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Zero Reverse

Zero Reverse in effect

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Zero Reverse Effect

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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

The Zero Reverse Effect was caused by an intentional overloading to the Enerdy system. The result of this led to an negative energy which was sent down into the Earth in the form of a massive amount of dark energy. The first Enerdy system developed 17 years prior to the pilot of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's had this occurrence and resulted in a disastrous tectonic shift that split Domino City into two. Thus a channel into the underworld where the Earthbound Immortals were sealed was opened as well, allowing them to spread their influence over those chosen by the Gods themselves.


It was revealed that the lead developers within the Kaiba Corporation R.R.D. were Yusei Fudo's parents and that they both lost their lives during the catastrophic incident. The leader of the Dark Signers, Roman was involved in the project, along with his brother Rex Goodwin, both being assistants at the time. Later on Roman tells Yusei and the others that Professor Fudo (Yusei's father) wanted to cancel the Enerdy research, as at that time the system itself was quite unstable. Furthermore he came to the conclusion that there might be an accident, however his request to cancel the project was completely rejected by its sponsor.

With the professor being uncooperative, the research ended up being handed to Roman as the new head developer. This all ultimately led to the occurrence of the incident, as Roman himself 17 years ago was one of the chosen Signers. Unfortunately he had decided to take the path of darkness, and so he instead chose to become a Dark Signer. In order to be reborn as one, Roman killed himself by overloading the system which ultimately led to the disaster.

The incident is also the reason behind Domino City's separation into New Domino City and Satellite, with Satellite being the area hit hardest by the energy release. The public was told that the events were caused solely by a natural disaster (this being the cover up story). One of the leaders of the R.R.D. survived the accident and took over the Public Security Bureau, and created the massive cover up story, taking all possible measures to ensure no one would accidentally see through it and learn what really happened.

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