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Character design
Sprite(s) Battle sprite Zangetsu's portrait
Japanese Name Zangetsu
Kana ザンゲツ
Romaji Zangetsu
Job Ninja
Skill Ninjutsu, Human Kite
Birthplace Eblan
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Laterality Right-Handed
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Character

Zangetsu is one of the Eblan Four in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, and is known as Zangetsu of Thunder. He is an elderly man with aspirations of becoming a shinobi, despite being a late bloomer, and admires Edge, who looks young enough to be his son, as his master.



When Eblan receives word of Baron stealing Crystals from the other nations, the Eblan Four become eager to assist Edge, and they are sent on missions to gather information. Zangetsu disguise himself as a Dwarf to freely roam King Giott's castle, after confirming that the Dark Crystal is still safe and the Tower of Babil is reactivated, he returns to the surface via a secret tunnel near the castle. After the mission is completed, he returns to Eblan by walking across the sea. He reunites with Edge and the other Eblan Four within the Tower of Babil and after beign forced to escape from the Mysterious Girl and Ifrit they fall to the Underworld and into the Falcon.

In the Gathering Tale, Zangetsu watches over Porom and the other incapacitated characters below the Falcon's deck. During the ending, he is seen again as a dwarf as Luca upgrades the Falcon. In the end he and the other Ninja Guard of Eblan renew their vows of loyalty to Edge awaiting for their next mission.

Equipment and Stats

He can equip katanas, boomerangs, and spears. He's also the slowest of the Eblan Four.


Zangetsu's kite.

Zangetsu has the Human Kite ability, which functions identicaly to Jump. He can also perform the following Ninjutsu:

Spell Learned
Shock Already known
Flash Level 11
Shadowbind Level 20
Blitz Level 42

Gekkou is able to perform band abilities with the entire Eblan Ninja Force and Luca, possibly due to his time undercover at Dwarves' Castle.

  • Mecha Kite: Zangetsu (Human Kite) + Luca (Analyze)
  • Gale Rush: Zangetsu (Ninjutsu) + Tsukinowa (Ninjutsu)
  • Gale Twin Break: Zangetsu (Human Kite) + Edge (Ninjutsu)
  • Wheel of Elements: Gekkou (Ninjutsu) + Izayoi (Ninjutsu) + Zangetsu (Ninjutsu) + Tsukinowa (Ninjutsu)
  • Ultimare Art: Advent of the Phoenix: Edge (Grab & Smash) + Gekkou (Shuriken) + Izayoi (Illusions) + Zangetsu (Human Kite) + Tsukinowa (Steal)


Main article: Zangetsu (Boss)

Zangetsu is fought as a boss, along with the remaining Eblan Four, at the beginning of Edge's Tale, as part of a training session.


His name literally means "morning moon" (残月, zangetsu).

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Star Wars Fanon

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Ichi Go with Zangetsu

Zangetsu was the specially-made vibrosword owned by Ichi Go. It was fitted with cortosis ore and was imbued with the Force, making it able to withstand lightsaber strikes. At times, Zangetsu would change between a more silvery sheen, which represented Ichi's emotional state as being in tune with life. Other times, it was a more dark and twisted version, which represented his darker side.

Behind the scenes

Zangetsu is the name of Ichigo Kurosaki's zanpakutō in the anime/manga Bleach.

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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

Zangetsu is a Sparkbot and servant of Unicron in the Kiss Players continuity.
Pucker up, birdie.

Zangetsu (残月) is one of the three Sparkbots, who are secretly agents of Unicron. Zangetsu can fly, communicate telepathically and transport others through time when activated by a kiss. Zangetsu transforms from a flying, glowing sphere into a robotic hawk.

Deep down, Zangetsu begs to be noticed and to share his deep well of knowledge... but he's also almost terminally shy. However, this does help him not be noticed and makes him an excellent air-strike ninja. He has "attached" himself to Shaoshao Li, who believes that he has ninja transformative powers.



Kiss Players Position

In the year 2007, Zangetsu, Angela and Star Dust suddenly appeared in the sky above the "Kiss Players" singing group at the Brave Maximus Fortress concert of their world tour. The Sparkbots introduced themselves to the performers telepathically and insisted that the three humans in the group kiss them.

When Shaoshao Li, Atari Hitotonari and Marissa Faireborn complied, they were engulfed by a bright light and taken on a journey through time and space. At each destination, one of the girls encountered and kissed (while remaining unseen, unfelt and undetected) a famous Autobot or Maximal leader of the past, causing a fragment of the Allspark to emerge from the Transformer's body for the Sparkbots to collect.

Zangetsu, I choose you!
After a particularly narrow escape on the planet Quintessa, the girls decided to decorate their "partner" Sparkbots; Shao used her calligraphy skills to write the character "shinobi" (signifying "ninja") in Kanji on Zangetsu.

Following a brief shunt into the universe of the Unicron Trilogy, the Kiss Players came face to face with the Transformer god, Primus...and the Sparkbots' true allegiance to Unicron was revealed. Having tricked the girls into assembling the chaos god's Angolmois energy rather than the "Allspark," the Sparkbots fled back in time to Earth's prehistoric past and resurrected their master.

Defeated by Primus' might, Unicron was again reduced to Angolmois energy and, together with Zangetsu and the other Sparkbots, locked away within the planet with Fortress Maximus assigned to watch over them for eternity. Or at least until 2007.


Kiss Players

  • Kiss Players Sparkbot x3 (Multi-pack, 2007)
Available only in the Sparkbot three-pack with his teammates Angela and Star Dust, Zangetsu is a bright white redeco of the Eggbird/Dark Eggbird mold, transforming from a sphere into a robotic bird of prey of some kind. He has a keychain attached to his breast.
The Sparkbots set was only available at the Japanese "Toy Festival 2007" in March, and is the final release in the Kiss Players toy line. The set also came with a new CD.


  • Zangetsu's name, color scheme and decoration were created by Yui Kano, who also portrays his voice in the "Kiss Players" radio drama series. He is also the only one of the three Sparkbots to have been given any form of characterization by his creator.
  • Zangetsu's name means "Cutting Moon" in Japanese.

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