Toshiyuki Itahana, although more refined. His alternate costume resembles his original Amano artwork. His Manikin version, Capricious Thief, is indigo in color.

As weapons, he uses two Mage Mashers, with the appearances of his game of origin. He can also turn them into the swallow blade Ogre, another weapon he can use in Final Fantasy IX.

His crystal is the very Crystal of Final Fantasy IX as seen in the logo and final dungeon of the game. The same crystal also appears in the representative arena of Final Fantasy IX, the Crystal World.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Destiny Odyssey

Bartz and Zidane are attacked by a group of Manikins while looking for the Crystals, and Squall came to assist them. But after that, when they invite Squall to join them, Squall declines their offer, stating that he prefers working alone, and Bartz gives him a Chocobo feather as a good luck charm.

Bartz and Zidane starting their competition.

Bartz and Zidane then propose a contest to see who obtains a Crystal first, but their "treasure hunt" is cut short when Bartz disappears in front of Zidane's eyes, having fallen for a trap meant for him. Zidane is then ambushed by Kefka, who helped Kuja set up the trap, and the two fight to a standstill. Zidane finds out from him that Bartz has been captured by the forces of Chaos and taken him to their base.

Zidane later finds Squall cornered by both Garland and Ultimecia. Zidane rushes to his aid, tackling down Garland and fighting him, while Squall fights Ultimecia and receives his Crystal afterward. After the fight, Garland laughs at Zidane and vanishes, leaving a tired Zidane to join up with Squall as they go on to look for Bartz. They eventually find him, and Bartz reveals that he escaped on his own, obtaining what appears to be a Crystal. It turns out to be another trap set by Kuja, warping Zidane to his nemesis, who taunts him by telling of the fall of his friends.

Zidane preparing to face off against Kuja.

Cosmos pays Zidane a visit, and Zidane laments that there is nothing he could do to help them. Cosmos reassures him that his friends believe in him and he should believe in them in return. Taking it to heart, Zidane encounters Kuja once again. Zidane wants to go back to his friends and Kuja believes it is pointless to believe in "strangers". But after infuriating Kuja by asking about his relation to the other Warriors of Chaos, Zidane fights and defeats Kuja. Zidane then receives his Crystal, which teleports him back to Bartz and Squall. Later on, he talks with Firion about what to fight for. When the weaponmaster gives the wild rose as an answer, Zidane asks him if that's what he calls his "princess." Suddenly, they hear something and leave.

Shade Impulse

Bartz, Squall, and Zidane with their Crystals.
Zidane looks at his Crystal before he returns home.

After all the Crystals have been collected, Chaos appears out of nowhere, who not only subdues the heroes with his power, but also incinerates Cosmos in front of them. After they have overcome their own erasure, they set out to defeat the Warriors of Chaos once more. Zidane runs into Kuja, who is bent on his envisioned finale. However, Zidane wins the fight, and as result, Kuja is lamenting over how he lost everything as he asks Zidane to finish him off. However, Zidane instead extends out his hand to Kuja, with latter refusing it as he asks Zidane if he there is something else he would rather grasp. When fading away, Kuja comments that he will return there some day, and Zidane agrees. Zidane, along with the other heroes, then engage Chaos. When the Warriors of Cosmos emerge victorious, Zidane jumps towards the sun, fading back to Lindblum as he tells his friends that they are all going back to where they belong.


See also: Zidane Tribal/Dissidia/Quotes.

Zidane is an "Aerial Ace" and thus, his attacks are mostly suited for aerial fighting. He has very few ground attacks, all of which launch the opponent into the air, but he has one of the largest pools of air attacks in the game, and as a Thief typically would be, he is very fast and nimble. His Dyne techniques and various dagger attacks and throws make up his attack list, letting him pummel enemies with swift mid-air combos. A downside to Zidane's attack and movement speed is that his attacks are rather weak, and while he does have ranged attacks, he is most powerful in melee fighting.


Main article: Zidane (Boss)

Zidane is fought as a boss in Distant Glory and Inward Chaos.

