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Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano
"Even when this mortal shell is gone...My spirit...Will live on..."
—Zemus, shortly before turning into Zeromus

Zemus is the primary antagonist of Final Fantasy IV. He is a Lunarian who wants the Lunarians to come out of their long slumber and populate the earth. Despite appearances, he does not want to destroy the earth; this would accomplish the exact opposite of his goals.

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Zemus appears to have been the only voice among the Lunarians advocating for what amounts to world domination. The rest of the Lunarians wanted to wait for the people of earth to evolve to the point where the two races could easily coexist. Zemus was forced to sleep, and the moon's crystals sealed him inside the moon, but because of his immense psychic powers his mind remained awake and he searched for ways to accomplish his plan. Lunarians are easier for him to control, so he manipulated the only ones on earth with Lunarian blood, Kluya's sons Golbez and Cecil. Cecil eventually rejected the dark path by becoming a paladin, but by the time Golbez was strong enough alone and the mission was almost complete, this wasn't an issue.

Zemus after being defeated by Golbez and Fusoya.

Zemus eventually manipulated Golbez into summoning the Giant of Babil, a massive android capable of eliminating life from the planet, which would then be populated by Lunarians, according to Zemus' goals. When all crystals had been gathered and the Giant roamed the earth, Fusoya, Cecil, and his allies snuck into the Giant and destroyed the central processing unit. Fusoya also broke Zemus' mind control over Golbez. Furious at being made to commit atrocities, Golbez swore to kill Zemus and left with Fusoya for the moon's core immediately.


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In the ensuing battle, Zemus resisted their spells and taunted Golbez and Fusoya to use all their energy attacking him. They killed him by simultaneously casting Meteor. This was the end of Zemus, but his hatred could not die and lived on as Zeromus.


  • Despite the immense controlling power of mind manipulation used against Golbez and Kain Highwind it appears that strong feelings can shatter it momentarily as seen when Kain was stopped by Rosa from killing Cecil (not even wanting her to "see" him like that) and Golbez realization that Cecil was his younger brother which stopped him from finishing Cecil off.
  • It is never explained why Zemus's appearance differs so radically from that of other pure-blood Lunarians, such as Fusoya and Kluya.


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