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Halo 2


Wind Power Station 7, Zanzibar Island, Earth


Beach Fortress

Weapons on Map
Vehicles on map
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Preferred Gametypes
Recommended Number of Players
  • 2-16
Wind Power Station 7 sits as a mute reminder of the EAP's late 25th-century attempt at re-nationalization.

Zanzibar is a multiplayer map in Halo 2. It was remade as Last Resort for Halo 3.



It consists of a large base with an operable gate, controlled by a switch which either team can open, but not close. The gate is a main part of objective based games, as a Warthog or other vehicles can be driven through the open gate directly into the base.

Zanzibar is also host to one of the most destructive and interactive areas in Halo 2 Multiplayer. The Base that houses the generator sub-systems has two shutter windows to the left of the building, the supports to which can be shot off or hit off with a melee attack and used to prevent fire from entering the second level of the base from the outside. The concrete blocks next to the two forward firing machine guns can be blown off. The large pillars on the first floor of the base next to the flag spawn can be chipped away by gunfire. The windows can be blown out. Then on one of the trees on the beach there is a coconut that can be knocked down and played with.

One of the unique aspects of Zanzibar is that it supports every type of combat very well. It is good for close-quarters, mid-range, and sniping, along with melee battles, grenade battles, defensive strategy, offensive strategy, vehicular combat, and almost everything else except for aerial fighting.


Vehicle Spawning

Naturally, the Gauss Warthog and Ghost spawn on the beach, and the Chain Warthog and the other Ghost spawn near the base. In Flag and Assault game variants, there are no Warthogs, and both Ghosts generate on the beach with the Gauss Warthog.

The Wheel

The wheel is a large and distinctive feature of Zanzibar. There is a bridge that leads to the wheel on the top of the flag room. The center of the wheel contains the Energy Sword and the Rocket Launcher is located on the bridge. It can be reached in three ways. The first is by jumping across from the defensive base onto a platform. The second way up is by climbing a ramp and destroying a pin that lowers a different bridge to the center of the wheel(it is quite noisy though and could give away your position). The riskiest way is by 'riding' one of the spokes of the wheel up to the top. However, this makes you an easy target as well as the risk of falling off. Once there you can get the sword by dropping into a niche in the very center of the wheel. by slipping into one of the slots in the wheel and riding till you make it to the sword. Or you could lob a grenade and pick up the sword after it has gone flying.

The Base Room

The Base Room is located at the end of the map. There's a gate on the Right side that can only be opened by activating the Panel on the second floor of the Base Room. There are breakable windows and shutter that can close. The bridge leading to the Wheel isn't connected to the base room bridge because there's a gap between the two. To get from one Bridge to the other you have to jump. Sometimes you may not make it or land on the edge of the other bridge. But, if you do make it there will be a Rocket Launcher calling your name ahead of you.

Gameplay Tips

Sword Tips

A good way to quickly get the sword and to keep it out of reach of your enemies is to go below the wheel and lob a grenade into the little niche. It will explode, launching the sword out of its hiding place. A better method (because grenades have the irritating habit of bouncing back out of the niche), is to find a rocket launcher and fire a rocket into the niche directly at the sword. This has the pleasing effect of catapulting the sword out of the niche to land nearby where you can easily grab it. 

Juggernaut Tip

A good way to get on top of the building without using a super jump, is to set your juggernaut to go fast, go to the top of the inside ring of the wheel,onto the platform that touches the upper part of the ring, then from there you jump onto the doorway thing with no walls around it, and finally jump onto the roof of the building. I would recommend bring a rocket launcher, a sniper, and setting it so the juggernaut has overshield and infinite ammo.

Rocket Fun

Standing next to the wheel with the ramp down, you can safely keep your position with a rocket launcher, a shotgun, both types of grenades and an overshield.


