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Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano.
"I am He who is called Zeromus. I am He who knows naught but hate!"

Zeromus is the final boss in Final Fantasy IV. It is the spirit and hatred of Zemus, reborn after his death. He is voiced by Michael McConnohie, who also played Fusoya and Cagnazzo.

In the Advance release of the game, Zeromus refers to himself in the plural as "we". The reason for this is not explained, and no other release gives him this speech pattern. Although this maybe due to his first form's similarities to the Cloud of Darkness's true form, who also uses the same speech pattern.



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Final Fantasy IV

Zeromus' field sprite.
Zeromus's first form.
Zeromus does not make his appearance until the very end of the game, within the Lunar Core. After Fusoya and Golbez kill Zemus, Zeromus materializes out of his corpse and attacks them, wounding Cecil and his allies. Golbez and Fusoya attack Zeromus, casting the legendary Meteor, but Zeromus is incorporeal and the attacks do nothing. Golbez attempts to use a Crystal to render Zeromus vulnerable, but Zeromus states that as Golbez is tainted in darkness, him using the Crystal is pointless. Zeromus then casts his own Meteor, knocking down Fusoya and Golbez.
Zeromus's Second Form.

With seemingly no one left to stand against Zeromus, Palom and Porom (on Earth) sense Cecil is in danger. The Elder of Mysidia leads Cecil's allies in prayer to send strength to him, giving him and his allies the power to stand again. Using the Crystal Golbez gives to him, Cecil renders Zeromus corporeal, causing him to reveal his true form. When killed, Zeromus fades but warns he will always exist as long as there is hatred in the hearts of men.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Zeromus is revived briefly by Maenad on the Red Moon as "Zeromus's Malice". However, he is quickly defeated by Fusoya and Golbez. Before he dies, Zeromus's Malice uses his signature attack, Big Bang, which destroys the Crystal Palace. Fusoya's fate is unknown.


Zeromus' true form.
Main article: Zeromus (Boss)

As the final boss, Zeromus is a very dangerous opponent. He has two signature moves, Black Hole, which nullifies any positive status buffs on the party, and Big Bang, which does massive non-elemental damage. He also has access to Bio, Flare, and Meteor.

Main article: Zeromus EG

Zeromus EG is a superboss in the Advance release of Final Fantasy IV. He knows several elemental and status spells, has much higher HP than the original Zeromus, and retains the Big Bang and Black Hole spells.

Main article: Zeromus's Malice (Boss)

Zeromus's Malice is revived by the Mysterious Girl during the events of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years and is fought at the Crystal Palace. He can use Big Bang, but only once as his final attack.


Zeromus EG
  • The Esper Zeromus from Final Fantasy XII is named after this Zeromus. They both have the same signature attack, Big Bang, and they were both corrupted by hatred. The Esper's design is a composite of the original and the "Zeromus EG" version, retaining various crustacean-like qualities.
  • In Dissidia Final Fantasy, Golbez's ultimate weapon is known as the Zeromus Shard (ゼロムスの結晶).
  • It's possible for the player's copy of Final Fantasy IV to freeze if the player goes back and forth between doors 64 times. Square's defunct newsletter, Ogopogo Examiner, wrote this glitch off as a "trap created by Zeromus".

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