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A player performing the older version of the Zamorak Godsword special attack.

Zamorak godsword is one of the Godswords. It is created by adding the Zamorak hilt to a completed Godsword blade.

Like all God Swords, it requires 75 attack to wield. It has a special attack called Ice Cleave, which freezes the opponent for 20 seconds, similar to Ice Barrage, and appears to boost accuracy. This drains the special attack bar by 60%, preventing consecutive uses. It is the only Melee weapon that has a "Freeze" effect, making it useful for players that don't train Magic, or don't have a high enough magic level to cast any advanced Ice spells.

This weapon is very popular in Castle Wars, mainly for its ability to freeze the flag holder when they are wearing Dragonhide or Armadyl armour (to stop from being frozen by Ancient Magic users) which will not be very effective to the melee based godsword, a popular tactic when transporting the flag.

It is also a very popular method for God Wars when battling Commander Zilyana.

Of all the godswords types, the Zamorak Godsword has the least amount of godswords in the game. Due to having the least demand, the Zamorak godsword is the second cheapest godsword in the game after the Bandos godsword. The only reason why the Bandos godsword is cheaper then the Zamorak Godsword is because there is a greater supply of Bandos hilts in the game.

Despite its reputation as being the "worst" Godsword, it has a few perks that are often overlooked.

  • Freezing a mage to prevent farcasting, leaving the mage defenseless
  • Like all "freeze" effects, the special attack interrupts combat, forcing the victim to click "Attack" to resume fighting, often buying the wielder a moment or longer, depending on if the victim is aware of this effect.
  • A frowned upon yet extremely effective ability, after freezing, the wielder can stand under their opponent for a moment, preventing counter-attacks, and only step out for one moment to attack. While they can still be hit back, even fast weapons like whips won't get any more hits than the Godsword user, temporarily removing the disadvantage of the sword's slow speed and making it in a sense the "fastest" Godsword for the duration of the special attack.
  • Unlike the other Godswords, the Zamorak version always has an effective attack if it hits. If it hits a 1 (or sometimes even a 0) the freeze effect has its full duration, while the other versions have next to no effect at damage levels that low.

Unique to the Zamorak Godsword is that while the other Godswords have a dark tint near the hilt and the tip of the sword the Zamorak Godsword lacks this tint being a full bright silver colour from base to tip. It also seems more accurate then the other Godswords.

Hover over image for type
A player wielding the Zamorak godsword
A player wielding the Zamorak godsword
A player using the Zamorak godsword special attack: Ice Cleave.
A player using the Zamorak godsword special attack: Ice Cleave.
  Attack bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged
0 +132 +80 0 0
  Defence bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged Summoning
0 0 0 0 0 0
Other bonuses
Strength Ranged Strength Prayer Magic Damage (%)
+132 0 +8 0
Speed: File:speed6.gif

Combat styles

Name Combat style Type Melee experience
Chop Accurate Slash Attack
Slash Aggressive Slash Strength
Smash Aggressive Crush Strength
Block Defensive Slash Defence

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