  • Control Tower
  • Camp Froman
  • Base
  • Sea Wall
  • Gate



  • At E3 2004, Zanzibar was the first map disclosed to the community in Halo 2 to be revealed to the public, prior to its worldwide release.
  • The sign "Camp Froman" is a reference to Luke Timmins, who practiced camping there.
  • Zanzibar is set on the actual island of Zanzibar, an island off the coast of Tanzania, a country in Africa, not too far from present day Mombasa and the futuristic New Mombasa in the Halo games.
  • This level appears in Season 3, 4 and a brief appearance in Season 5 in Red vs. Blue and the remake Last Resort appears in Reconstruction.
  • If you put your date as 7:07 and 7 07 77 (July 7th 77) 7 being Bungies favorite number, the signs that say Beware of Sharks, will say Are you finding Ling Lings head?
  • If you go to the large rock outside the gate on Zanzibar, face it with your back towards the beach and the big wheel, you can see a strange image of what looks to be a creature with a big nose on the rock. Below it is the face of a man wearing glasses. There is also an image of what looks like a UFO on the side of the wall right behind the rock mentioned above. To some it may look like an obscure snake head.
  • The four pillars inside the main building cannot be completely destroyed, but the outer concrete can, adding to a good sense of battle damage.

Easter Eggs

Main article: Zanzibar Eggs

Screeching noise

  • If you get the Scorpion on top of the bridge leading to the windmill, it will lower the bridge down, and you will hear a screeching sound. As long as you have the Scorpion on the bridge, the sound will never go away.

Grunt's Head

  • On the gate in the main building in Zanzibar, if you look at the side of the gate that's on the outside, in the middle you will see a faint picture of a Grunt's head.

Lingling's Head

  • On the gate in the main building of Zanzibar, if you look at the side of the gate that's on the inside of the building, you will see a faint picture of a dog's head. This is supposed to be connected to the sign at the beach that reads "Are you finding Lingling's head?"

Gate Message

  • Open the gate from the switch inside the defending base and zoom in on it afterward. This screen also appears on the Halo 3 computers seen in most multiplayer levels. The "Blue Screen of Death" from Windows computers will show up with a message:
    A total FU exception has occurred at your location. All system functionality will be terminated.

Press any key to power cycle the system. If system does not restart; scream at top of lungs and pound on keypad. If you need to talk to a programmer press any other key Press any key to continue_

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"World locations" redirects here. For a list of recurrent and important on and off-Island locations, see: Portal:Locations.

For references by major country instead of city, see:

For a list of countries that air Lost, see fan locations.

See all these locations on a map here. Click markers for details for how each place pertains to Lost, and use the legend to zoom in and out or move around on the map.

Also, put yourself on our own real life world map!
Lostpedia Frappr Map



The city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands
Centennial Park in Atlanta


Albuquerque, NM, USA

Ambrose, QLD, Australia

Ames, IA, USA

Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • One of the locations Walt lived in, after Susan moved there for a job. ("Special")

Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Atlanta, GA, USA


Main article: Australia in Lost


Ayer's Rock, NT, Australia

See Uluru, Australia


Pura Tanah Lot temple in southern Bali

Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany

Bali, Indonesia

Main article: Indonesia in Lost

Barbers Point, HI, USA

Basra, Iraq

Berlin, Germany

  • Shown on a real life Oceanic-Billboard
  • Sayid is on an assignment from Ben to kill Elsa's unnamed boss here, resulting in Sayid shooting and killing Elsa. ("The Economist")

Baton Rouge, LA, USA


Modern day Cairo
Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen

Cairo, Egypt

Cambridge, MA, USA

  • Jae Lee went to college at Harvard, and met an unnamed American girl there who he was smitten with. ("What Kate Did")

Camden, England

See also London, U.K.


  • The only exception to this trend is in "Numbers" when Hurley's accountant informs him that his sneaker factory in Canada has burned down. There's no evidence to suggest that the accountant is lying.
  • Also, in "S.O.S." Bernard proposes to Rose in a restaurant overlooking Niagara Falls. The greater Horseshoe Falls can be seen out the window, which are part of Canada.

Canterbury, England

  • Location of the University of Kent where Charlotte attended university.

