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Zakarisz Ghent
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11 BBY

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1.6 meters

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"This is Ghent, the slicer I mentioned."
Talon Karrde

Zakarisz Ghent was a slicer and associate of smuggler Talon Karrde. While highly intelligent and skilled in his area of expertise, Ghent was also incredibly naïve and absent-minded.

Ghent earned a reputation as a legendary computer slicer during his time with Talon Karrde's crew, and as a result he eventually became Chief of Cryptography for the New Republic.



Born on the planet Baroli, Ghent's gift with codes and numbers was prodigious. He first came to prominence at the age of twelve, when he single-handedly cracked the Imperial ILKO code in two months—a project that took the Rebel Alliance's entire top slicer team a full month.

The crux of his early life, however, occurred shortly after the Battle of Endor. Still in his teens, he was lured to the Mid Rim world of Chibias, and blackmailed into joining a New Republic plot to decrypt the control node of a Star Destroyer. However, the plot was foiled when Ghent encountered the fugitive Emperor's Hand Mara Jade; the pair went their separate ways after the event, but before leaving the planet, Ghent was intercepted and recruited by Talon Karrde.[1]

During the Thrawn Crisis, Ghent was brought in by Karrde after Admiral Ackbar was imprisoned by the New Republic on suspicion of taking bribes. Karrde suspected that Ackbar had been framed and that the funds found in Ackbar's account had been placed there by a slicer, and wanted Ghent to prove his suspicions. Loaned to the New Republic's investigation, it took Ghent a mere two days to clear Ackbar of any wrongdoing.

Trapped on Coruscant by Thrawn's cloaked-asteroid blockade, Ghent was enlisted by the New Republic cryptologists to break the Imperial battle encryptions; he also "guarded" his friend and associate Mara Jade while she was hospitalized. Though his value as a guard was questionable as he tended to ignore most things that weren't binary, Mara appreciated the thought. By the time Ghent's month-long stay on the capital was up he had broken the Imperial code, in addition to slicing the pulse transmitter encrypt code that was used by Delta Source, an Imperial Intelligence system acquiring information directly from the New Republic headquarters for something to do. This led to the discovery, and eventual termination of the costly intelligence leak. During this time, he also sliced himself a code to get into the New Republic's war room. When Leia asked him why, he said he was bored. In his introduction to the crypt team, he was under their impression that their best encryption-breaking routines were a "silly drill."

Later during the conflict, Ghent assisted Leia Organa Solo's infiltration the planet of Wayland by rigging the Wild Karrde with a fake Imperial transponder code, allowing the ship and her passengers to penetrate the planet's defenses.

Ghent during the Thrawn crisis.

Thanks in part to his actions during the Thrawn Crisis, Ghent gained many valuable contacts in the upper echelons of the New Republic’s government. After Thrawn's death he joined New Republic Intelligence, and eventually worked his way up to the position of Chief of Cryptography for the New Republic, initially based aboard the Dreadnaught Peregrine under General Garm Bel Iblis.

In 19 ABY, Crypt Chief Ghent salvaged a scrambled transmission, addressed to General Garm Bel Iblis, from Admiral Gilad Pellaeon to extend peace between the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic once and for all. Later that year, he traveled to the Ubiqtorate base at Yaga Minor (disguised as an Imperial Lieutenant provided by Pellaeon) to retrieve an Imperial copy of the Caamas Document, an assignment that nearly resulted in his death when Bel Iblis, unaware of his presence, nearly destroyed the room he was in. During this time, he developed a social conscience after two days of moral discussion with Elegos A'Kla onboard a starship.

Ghent remained with NRI during and after the war with the Yuuzhan Vong. In 35 ABY he was called to Ossus by Luke Skywalker in an effort to solve some programming glitches with R2-D2. During the repairs, he was able to unlock holograms that showed Luke his mother, Padmé Amidala, for the first time, and how she died. However, Mara Jade found that Ghent was installing camera bugs in the new Jedi Temple under the orders of Chief of State Cal Omas. Luke Skywalker again trusted Ghent and let him finish his work on R2-D2.

Behind the scenes

Ghent's first name was not revealed until the novel Balance Point, released almost a decade after his first appearance in Heir to the Empire.

It is likely Zakarisz Ghent originates from the same Human sub-culture as the Padawan Ekria, since both share the same distinctively blue hair and facial markings. A more unusual coincidence is that both were expert slicers.

Former director of Lucas Online Paul Ens posts at the official site discussion boards under the name "Ghent."

"Ghent" is the name of a city in Belgium, and there is also one in New York.


Zakarisz Ghent in Star Wars Galaxies


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Table of contents

Game Info

Where once Talon Karrde made contact with players, now one of his associates gives out quests. Ghent's quests give few material rewards, but are rich in content and should be done for the sheer gameplay alone.

Ara Niorri

Level: none


  • 200 credits

In the cantina in the far northern town of Doaba Guerfel is Zakarisz Ghent (3255 5308), a smuggler associate of the famed Talon Karrde with a problem. He wants you to do a small pickup run for him - a lot of his contacts are doing business out of town these days, and besides, he's picked up a tail and needs to lay low for a bit.

Travel to the location Ghent gives you and speak with Ara Niorri. On your way you are attacked by Rodian Thugs (CL4) who might attack Ara also (be careful here) but once they are down, you can "Converse" with Ara (use the radial menu so as not to attack her) to get the material Ghent needs. Return to him to complete the mission.


Level: none


  • 400 credits

Ghent tells you that the Rodian you stopped from killing Ara had a partner, Vralla (CL4), and she succeeded, Ara was a friend of Ghent's, and since you killed Vralla's partner, she will be looking for you anyway. Ghent asks you to find and eliminate Vralla.

Once you find Vralla, it is simply a matter of fighting her to the death, and winning. Return to Ghent for your reward.

Grazzy Binbo

Level: none


  • 800 credits

Ghent is concerned that the Hutts are behind his recent troubles, but isn't above letting them know that he isn't safe to mess with. He knows of a special shipment a Hutt courier is hand delivering not far from the city, and he wants you to go and intercept the shipment. If you encounter any "problems" on the way, handle them however you see fit.....

The shipment courier Grazzy Binbo (CL1) is guarded by 3 Jabba's Thugs (CL13). Defeat the courier (and the guards if you wish) and return to Ghent with the good news.

Pavan Silar

Level: none


  • 1600 credits

You recovered a virus strain from the Hutt courier that increases agression... a nasty thing to have on the open market. Ghent asks you to take it to his contact in the Biological Control Bureau - and assures you that the virus is contained and not contaigious.

Ghent's contact Pavan Silar is in the field now, and you must meet with him. On the way, you will be attacked by Jabba's Thugs (CL13) again. Once you reach Silar, be sure to use the radial menu to "Converse" with him, then return to Ghent.

This ends your missions with Ghent.

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