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Zamorak Wizards only appear in the Wilderness when doing Level 3 Clue Scrolls. They call "Die, human!" upon appearing and attacking.


Strengths and weaknesses

Zamorak wizards are less dangerous than their more powerful counterpart, Saradomin wizards. They attack exclusively with magic, using Flames of Zamorak. Using protect from magic will ensure you take no damage from them, yet they will always be in the Wilderness so it can be tricky, especially if Revenants are attacking you. Bringing a Dragon dagger and using the specials on him will kill him quickly.


Since Zamorak wizards only use magic, it is advised to bring a set of Red dragonhide armour or Black dragonhide armour. With this armour, the Zamorak mage will rarely hit at all. In case of emergency, bring some food, and using Protect from magic is also advised. They usually tend to hit 20's if players wear melee gear. The battle shouldn't be hard, with a Dragon dagger(p++), another dragon weapon or even an Abyssal whip. Remember, though, that he is only found in the Wilderness, and Revenants can distract a player fighting the wizard in a single combat zone. DO NOT bring anything you are not prepared to lose.



100% Drop

Weapons and armour



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