Cape Town, South Africa

Carlisle, England

Cedar Rapids, IA, USA

Chrismas Island

Conakry, Guinea

Copenhagen, Denmark

Danish: København, Danmark

  • According to the Hanso Phone Line, the address of The Hanso Foundation World Headquarters is 544 Orsund Klengvjel DK 1604 Copenhagen V. In Copenhagen Zip-codes belong to streets rather than areas and the Zip code DK-1604 KBH V belongs to a street named Kampmannsgade. So the Zip code exists, but there is no street called Orsund Klengvjel, the closest is Øresundsvej or Øresund Parkvej. So this is a fake address made up for The Lost Experience. (The Lost Experience)
  • According to Rachel Blake, Alvar Hanso traveled to this city on September 11, 2000 and Jan 1, 2001. (The Lost Experience)
  • Rachel traveled here herself between June 20 and June 27, 2006 to look for clues; she followed Mittelwerk and was in turn stalked by Malik here. It is the location of Allied Copenhagen Marine Merchants. (The Lost Experience)

Costa Rica


Diamond Bar, CA, USA

Dresden, Germany

  • Charlie and Liam were trying to get a fix in Dresden the night Liam's daughter was born. ("Fire + Water")


Eddington, Scotland, UK

Location of Moriah Vineyards and the monastery Desmond spent time at. ("Catch-22")

Eleuthera, Bahamas


Essex, MA, USA


Eureka, CA, USA


The warm climates of Fiji


Florence, Italy

Fort Lewis, WA, USA

Fresno, CA, USA

  • Sawyer reads a private message left in a bottle by crash survivor Tracy who misses her husband and children all the while sleeping next to Scott Jackson at night. Walt tells Sawyer that its Steve Jenkins and that Scott is dead. ("Exodus, Part 2")


The Flower Clock in Geneva


Geneva, Switzerland

Grand Canyon, AZ, USA



The Helsinki Cathedral

Harrison Valley, PA, USA

Helsinki, Finland

Honolulu, HI, USA



Main article: Indonesia in Lost

Inglewood, CA, USA

See also Los Angeles, CA, USA


Main article: Iraq in Lost

Irvine, CA, USA


Main article: the island


Jakarta, Indonesia

Main article: Indonesia in Lost

Joshua Tree National Park, CA, USA

Jasper, AL, USA

  • Sawyer, his mother, and father lived here, it is where Cooper conned the Fords out of $38,000 ("The Brig")


Harrods department store, a main attraction in Knightsbridge, London

Kalgoorlie, WA, Australia

Kiev, Ukraine

Knightsbridge, England

See also London, U.K.


Main article: South Korea in Lost

Knoxville, TN, USA


Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in London
The skyline of Los Angeles

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Lizard Island, QLD, Australia

London, England

See also Knightsbridge and Camden, U.K.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

See also Inglewood, CA, USA, Malibu, CA, USA, and Diamond Bar, CA, USA


The famous Prado Museum of Madrid
The Melbourne skyline
Oceanic billboard in Miami, FL

Madrid, Spain

Malibu, CA, USA

See also Los Angeles, CA, USA

Manchester, England

Medenine, Tunisia

Melbourne, VIC, Australia


(also see Taxco)

Miami, FL, USA

Mogadishu, Somalia

Moscow, Russia



The Namhae Bridge in South Korea
Narvik town-hall in Norway as seen in The Swan Orientation film
Rockefeller Center in New York City

Namhae, South Korea

Narvik, Norway


Main article: Nigeria in Lost

New York, NY, USA

Newport Beach, CA, USA

Niagara Falls, NY, USA



Oxford, England


Pacific Ocean

  • Area where Naomi was searching for Desmond, and where Flight 815 was believed to have crashed and sank by the outside world. ("The Brig")
The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Papua New Guinea

  • The Black Rock, captained by Magnus Hanso, disappeared in 1881 on a return voyage from a gold mining operation in Papua New Guinea. According to local traders on the ship sailed away from port in an Easterly direction, rather than West to Africa, where it would exchange gold Papua New Guinea for more slaves. (The Lost Experience)

Paris, France


Phuket, Thailand

Portland, OR, USA

32 miles outside of Portland

Portsmouth, England


The Colosseum in Rome

Ramadi, Iraq

Rome, Italy

Ruidoso, NM, USA


Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

  • Nikki's television character "Corvette," is described by the MC during her stage show as the "pride of St. Paul." ("Exposé")
San Remo, on the Italian Riviera
Ben Nevis, the tallest mountain in Scotland and the rest of the UK
The Nallur Kandaswamy Temple in Sri Lanka
The Sydney skyline

