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Final Fantasy XII Esper
Level Evade%
40 0
72,248 999
Power Defense
62 23; 103 in Defense Mode
Magick Power Magick Resist
29 25; 105 in Defense Mode
Vitality Speed
79 21
EXP Clan Points
0 3,600
Elemental affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water
Immune Immune Immune Immune
Wind Earth Dark Holy
Immune Immune Immune Immune
Japanese ザルエラ
Romaji Zaruera
Location Barheim Passage
(Terminus No. 7)
Bestiary Location Espers
LP Awarded 40
Common Steal Pebble
Uncommon Steal Gemini Gem
Rare Steal High Arcana
Common Drop None
Uncommon Drop None
Rare Drop None
Very Rare Drop None
Common Poach None
Rare Poach None
Attacks May inflict Confuse
Abilities Sleepga, Stop, Death, Kill, Level 2 Sleep, Level 3 Disable, Level 4 Break, Level 5 Reverse, Level Prime Death, Purify, Enrage, "Zalera braces against attacks"
Innate abilities Safety, Null Knockback, Null VIT, Null Weather & Terrain Effects, Piercing Magic, Spellbreaker, Last Stand, Half MP Cost, Reverse Item
After defensive mode ends - Null Evade
In offensive mode & HP <20% - Magic CT 0
If Enraged - Attack CT 0
Immune to Death, Petrify, Stop, Doom, Confuse, Sleep, Disease, Reverse, Disable, Immobilize, Silence, Poison, Oil, Sap, Lure, Berserk, Warp, Poach, Fractional Damage, Sight Unseeing, Syphon, Numerology, Charm, Achilles, Wither, Addle
Other Information Has Haste, Reflect, Protect, Shell
Battle time limit - 5 minutes

Zalera is a boss from Final Fantasy XII. The party fights him in the Barheim Passage.


Bestiary Entry

Genus: Esper
Classification: Death Seraph


Page 1: Observations

Heretic scion who wrapped the world in dark energies, seeking to take the souls of all living things unto himself. Created in opposition to Emet-Selch, Angel of Truth, and scion of light. Originally tasked with the judging of men upon their deaths, his soul was tainted by the curses of those who raged against the heavens, and seizing one of the gods' servants, a shamaness, as a hostage, he rebelled against his creators. Even now, in defeat, he clutches the shamaness to him in his right arm, and with the aid of her death-wail does he summon the soul of darkness to do his bidding.

Side Quests - Patient in the Desert

In order to obtain the Barheim Key, you are required to finish Flowering Cactoid and Nidhogg mob hunt missions, as well as earning their rewards. Visit Dantro's wife at the South Bank Village and give her the Cactus Flower. After she's done talking to you, leave the village and re-enter it. Speak to Tchigiri, who wants to ride the ferry to the North Bank Village. Accompany him and a cutscene follows.

You'll automatically be transported back to the South Bank Village. Speak to Dantro's wife, and check the ground behind her marked "Dran?". Talk to Tchigiri again and ride to North Bank Village, a cutscence ensues and you'll obtain a Wyrmfire Shot. Return to South Bank Village and speak to Dantro's Wife again, she'll mention that she needs Semclam Shells to aid a traveller's wound. Simply go to Coastlines (apply in South Bank Village and Eastersand) and look for mysterious glints to pick up Semclam Shells. Return to Dantro's Wife, she'll mention that she needs phials of Medicine and requests you to take some from Dantro.

Approach Dantro and look for two small phials hidden in the boxes. Return to Dantro's wife and she'll mention that she needs drops of Valeblossom Dew. Cross the river by speaking to Tchigiri and travel North into the broken sands and check the flowering trees for drops of Valeblossom Dew.

Return to Dantro's Wife, she'll ask you for a Great Serpentskin (the reward from the Nidhogg hunt). Take note that if you've sold the the Great Serpentskin, you can still complete the sidequest, albeit receiving an inferior reward. Finally, speak to Dantro's Wife, and speak to the recovering traveller behind to house, who rewards you with the Barheim Key and other Gifts.

Finding Zalera

In order to fight Zalera, you must return to Barheim Passage, where this Esper resides. Which means you require Barheim Key to return. At where you're back from Dalmasca Estersand, head North, turn to West in the section before Gate Crystal, then head to North-West passage, After there, you'll reach to the long rail at West known as Zeviah Span, follow there railway to South, on the way, you'll see an exclamation mark on a wagon, push it down to unlock a new path. A Save Crystal at South West area just before the Esper fight, heading West from the Save Crystal will take you to No.7 Terminus, where Zalera resides.


Zalera must be defeated within 5 minutes or the party will be transported back to the Terminus 7 adjunct and will have to try again.

Once the battle starts, Zalera will "brace against attacks", summoning Dead Bones into the battlefield. As long as there are Dead Bones, Zalera's Defense and Magick Resist are boosted considerably. Killing them or inflicting more than 0 damage to Zalera will end this mode. Using 1,000 needles is one way around the 0 damage. Another is to use Technicks such as Gil Toss.

Make sure your characters are not at a level divisible by 2, 3, 4 or 5 or a prime number (13, 23, etc.) because Zalera casts Lv. 2 Sleep, Lv. 3 Disable, Lv. 4 Break, Lv. 5 Reverse and Prime Lv. Death. The only levels that aren't affected by any of these include 49, 77, and 91.

Also, it might seem tedious, but it is best to bring a set of resist accessories to counter sleep, blind and especially disable. As long as you equip them right after you get the cast warning, you will be able to resist the spells.

Since he is undead, curative spells are effective, that is if you can work around his Reflect status. Curative items are also effective, but take note that all Life spells and items do not work, which means you'll waste your MP casting Raise or using Phoenix Downs. One effective method is to cast Reflect on your party, and cast Curaja, reflecting the spell to the boss for heavy damage.

Unless they will use their signature attack quickly, you shouldn't rely on Espers in this battle, as Zalera will immediately use Kill to defeat them, and shortly after he will aim Kill at the summoner.

Keep in mind that he will resist all elemental attacks, including elemental weapons.

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