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Zanarkand, the city that never sleeps
"It’s true Zanarkand was destroyed, right? A thousand years ago? So it’s just a big pile of rubble now, isn’t it?"

Zanarkand is a former metropolis which lies at Spira’s northernmost edge.

It is a city of endless lights, and one that never sleeps. There were two Zanarkands: the real Zanarkand that was annihilated by Sin at the end of the Machina War against Bevelle 1000 years ago, and the Dream Zanarkand, which was the exact reproduction of what Zanarkand was before its destruction, directly from the memories of its former inhabitants. Dream Zanarkand is Tidus's home; Zanarkand is Shuyin's home.

In the English localization, Zanarkand is pronounced [ˈzæ.nɚ.kənd].


Zanarkand Ruins

Zanarkand's ruins, 1,000 years after its destruction by Sin
"A city dead for a thousand years. A city I had to see with my own eyes. The end of Yuna's journey. The last chapter of my story."

After 1,000 years it is known as the Zanarkand Ruins and is the final destination of the Summoner's pilgrimage to Calm the gargantuan beast known as Sin. Known as a holy place by the population of Spira, it is largely unseen by all except the few Summoners and their Guardians who prove themselves worthy. Swarming with pyreflies, it is a haven for many fiends, including Zombie forms of Warrior Monks who lost their lives during the Machina War. The pyreflies react to memories and, acting like a giant sphere, recreates events from times past. During their journey through the ruins, Tidus, Yuna and their comrades witness visions of their predecessors including Lady Yocun, a young Seymour and his mother; and Braska, Jecht and a young Auron. Upon entering the Dome and completing the Cloister of Trials, one last challenge awaits the travellers: the Spectral Keeper. When this monster has been defeated, Lady Yunalesca welcomes the Summoner and Guardians and bestows upon them the Final Aeon, which comes at a heavy price.

During the Eternal Calm, Cid and Isaaru turned Zanarkand into a tourist attraction, and people from all over Spira sought to visit it, despite its previous status as a holy place. Yuna and Rikku -Yuna in particular- were greatly angered by this, Rikku going so far as to state that it was "like turning the ruins of Home into a theme park".

Zanarkand Artwork

Dream Zanarkand

A thousand years before the events in Final Fantasy X, a massive conflict, called the Machina War, broke out between the two rival cities of Zanarkand and Bevelle. Despite being a powerful machina city, Zanarkand relied on Summoners for warfare. Bevelle’s machina assured their victory and Zanarkand was doomed to destruction. Yu Yevon, not wanting Zanarkand to die forever, decided to preserve its memory. He called on all the surviving people, turned them into Fayth and placed them on Mt. Gagazet, protected by a dense mist. From their memories he created Dream Zanarkand and set it far out at sea. To protect himself and his city while he summoned it, Yu Yevon amassed a great amount of pyreflies to form an armor around him; an armor called Sin. Thus, Sin was born, with its purpose to protect the Dream Zanarkand by any means possible. Summoning both the city and Sin was a greater strain than Yu Yevon could handle; thus only his instincts to protect his beloved city remained and the spiral of death started. Jecht and Tidus, father and son, and citizens of the dream city, became real when they touched Sin and were brought to Spira to end the spiral of death that has ravaged it for 1000 years.

Blitzball and the Zanarkand Abes

Dream Zanarkand was previously home to the blitzball team the Zanarkand Abes, the team for which Sir Jecht, guardian to Lord Braska, played for prior to being transported to Spira. The Abes were a notoriously good team, selling out every match within memory. Ten years after Jecht mysteriously disappeared, his son Tidus played for the Abes for some time as well, although always being in the shadow of the great Jecht.


Final Fantasy X's Main Theme is called "Zanarkand". It is accordingly one of the most prominent themes throughout the game.

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Zanarkand Ruins

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