Brave Attacks

Move Type CP (Mastery) AP for Mastery Obtained Description Image
Rumble Rush Ground 30 (15) 180 Initial Melee slashes that flings target upwards
Additional Effect: Chase
Scoop Art (ground) Ground 20 (10) 120 Level 14 Fires three slow-moving energy bullets.
Swift Attack (ground) Ground 30 (15) 200 Level 33 Fast slashing melee attack
Additional Effect: Chase
Scoop Art (midair) Aerial 20 (10) 120 Initial Fires three slow-moving energy bullets.
Swift Attack (midair) Aerial 30 (15) 160 Initial Fast slashing melee attack
Additional Effect: Chase
Tempest Aerial 30 (15) 180 Level 3 Throw daggers downwards, then dive down to strike multiple times
Additional Effect: Chase
Vortex Aerial 30 (15) 180 Level 8 Approaches target while spinning upward to attack rapidly
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Storm Impulse Aerial 30 (15) 180 Level 10 Approaches target while spinning for rapid attacks
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Solution 9 Aerial 30 (15) 140 Level 24 Fires a barrage of multiple energy runes

HP Attacks

Move Type CP (Mastery) AP for Mastery Obtained Description Image
Tidal Flame Ground 40 (20) 180 Initial Create a ring of fireballs that travels along the ground.
Stellar Circle 5 Ground 40 (20) 180 Level 31 Creates a tornado of energy around Zidane that sucks in the opponent
Additional Effect: Absorb
Shift Break Aerial 40 (20) 180 Initial Summon a storm of lightning bolts around opponent before striking them with a blast of water. Attracts the opponent to the center of the spell when the opponent is hit by the lightning bolts.
Additional Effect: Absorb
Free Energy Aerial 40 (20) 180 Initial Creates a sphere of energy that quickly hits the opponent.
Grand Lethal Aerial 40 (20) 300 Level 38 Summon an aura of energy and spin-dashes towards opponent to strike multiple times
Additional Effect: Wall Rush

Brave to HP Attacks

Move Type CP (Mastery) AP for Mastery Chains from Description Image
Meo Twister (ground) A Ground 40 (20) 300 Rumble Rush Throw Mage Mashers to shock opponent with beams of energy.
Meo Twister (ground) B Ground 40 (20) 300 Swift Attack (ground) Throw Mage Mashers to shock opponent with beams of energy.
Meo Twister (midair) A Aerial 40 (20) 300 Tempest Throw Mage Mashers to shock opponent with beams of energy.
Meo Twister (midair) B Aerial 40 (20) 300 Swift Attack (midair) Throw Mage Mashers to shock opponent with beams of energy.

EX Mode

Zidane's EX Mode.
Reverse Gaia

Zidane's EX Mode is based on his Trance form from Final Fantasy IX. When in EX Mode, Zidane can jump up to 10 consecutive times by default, or up to 15 with certain Support abilities. During these jumps he is immune to many attacks.

Zidane's EX Burst is Reverse Gaia, where Zidane will strike with a flurry of attacks and the player must rapidly press the Image:Circle-button.png button at certain intervals in an attempt to fuse the two planets together, progress measured with a bar, allowing his Brave to increase and allowing him to follow up with a powerful Grand Lethal finish if successful.


Zidane can equip the following: Daggers, Thrown Weapons, Parrying Weapons, Bangles, Gauntlets, Hats, Hairpins, Clothing, and Light Armor.

Exclusive Weapons

Name Level Stats (JP Version) Stats (US Version) Effects (JP Version) Effects (US Version)
50 ATK +34 ATK +35 Battle Start: EX+15%.
Chase BRV Damage +10%.
BRV Boost on Dodge +10%.
The Tower
92 ATK +61 ATK +62 Battle Start: EX+20%.
Chase BRV Damage +15%.
BRV Boost on Dodge +15%.
Ozma's Splinter
100 ATK +67 Battle Start: EX+25%.
Chase BRV Damage +20%.
BRV Boost on Dodge +20%.
Major Gambler's Spirit Effect.



