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Odin using the Zantetsuken in Final Fantasy VII.

Zantetsuken (斬鉄剣, Iron-Cutting Sword), also known by the shortened name Zantetsu, is Odin's sword in the Final Fantasy series, as well as the name of his trademark attack when summoned into battle. It has also appeared as a weapon for characters to equip, and sometimes as a weapon or attack for Gilgamesh. As an attack, Zantetsuken typically causes Instant Death to all targets.



The Zantetsuken is a curved scimitar, similar at first glance to an axe. In some games the sword takes on a blue aura, or the blade itself is blue. As an attack when used by Odin as an enemy, Zantetsuken usually instantly kills the party, or does high damage to them. When used by Odin as a summon, Odin appears and dashes past enemies, slashing them with the sword - moments later, the enemy sprites/models bisect and slide apart before vanishing. However, it often fails.

In the original American SNES version of Final Fantasy IV, Odin's attack was called "Z-Sword" when he was fought, and the name of his attack when summoned was not specified. This was likely because the developers could not fit the entire word "Zantetsuken" in the available text box, and all other summons in the original release had their attack names omitted when summoned. In Final Fantasy VI, Odin's attack is called "Atom Edge", and the equippable sword based on the Zantetsuken is called the "Scimitar". In Final Fantasy VII, the attack is called "Steel-Bladed Sword", which is a mistranslation from the Japanese "Zantetsuken" (see above).

Beginning with Final Fantasy VIII, and carrying over to the Game Boy Advance remakes of earlier games, the sword and attack are both known as "Zantetsuken".



Final Fantasy III

When fought as an enemy, Odin will use Zantetsuken to do heavy damage to the party. Zantetsuken is also his strongest attack as a summon, and instantly kills all enemies.

Final Fantasy IV

Odin using Zantetsuken in Final Fantasy IV.

Odin and Lunar Odin will both raise their sword as a warning before attacking with Zantetsuken, doing approximately five thousand damage to the entire party. When summoned by Rydia, Odin uses Zantetsuken to dispatch all enemies.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Odin is possessed by Maenad during the final tale, but he eventually regains his control when he sees Ceodore, Rosa, and Kain before him. He then rejoins Rydia as an Eidolon, and uses Zantetsuken when summoned. Zantetsuken is also used by the boss Gilgamesh, and is a Band ability used by Cecil and Rydia, which is known as Iron Flash. It either instantly kills all enemies, or does high damage to them.

Final Fantasy V

Odin using Zantetsuken against the party in Final Fantasy V.

Odin will use Zantetsuken regularly during the battle with him, but its power is much lower than usual, and only does approximately a thousand damage to the party. When summoned, he uses Zantetsuken to kill all enemies if they are vulnerable to Instant Death. If they are immune, Odin throws his lance at them for physical damage.

Final Fantasy VI

Odin uses Zantetsuken in a cut scene to dispatch a group of enemies, but is bested when an unknown sorcerer confronts him and is immune to the attack. Odin uses Zantetsuken to kill all enemies when summoned, and his "upgraded" form Raiden uses Shin-Zantetsuken, which has a higher rate of success. These attacks were called Atom Edge and True Edge in the Super NES release.

The Zantetsuken is also acquired as an weapon from Blue Dragon (who appears in the same castle where Odin and Raiden are acquired), and like Odin's attack can instantly kill an enemy. In the Super NES release, the weapon was called the Scimitar.

Final Fantasy VII

Odin uses "Steel-Bladed Sword" when summoned to kill all enemies. As mentioned above, "Steel-Bladed Sword" is a mistranslation of Zantetsuken.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Odin appears to use Zantetsuken to kill all enemies when summoned.

Final Fantasy VIII

When fought in the Centra Ruins, Odin will use Zantetsuken to instantly kill the party when the timer reaches zero. After he is defeated, Odin will appear at random at the start of a battle and use Zantetsuken to kill all enemies. This version of the attack features the characters for "Zantetsuken" in the animation, which appear as Odin's attack is shown three times from three different angles.

When the party faces Seifer aboard the Lunatic Pandora, Odin will appear to use Zantetsuken against him, but Seifer will use "Zantetsuken Reverse" to counter the attack and bisect Odin. Though Odin perishes, Gilgamesh emerges from a dimensional portal and takes hold of the Zantetsuken, emerging later in the battle to defeat Seifer. Gilgamesh will then use Zantetsuken as one of his four random attacks when he appears in battle, to the same effect as Odin's attack.

Final Fantasy IX

Zantetsuken is Odin's attack when he is called into battle. It normally kills all enemies, but if Garnet is equipped with the Odin's Sword ability, learned for 50 AP from the Ancient Aroma, Zantetsuken will still do damage to enemies immune to its instant kill. The success rate of Zantetsuken increases as the party acquires more Ore, but this also decreases the normal damage done if the instant kill fails.

Final Fantasy X-2

In Final Fantasy X-2, the Samurai Dressphere has two abilities based on Odin's trademark attack. They are Zantetsu, which has a chance to instantly kill a single target in the same manner as Zanmato in Final Fantasy X, and Shin-Zantetsu which inflicts Instant Death on all enemies.

Final Fantasy XI

Zantetsuken is the name of Odin's ultimate attack when he is battled in the last chamber of Einherjar, which he uses at ~9% health. This ability will instantly kill any players in range, unless they /heal, which can prevent instant death (but not damage). This can prove difficult for those tanking Odin, since physical melee damage taken causes the /heal command to cancel itself, rendering them open to the attack during the window of opportunity for Zantetsuken to actually execute.

Final Fantasy XII

Gilgamesh's Zantetsuken

Gilgamesh holds a replica of the Zantetsuken, with a skull marking above the hilt to signify that, like all his weapons, it is nothing more than a fake. However, he cannot use the Zantetsuken attack.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Odin's special attack is Zantetsuken, which does heavy damage to all enemies in front of him and knocks them back as well.

Final Fantasy XIII

Odin's weapon in this game is a large sword with a hooked blade. In Gestalt Mode, Odin transforms into a horse and Lightning splits his sword into two and wields them while riding him. Lightning is able to perform Zantetsuken while riding Odin, and the strength of the attack has different levels.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

In Ring of Fates, the Zantetsu appears as a weapon for Clavats. The description reads "A sword that cuts through anything. Passed down from abroad a long time ago."

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

In this game the Zantetsu is a sword weapon for all tribes wielded by the mercenary Del Dee. Its description reads "A sword that cuts through anything. An ancient heirloom from a distant country."

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Both Odin and Odin (Auto) use Zantetsuken when summoned. The attack attempts to instantly cause a Brave Break to the opponent, with a 50% success rate.


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