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The entrance to the Zanarkand Dome

The Zanarkand Dome, also known as the Yevon Dome, consists of the ruins of the former temple and government seat of Zanarkand. It is probable that Yu Yevon was High Priest of this temple, due to the fact that he was leader of Zanarkand. Its architecture resembles the Blitzball Stadium in Dream Zanarkand. Most likely, there were originally no Fayth in it, so it was something like the City Halls of Zanarkand. After Yu Yevon decided to turn the remaining citizens of Zanarkand into Fayth and after losing his personality by summoning Sin and Dream Zanarkand, his daughter, Yunalesca became aster of the Dome. By defeating Sin with the first Final Aeon, her husband Zaon, she died herself, but remained in the Dome as an unsent whose only quest was to preserve the secret and legacy of Yu Yevon and to create new Final Aeons from the guardians of a Summoner who completed their pilgrimage.

The entire Dome is an enormous assembly of pyreflies of the fallen citizens of Zanarkand and the memories of summoners and their guardians. It's quite similar to the Farplane in Guadosalam. The fayth within the Chamber of the Fayth, Lord Zaon, has already left its statue and is not able to be summoned anymore. In Final Fantasy X International and European Version, it's is here where Dark Bahamut appears (at the same place as you fought Yunalesca). In Final Fantasy X-2, Cid organizes at this sacred place touristic sight-seeing tours, which are guided by former summoner Isaaru. A species of monkeys have also taken over the place.


Temple Aeon

Temple Trials

A puzzle involving the player stepping on special tiles in a certain order to activate the corresponding pedestal. Four pedestals required the player to do this, and then the player had to place a Besaid sphere and a Kilika sphere in two remaining pedestals, to open the Chamber of the Fayth. The party then had to defeat a guardian fiend, the Spectral Keeper, and ride a descending elevator to the Chamber where they would meet Yunalesca. The Destruction sphere of Zanarkand is needed to get Anima in Baaj Temple.

Musical Themes

"Someday the Dream Will End"
Trouble with the audio sample?

"Someday the Dream Will End" is the theme that plays in Zanarkand.



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