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Zaltin Corporation
Organizational information
Led by

Bror Jace

Parent organization

Bacta Cartel



Primary role(s)

Bacta producer

Major products
Chronological and political information

New Republic (Bacta War)

Together with the Xucphra Corporation, the Zaltin Corporation produced and marketed bacta for the entire galaxy. The corporation was based on Thyferra, and along with Xucphra was granted a contract by the Empire to produce bacta. This contract gave Zaltin and Xuchphra a monopoly that came to be known as the Bacta Cartel.

Unlike Xucphra, Zaltin was more sympathetic to both the native Vratix and the Rebel Alliance, and entered the cartel out of necessity. Feeling the Empire was doomed and recognizing the Vratix would eventually seek independence through the Ashern terrorist organization, Zaltin sent Bror Jace (whose family was a primary stockholder in Zaltin) to fly in Rogue Squadron and began providing covert assistance to them in the form of money and security.

During the Bacta War, Zaltin was outlawed by Ysanne Isard, their members either imprisoned or fleeing into the jungles to join the Ashern. They provided aid to Wedge Antilles and his group as they attempted to liberate Thyferra, accepting members of his team into their ranks and sending Jace to join them again. After the war, Zaltin was allowed to produce bacta again, this time for the Vratix.



  • X-wing: Rogue Squadron (First mentioned)
  • X-wing: The Bacta War (First appearance)



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