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Zamorak, as seen in the God Letters.
The symbol of Zamorak.

Zamorak (pronounced "Zam-oh-rack"[1], colloquially Zammy) is the god of chaos, and is one of the three "major gods". His symbol is similar to the letter W, which is also shown above and on his God armour. Guthix calls him a personification of Chaos, when asked about this in one of his letters. His followers burnt the original Wizards' Tower to the ground, depriving the Saradomin mages of the time of much of the knowledge of magic, and in particular how to make runes. Zamorak was the second main participant in the God wars. Though he did not shape the world as Guthix did, Zamorak has corrupted many parts of the would-be orderly world Saradomin envisioned with taints of "evil" (in the opinion of most people), especially in human nature and such. He was one of the gods featured in the God Letters. According to Saradomin, also in the God Letters, Zamorak's name is pronounced "Zam-oh-rack." Zamorak, like Saradomin, does not speak of Zaros, as he is extremely frightened of him, (although he pretends not to be) as shown in the issue 18 of the God Letters. In the God letters, he says his favourite weapon is his bloodied battleaxe and he likes the sight of it embedded in someone's skull. It's often disputed to whether Zamorak is evil, and it's usually his opposers (such as Saradominists) who claim him to be evil. Obviously, as he is the God of chaos, he opposes Saradomin (the God of order).



Zamorak as he appeared in the past.
A statue of Zamorak
A statue of Zamorak found in the Chaos Temple in Asgarnia.
  • Side: Chaos
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol:
  • Pronounced: Zam-oh-rack
  • Colour(s): Red and Black
  • Animal: Imp, Demon
  • Motto: Strength through chaos
  • Bird: Zamorak hawk
  • Race: God (Formerly a Mahjarrat)
  • Followers: Zamorakian Warriors, Monks, Mages & Rangers, members of the Dagon'hai, some of the Mahjarrat, Werewolves, all the Undead, and most (or all) Demons

History of Zamorak

Zamorak was born after Saradomin was born. How he became a god is largely revealed in Desert Treasure and some other quests, although the specifics are still a bit fuzzy.

The Mahjarrat came from the realm of Freneskae, and were led by Icthlarin. However, in time, some sided with Zaros. It is not certain whether Zamorak was here in those early days, as Senliten does not recognize the name of Zamorak.

He used to be a Mahjarrat general of the army of the great god Zaros until he and some of his close followers decided to rebel. Using the Staff of Armadyl, which he obtained through a series of circumstances mentioned in more detail during the Curse of Zaros miniquest, Zamorak was able to stab Zaros in the back with it whilst his close followers (including Hazeel, Drakan, Zemouregal, a human warrior named Viggora, and some others not mentioned by name) fought off Zaros' body guards. He stabbed Zaros in the back with the staff but this only enraged the immortal Zaros.

However, in an extreme stroke of luck for Zamorak, Zaros tripped, thus causing the Staff of Armadyl to impale Zamorak as well as himself, which not only allowed Zamorak to defeat Zaros, but also transferred a large portion of Zaros' power through the staff into Zamorak. After this, Zaros faded out of the dimension while cursing all humans involved in the revolt to be invisible ghosts for the rest of eternity. The other gods then banished Zamorak, but he later returned triumphantly as a god himself (it is still unknown how exactly he returned and obtained godhood, although the stone of jas may be involved somehow), and believed that with Zaros out of the way he could conquer Gielinor. The other gods declared war upon him and the remnants of Zaros' empire and the God Wars had begun.

In Armies of Gielinor, Zamorak makes his appearance in the campaign Zamorak's Return. Back from exile he must now purge the Saradominists and Zarosians to conquer all of RuneScape. He regroups with his fellow followers and plans to attack and enslave the Werewolves that live in Canifis. After this battle, he starts to attack the Saradominist settlers in Morytania. He soon destroys a Saradominist fortress in the middle of Mort Myre Swamp. Once he does this, he enslaves the gargoyles from the Slayer Tower. Next he kills an Elven Archer to learn his abilities and teach to his soldiers them. He then crosses the River Salve and destroys the last bastion of the Zarosian army, the city of Senntisten. After that, he experiences a counter-attack from the Saradominist forces, and is driven back to Morytania. From here, he will finally conquer the largest city ever known to exist, the great Hallowvale.

Events during the quest While Guthix Sleeps seem to suggest that the staff was not enough to accomplish his rise to godhood, and that the Stone of Jas played a significant but as yet undetermined part in it. Lucien says in While Guthix Sleeps that the Stone of Jas could give him enough power to become a god, note that he also possessed the Staff of Armadyl.

During the God Wars, his army destroyed many cities like Uzer and Ullek. Zamorak's army consisted mainly of Vampyres, Mahjarrat, Humans and most notably, he preferred to use creatures from other realms, like Demons and Goraks. It is believed that the other gods disliked Zamorak even more than they disliked each other during the God Wars, as in the God Wars Dungeon battle Armadyl, Saradomin and Bandos plan to make an alliance and defeat him. But they turned on each other instead.

"Full Zamorak" is considered to be Zamorak platelegs/Zamorak plateskirt, Zamorak platebody, Zamorak full helmet, and Zamorak kiteshield.

Zamorak signed his God Letters "Strength through Chaos."

Followers of Zamorak

Groups and races

Notable individuals

Affiliated Items

a player wielding the Zamorak godsword.




Zamorak's Role In the Present

Unlike Saradomin, there are very few statues of him in the RuneScape world. There is the statue of Zamorak in the Mage Arena minigame, and in the Witch's House in Taverley. Zamorak still watches over Gielinor, evidenced by his casting of Flames of Zamorak whenever the player attempts to steal his wine without using the spell Telekinetic grab. Though not explicitly linked to Zamorak, the red robes available at the Canifis clothes shop exhibit the general look of Zamorak clothing.


  • There is a real-world Knight of the Round Table, Lamorak, who was known for his strength and temper, which is how Zamorak tends to be imagined. Zamorak could be based on Lamorak.
  • Zamorak could also be based on Satan from Christianity, the enemy of God, who was suggested to be quite evil and had a bad temper.
  • The symbol on the Zamorak platebody and the Unholy Symbol doesn't look like the symbol of the Zamorak Godsword. But, seeing as the Godsword hilts were forged in the third age, it could be possible that the symbol on Zamorak's Godsword hilt could have been an old-style symbol, and that the unholy symbol could be a new symbol.
  • Zamorak's symbol resembles the lower case Greek letter omega. Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet, just as Z is the last letter of the Latin alphabet.
  • Zamorak was previous a Mahjarrat, an Arabic word meaning deserted ones. If his symbol is taken in context of the Arabic language then it is a grammatical symbol called a 'shaddah' which is used to put strong emphasis on a letter.
  • In the God Letters, he was once asked "Boxers or briefs?" to which he responded, "One word. Commando." meaning that he does not wear anything under his clothes.
  • In the 11th issue of the god letters, someone asks why he wants the Zamorak Wine so much, all he says is: "STOP STEALING MY WINE! THAT'S WHY! GAH!

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