Saint-Tropez, France

Sahara Desert

San Francisco, CA, USA

San Remo, Italy

Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Santa Rosa, CA, USA

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Sardinia, Italy

Sawgrass, FL, USA

  • Sawyer tells Agent Freedman that Munson moved his stolen money to a Bronco parked on Route 441 in this city (could also refer to a highway in Broward county, FL--The Sawgrass Expressway--which does cross Route 441 in Coral Springs, FL). ("Every Man for Himself")


Seoul, South Korea

The Seychelles

Sioux City, IA, USA

Sri Lanka

Stowe, VT, USA

Sydney, NSW, Australia

  • The airport in this Australian city is where Flight 815 originated. ("Pilot, Part 1") (Note that this city is featured in several episodes throughout the series)
  • One of the locations Walt lived in, after Susan moved there for a job. ("Special")


The island of Tahiti
Tallahasee aerial view of downtown
The Tampa skyline
A school in Troisvierges, a town in Northern Luxembourg

Tahiti, French Polynesia

Tallahassee, FL, USA

  • Kate was buying a ticket to Tallahassee when apprehended by U.S. Marshal Edward Mars, who describes the city as nothing but "strip malls and Waffle Houses." ("What Kate Did")
  • Sawyer implied to Jack that he contracted a communicable disease in Tallahassee ("Let's say something was burnin' and it wasn't from the sunshine."). ("Lockdown")
  • Juliet's biography according to Mittelos Bioscience states that she received her B.S. in Biology from the Florida State University, which is located in Tallahassee. ("Not in Portland")
  • Ben refers to Locke's father as "the man from Tallahassee". ("The Man from Tallahassee")
  • Anthony Cooper was driving down I-10 when his car was pushed into a divider. Being put in an ambulance is the last thing he remembers before waking up on the Island. ("The Brig")
  • Florida State University, located in Tallahassee is home to the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. The laboratory is home to the world's largest and most powerful magnet.
  • Mentioned briefly in DJ Dan 7/5 podcast as part of the "Where's Alvar" gag. ("The Lost Experience")

Tampa, FL, USA

Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico

Terre Haute, IN, USA

Tikrit, Iraq

Tozeur, Tunisia

Troisvierges, Luxembourg

Tustin, CA, USA

purchased. ("Walkabout")

  • Locke's home. Location of Tustin Ranch Florist where Locke's father is helping his fiancé plan their wedding. ("The Man from Tallahassee")



Uluru, NT, Australia

United States

Main article: United States in Lost


The Vladivostok harbor

Vik, Iceland

Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai, Russia


Wayzata, MN, USA


Zanzibar, Tanzania


  • One of the ongoing gags on the show and TLE is to make fun of Tallahassee. In the 10/09/06 podcast, a fan asked this as a question to Damon and Carlton: "Why does the city of Tallahassee hate you?". Carlton answers: "I don't know why they hate us. But they hate us, so, we deservedly are hating them back."

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  • Jonah Adkins' A Geographical Study of Lost (Warning: Large 4.4mb file (7200x7200px))
  • SWLS Locations Map
  • Lost Virtual Tour

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Official Name
Location Details


Star System



637 sq mi


First appearance

Excalibur Vol . 3 311



Warren Worthington went to Zanzi bar to introduce his "Mutantes sans Frontieres" program there. Meanwhile, Courtney Ross who was White Queen of the Hellfire Club at the time, sent Viper and the Weaponeers to secure the island as part of Ross' plan to conquer Genosha. Violent adventures ensued.


Askari, The Spear (superhero and president)


  • No special notes.


  • While treated as its own country in the comic book, Zanzibar is actually a semi-autonomous province of Tanzania.
  • Zanzibar criminalized gay and lesbian sex in 2004 . In September 2006, a radical Islamic group on the archipelago, Uamsho, forced organizers to abandon plans to mark the 60th birthday of the late Freddie Mercury (born Farouk Bulsara into the Parsi community of Stone Town, who reached fame as the lead singer of the rock group Queen), saying he violated Islam with his openly bisexual lifestyle.

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