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Zalera, the Death Seraph
"Here dying, join my legion of undeath. Your blood, the roses on unhallow'd graves!"

Zalera, the Death Seraph, also known as the Angel of Death, is the third Lucavi demon that Ramza Beoulve must fight in Final Fantasy Tactics. He is associated with the Gemini Zodiac Stone and has possessed Marquis Elmdore of Limberry. Zalera is assisted by two Ultima Demons, Celia and Lettie, who are disguised as human females. His name is a reference to Azrael the biblical angel of death.

Ramza fights Zalera at Limberry Castle after fighting Elmdore once at Riovanes Castle. First, Ramza must fight his way past Celia and Lettie to gain entry into the castle. Then he must face Elmdore who is backed by Celia and Lettie. During this battle, if Celia and Lettie are killed, they will return to their Ultima Demon form, and if that form is defeated, the demon will perish. Once the Marquis is sufficiently weakened, he will retreat into the undercroft where he will finally transform into Zalera. Before Ramza can reach the undercroft, he must fight a resurrected Argath to enter. (This is only in the War of the Lions remake, not in the original game)

Zalera has moves similar to Cúchulainn, but is more powerful and calls on several undead units to aid him. However, Ramza gains the aid of Meliadoul Tengille as an guest during this battle. Once Zalera is defeated, he will die, dropping the Gemini Stone.


The Death Seraph Abilities


Innate Abilities


PS1 Name PSP Name Description Range Effect Speed
Darkness Inflicts Blind. 5 1 Now
Spell Bind Inflicts Stop. 5 2 Now
Chicken Race Fowlheart Inflicts Disable. 5 1 Now
Nightmare Inflicts either Sleep or Doom. 5 2 Now

Ja Magicks

PS1 Name PSP Name Description MP Cost Range Effect Speed
Toad 2 Toadja Inflicts Toad. 35 4 2 25
Gravi 2 Gravija Reduces the HP of the targets to 1. 35 4 2 25
Flare 2 Flareja Magick that converts energy into heat, scorching the battlefield with searing temperatures in a wide range. 35 4 2 25
Blind 2 Blindja Inflicts Blind. 35 4 2 25
Confuse 2 Confuseja Inflicts Confusion. 35 4 2 25
Sleep 2 Sleepja Inflicts Sleep. 35 4 2 25

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