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Every day, we challenge you with different objectives, all over the world, running the gamut from missions to bounties to PvP. Take our daily challenges and get big rewards, including Zaishen Coins! Both challenge quests and Zaishen Coins were introduced in our Fourth Anniversary Update.

The Zaishen post their challenges each day at 16:00 UTC (conversion times are below) on signs in the Great Temple of Balthazar. Click the signs to read the quest details and accept the challenge. Please note that, although you can finish them whenever you like, your Quest Log can only hold up to three of each type of Zaishen Challenge Quests.

Three quest types are offered each day

All of the Zaishen Mission, Zaishen Combat, and Zaishen Bounty quests have already been created; to update the table, link to and edit the appropriate page as the challenge comes up.

Zaishen Challenges



Last update: Monday, 07:32 (UTC)

Note: Game updates could invalidate these forecasts.ยง


Zaishen Mission Zaishen Bounty Zaishen Combat
Day after 2010-02-02 The Frost Gate The Black Beast of Arrgh Random Arena
Tomorrow 2010-02-01 Abaddon's Gate Fozzy Yeoryios Jade Quarry
Today 2010-01-31 Gyala Hatchery The Stygian Underlords Fort Aspenwood
Yesterday 2010-01-30 Jennur's Horde Quansong Spiritspeak Random Arena

For a weeklong forecast, see Zaishen Challenge Quest/Forecast

Monthly history

Date Zaishen Mission Zaishen Bounty Zaishen Combat Total
2010-01-28 Blood Washes Blood Jarimiya the Unmerciful Alliance Battle 350
2010-01-27 Gate of Pain Mobrin, Lord of the Marsh Jade Quarry 360
2010-01-25 Sunjiang District The Iron Forgeman Codex Arena 430
2010-01-24 Curse of the Nornbear Nulfastu, Earthbound Random Arena 315
2010-01-23 Ruins of Surmia Lord Jadoth Jade Quarry 389
2010-01-22 Hell's Precipice Chung, the Attuned Fort Aspenwood 325
2010-01-21 Ruins of Morah Rragar Maneater Codex Arena 465
2010-01-20 Boreas Seabed Joffs the Mitigator Guild vs Guild 570
2010-01-19 Riverside Province Baubao Wavewrath Heroes' Ascent 520
2010-01-18 The Elusive Golemancer Forgewight Alliance Battle 420
2010-01-17 Gate of Madness Borrguus Blisterbark Guild vs Guild 605
2010-01-16 Gates of Kryta Admiral Kantoh Heroes' Ascent 494
2010-01-15 Arborstone The Darkness Codex Arena 465
2010-01-14 G.O.L.E.M. Plague of Destruction Jade Quarry 385
2010-01-13 Kodonur Crossroads TPS Regulator Golem Alliance Battle 415
2010-01-12 Iron Mines of Moladune The Greater Darkness Fort Aspenwood 465
2010-01-11 Jokanur Diggings Z'him Monns Random Arena 319
2010-01-10 Vizunah Square Kunvie Firewing Codex Arena 345
2010-01-09 Dunes of Despair Frostmaw the Kinslayer Guild vs Guild 590
2010-01-08 Finding the Bloodstone Myish, Lady of the Lake Alliance Battle 350
2010-01-07 Tihark Orchard Korshek the Immolated Heroes' Ascent 520
2010-01-06 Thunderhead Keep Zoldark the Unholy Fort Aspenwood 395
2010-01-05 Minister Cho's Estate Rotscale Random Arena 284
2010-01-04 A Gate Too Far Charged Blackness Jade Quarry 385
2010-01-03 Fort Ranik Mohby Windbeak Fort Aspenwood 249
2010-01-02 Venta Cemetery Selvetarm Random Arena 345
2010-01-01 Destruction's Depths Fenrir Heroes' Ascent 560

Listings for previous months can be found in the archive.


Each quest has one Base Objective, which is required to complete the quest. The rewards for completing a quest include:

Quests also have one or more optional Bonus Objectives, which reward extra Copper Zaishen Coins.

  • Prophecies missions have two bonuses, one for completing the mission in Hard Mode and one for completing the Bonus.
  • Factions and Nightfall missions have two bonuses, one for completing the mission in Hard Mode and one for achieving a Master's ranking.
  • Eye of the North missions have one bonus, completing the mission in Hard Mode.
  • The bounties have one bonus, killing the target in Hard Mode.
  • The PvP have two bonuses, requiring an increased number of victories, and potentially more difficult variants of the base objective, such as a streak of wins or a high-scoring victory.

Zaishen Coins

Zaishen Coins come in copper, silver, and gold denominations. The challenge quests reward only copper coins; the coppers can be exchanged for silvers and silvers for golds at the reward NPCs in the Great Temple of Balthazar (near the challenge signposts). Additionally, each coin type can be traded to these NPCs for a variety of other items.


  • If one of the bonus objectives is completing a part of a mission or a specific objective in Hard Mode, then only that part needs to be done in HM. For instance, you can quickly do Blacktide Den in normal mode, killing 5 Rinkhal Monitors to complete the first Zaishen bonus objective (which is in this example just the mission bonus), and then repeat the base mission objective in HM to complete the second Zaishen bonus objective, to get all Zaishen bonus objectives.
  • Completing all objectives in Hard Mode will also satisfy the Normal Mode quest requirements.
  • The sequence of Zaishen Challenge quests is governed by a repeating schedule.
  • Combat challenges are repeatable quests; they recharge every time you re-enter the Great Temple of Balthazar.
  • Zaishen missions and bounties are semi-repeatable; they recharge only when they come up again as per the schedule.
  • Zaishen Challenges for a given day can be completed on every role playing character on an account.
Image:Anomaly.GIF Anomaly! Pogahn Passage is the only mission not included in the current rotation.
Historical note: Due to a glitch in the Fort Aspenwood quest (which counted losses as wins), players were able to take the challenge and resign at the beginning of the game to get credit. This allowed players to collect rewards repeatedly by creating new PvP character, resign at every game to quickly complete/claim the quest, and then create a new PvP character; repeating the process generated coins quickly.
Historical note: When the challenges were first introduced, it was possible to have multiple copies of repeating quests; players were able to complete and claim credit for the duplicates simultaneously.

Game updates could invalidate the predictions above

  • Game updates in the past have purposefully (and accidentally) altered the rotation.
  • ANet might someday add Pogahn Passage to the rotation, thereby re-scrambling the Zaishen Mission rotation.
  • The October 22, 2009 update shows that ANet can change any one of the three cycles without affecting the other two.


The quests change at 16:00 UTC, which translates into other time zones as follows:

(UK & Ireland)
08:00 11:00 16:00 16:00 17:00 01:00
(no daylight time in 2009)


  • The highest possible daily Zcoin reward (without repeating the Zaishen Combat quest) is 710 Copper Zaishen Coin.
  • Similarly, the lowest possible daily Zcoin reward is 249 Copper Zaishen Coin.

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