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"The Empire's debts grow legion."
—Judge Zargabaath

Judge Zargabaath (ザルガバース, Zarugabāsu) is a character in Final Fantasy XII. He is a Judge Magister, the highest rank possible in the Archadian Empire. A quieter Judge, he leads the Imperial 12th Fleet, aboard his flagship, the Alexander.



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"You would do well to mind your tongue, Drace. That matter is long past."
—Judge Zargabaath
Concept Artwork of Zargabaath

First seen warning Judge Drace not to dig too deeply into matters that do not concern her, Zargabaath is very reserved, only speaking when he needs to.

While Zargabaath didn't object to Vayne's becoming autocrat, he tries to get Vayne to spare Drace's life. However, Judge Bergan is more than willing to help out in Drace's execution.

Commanding the Alexander, he also leads the newly-formed 12th Fleet to Mt. Bur-Omisace. However, he does not engage in combat, as he is simply transporting troops. Zargabaath regrets leading the assault to the Holy Mountain.

Zargabaath is then seen leading the Imperial fleet defending the Bahamut. It was up to him to block all resistance fire while the Bahamut's cannon charged. After Vayne is killed, the Bahamut starts to fall onto Rabanastre. Zargabaath honorably volunteers to ram the Alexander into Sky Fortress to save the people of Dalmasca, but at the end doesn't have to, thanks to interference from Balthier and Fran. As such, Zargabaath is the only Judge Magister to survive the game.


Simon Templeman as Zargabaath
Image:ZargabaathVoice 1.ogg
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In the English release of Final Fantasy XII, Zargabaath is voiced by Simon Templeman, famous as the voice of Kain in the Legacy of Kain series. In the Japanese version, he is voiced by Ryūzaburō Ōtomo, who, among many other roles, has voiced Uka Uka in Crash Bandicoot, and Astaroth in Soul Calibur.


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Judge Zargabaath can only be fought in Trial Mode, at Stage 100. He seems to focus on buffing Judge Bergan.



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