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Zamorak hawk
Chick form Bird form Adult form
Release date Unknown edit
Race God Bird
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? Wolf Whistle
Location Bird's nest
Sells items? N/A
Skill requirement? 70 Summoning
Quest requirement? Wolf Whistle
Gender Unknown edit
Examine Chick: A fluffy chick.
Bird: Lovely red plumage.
Hawk: A stately zamorak hawk.
Notable features Hatched from red Bird's egg
Bird's nest with a red Bird's egg in it.

The Zamorak Hawk is a pet a player may have at level 70 Summoning. The Zamorak hawk has three stages of its growth; Chick, Bird, and Adult (just like the other two God birds).

To obtain a Zamorak chick, you need to place a red Bird's egg into an incubator available at a pet shop. Check back in about an hour or 2 to retrieve the chick (you must be online for this time).

A Bird's egg can be obtained from Bird nests, dropped from a tree while you chop it, or obtained from your kingdom on Miscellania. In both cases it's quite rare that you find the Red egg for the Zamorak Bird.

As a chick, it eats Ground fishing bait. As a bird and hawk, it eats normal Fishing bait. The chick takes at least 24 hours to grow up from a 0% chick into a 100% hawk. At its second stage, the bird's hunger will increase at increments of 4.5% and its growth will increase at increments of one-half of a percent every time its hunger increases.

The mature hawk counts as a Zamorak item for the God Wars Dungeon, as long as it present with the player and not in inventory. The younger bird and hatchling forms, however, do no count as Zamorak items.

Chick Bird Hawk

At level 80 Summoning you can understand the Zamorak Hawk.


  • With the release of the menagerie on August 18 2009, it is possible to have all three god birds at the same time. It used to be impossible to raise more than one god bird at a time; using another coloured egg with the incubator whilst having a Zamorak hawk would result in a message: "You already have that kind of pet, you cannot have another."
  • The examine info may be an allusion to the book Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets as Dumbledore describes his pet Phoenix as having "lovely red and gold plumage."
  • The examine could also be a reference to the Monty Python "dead parrot skit"- "it's a beautiful bird, lovely plumage"
  • When the Hawk says "I can feel the anger welling within you!" its a reference to what Darth Vader said to Luke in Star Wars
  • The hawk's response "Excellent!" may reference to Montgomery Burns' catchphrase from "The Simpsons."
  • The chick's dialogue "Are you my mummy/daddy?" may be a reference to the book Are You My Mother, where a baby bird goes looking for its mother.


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