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Galactic Basic Standard

Average height

1.8 meters[1]

Skin color

Light pink to deep crimson[1]


Pink/red skin, red or blue hair, capable of producing powerful pheromones.

Average lifespan

Up to 80 standard years old[1]

Famous members
"When you've been in this business as long as I have, you learn a few things: Nothing's more dangerous than arguing with a Wookiee, nothing's more foolish than gambling with a Jedi, and nothing's more alluring than a Twi'lek dancer. But I'm here to tell you that last one is wrong. If you like your humanoids flexible, svelte, enthusiastic, and in multiple shades of red, then the most beautiful people in the galaxy are on Zeltros. Who needs Twi'leks?"
Ruudi Buundaz

Zeltrons were a near-Human species, made physically distinctive by their skin and hair, which came in different shades of red ranging from pink to deep red to black. Most of them were considered highly attractive by Human, near-Human, and even humanoid standards.


Biology and appearance

"Look at her hair and skin. They mark her unmistakably."
―Lumiya, regarding Dani

Zeltrons were one of the few near-Human races who had differentiated from the baseline stock enough to be considered a new species of the Human genus, rather than simply a subspecies. They possessed three biological traits of note. The first was that all could produce pheromones, similar to the Falleen species, which further enhanced their attractiveness. The second was the ability to project emotions onto others, creating a type of control. The third trait was their empathic ability, allowing them to read and even feel the emotions of others; some Zeltrons were hired by the Exchange for this ability. Because of their empathic ability, "positive" emotions such as happiness and pleasure became very important to them, while negative ones such as anger, fear, or depression were shunned.

Another difference between Zeltrons and Humans was the presence of a second liver, which allowed Zeltron to enjoy a larger number of alcoholic beverages than other humanoids.

It was said that Zeltrons tended to look familiar to other people, even if they had never met them. Most Zeltrons were in excellent physical shape, and their incredible metabolisms allowed them to eat even the richest of foods.

Society and culture

"All Zeltrons are obsessed with romance. When they cannot love, they fight. Both are sports to them. Coupled with their love of gambling, it makes one Zeltron in the grip of enthusiasm a formidable enemy. A pack of adolescents is virtually a force of nature."

Zeltron culture was highly influenced by sexuality and the pursuit of pleasure in general. Most of their art and literature was devoted to the subject, producing some of the raciest pieces in the galaxy. They looked upon monogamy as a quaint, but impractical, practice. They were also very gifted with holograms, and were the creators of Hologram Fun World. Their Elixir of Infatuation was notorious for its powerful amorous effects.

Zeltrons were known to dress in wildly colorful or revealing attire. It was common to see Zeltrons wearing shockingly bright shades of neon colors in wildly designed bikinis, or nearly skin tight clothing of other sorts with bizarre color designs, patterns, and symbols.

Zeltrons were often stereotyped as lazy thrill-seekers, owing to their hedonistic pursuits. Indeed, their homeworld of Zeltros thrived as a luxury world and "party planet," as much for their own good as for others. If anyone wasn't having a good time on Zeltros, the Zeltrons would certainly know of it, and would do their best to correct it.

Behind the scenes

The Zeltrons were created by Mary Jo Duffy, Kerry Gammill and Tom Palmer.


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