  • While performing Zidane's EX Burst, two planets, one red and one blue, are seen merging with each other, a nod to the merging of Terra and Gaia in Final Fantasy IX. In further reference of his "siding" with Gaia, the blue planet is the dominant one and overtakes the red planet during the merge.
  • In his talk with Firion, while talking about the Wild Rose, Zidane asks, "That's what you call your princess?" referencing Princess Garnet.
  • In Shade Impulse, the scene after Kuja's defeat is similar to the final scene in Final Fantasy IX, even showing Zidane reaching his hand towards a distressed Kuja.
  • Ozma's Splinter, Zidane's strongest weapon, is named after the optional superboss in Final Fantasy IX. The Sargatanas and The Tower are also weapons for Zidane in Final Fantasy IX.
  • In the ending, Zidane returns to Gaia in a similar fashion to how he and the party returns to Gaia via the Invincible after escaping from Terra at the end of disc 3, toward the sun.
  • Zidane's ability to merge the Mage Mashers into the Ogre may be an allusion to the Synthesis feature in Final Fantasy IX.
  • When Squall asks Zidane why he attacked Garland for him, Zidane replies with, "What? Do I need a reason to help someone?" a reference to his motto from Final Fantasy IX. He also mentions this line upon defeating Kuja in Shade Impulse when the latter utters his own reference to their final conversation together.
  • When Zidane uses his EX Burst the screen breaks away in rectangles similar to a Tetra Master board.
  • Zidane speaks a line similar to the one he used to defy Necron before the final battle in Shade Impulse C4-1: “Our time here may be limited. But there is always something we can leave behind."
  • When battling Garland, Zidane declares “This is gonna be your grave!" the same line he tells Garland's Final Fantasy IX namesake. The line was retranslated in English as "I am the new angel of death! Yours!"
  • If Zidane is defeated, he protests "There's a place I have to go back to…" referring to the recurring theme song of Final Fantasy IX, "The Place I’ll Return To Someday." A line of his from Destiny Odyssey IX, "I'm going where I belong," also recalls this.
  • Zidane and Bartz's friendship maybe an allusion to his friendship with Vivi, in that they have a friendly competetive relationship. One example would be that if Vivi was the victor in the Festival of the Hunt he could date Princess Garnet, this is similar to Zidane and Bartz's competetion on who could find their crystal first.
  • Despite being an inveterate womanizer, Zidane does not flirt with fellow heroine Terra, or even interact with her at all in the storyline (with the exception of one scene in Shade Impulse).
  • Zidane's line towards Shantotto when battling her, "If I win, you owe me a date!" may be a reference to the deal he made with Garnet before the Festival of the Hunt: "If I win, you owe me a date!" His line towards Ultimecia, "What a scary-looking lady," may be a reference to Queen Brahne. While fighting Terra, Zidane admits a bit of reluctance of fighting her because she is a girl by saying, "Fight a girl? This could be tricky." He even reacts to the Cloud of Darkness's ambiguous femininity, "Well, she is a lady, I guess..."
  • In the English release, Destiny Odyssey IX is subtitled "Melodies of Life," the name of the main theme of Final Fantasy IX.
  • After being kidnapped by Kuja, Cosmos appears to Zidane in Pandemonium and convinces him to keep fighting. This mirrors the events of Final Fantasy IX, when Zidane wakes up alone in Pandemonium after his confrontation with Garland, and fights his way past Garland's servants.
  • In Destiny Odyssey IX-2, Zidane makes a similar face expression as one of Toshiyuki Itahana's concept arts.
  • At the end of his Destiny Odyssey, Zidane says "I'm going back to where I belong." and looks up at a castle. It is reminiscent of Alexandria Castle.
  • When Zidane is defeated his pose is similar when he and the others were defeated in Burmecia.


  • Zidane's appearance in the game, like all of the other characters, is drawn by Tetsuya Nomura, and based on his appearance as drawn by Yoshitaka Amano, but he also resembles a variation of Toshiyuki Itahana's art, as well as retaining certain attributes from his more cartoon-like in-game appearance. A result of this is that while he is of nearly the same age as Squall, Tidus, and Terra, he is only slightly taller than the prepubescent Onion Knight.
  • Excluding Shantotto and Gabranth, Zidane and Kuja are the only two characters in the game that were originally designed neither by Amano nor Nomura. Nomura was in charge of all character designs but were drawn to look the same as Amano's designs.
  • Despite Zidane's story starting earlier than Bartz's, they both receive their crystals at the same time, taking sixth place.
  • Zidane is the only character who uses two weapons simultaneously along with Onion Knight and Judge Gabranth in their EX Modes.
  • Zidane is the only Warrior of Cosmos whose eye color changes with his EX Mode.
  • Zidane, along with Warrior of Light, were the first heroes to be announced for Dissidia.
  • Most likely a weird coincidence rather than an intentional reference, but Zidane's lines when entering EX Mode ("Time to get serious!") and activating his EX Burst ("It's not over yet!") are the exact same lines uttered by X and Zero, respectively, when their HP becomes low in Mega Man X4.

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