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Zaaps are gates that allow instant travel to other zaaps for a small fee. They are displayed on the world map as blue spheres.

To use a zaap, click on the it and choose "Use" from the menu. If you have never used the zaap before, it will be added to your list of known zaaps. You can only travel to a zaap that you have previously visited (by walking to the zaap and choosing "Use" for the first time).

If you choose "Save" from the zaap menu, the zaap will be recorded as your "save point." Whenever death occurs or you surrender a battle, if you don't become a ghost, you will return to the last saved zaap. Also, if you use a Recall Potion, you will be teleported to your last saved zaap.

Zaaps List

Name X Y
Air Pandala (Aerdala Village) 17 -31
Amakna (Amakna Castle) 3 -5
Amakna (Crackler Mountain) -5 -8
Amakna (Edge of the Evil Forest) -1 13
Amakna (Madrestam Harbour) 7 -4
Amakna (Scaraleaf Plain) -1 24
Amakna (Sufokia Gate) 10 22
Amakna (The Milicluster) 5 7
Amakna (The Village) -2 0
Astrub (Astrub city) 4 -19
Bonta -32 -58
Brakmar -25 40
Cania Plains (Cania Massif) -20 -20
Cania Plains (Rocky Plains) -14 -47
Dopple Territory -34 -8
Earth Pandala (Terrdala Village) 30 -38
Fire Pandala (Feudala Village) 29 -49
Imp Village -18 -26
Koalak Mountain (Breeder Village) -16 1
Moon Island (Moon Beach) 35 12
Neutral Pandala (Pandala Village) 26 -37
Otomai Island (Canopy Village) -54 15
Otomai Island (The Coastal Village) -46 18
Sidimote Moor -24 12
Tainela (The Cradle) 1 -32
The Zoth Village -53 18
Wabbit Island (Wabbit Island) 25 -4
Water Pandala (Akwadala Village) 23 -22
Incarnam (Fields) 5 0
Incarnam 1 3
Incarnam (Forest) 2 6
Incarnam (Lake) 6 4

Zaap Prices

Zaap prices are based on the distance between the zaaps: the closer the zaap you want to reach, the cheaper the travel.

(For math addicts, the formula uses the integer value of a straight line (hypotenuse in right angle triangle) between the zaaps. Thus the distance from (-2,0) to (5,7) is sqrt( (5-(-2))^2 + (7-0)^2 ) = sqrt( 98 ) = 9.)

The base price for zaaping is (distance * 10) kamas.

Aligned characters can not travel to alignment villages owned by the opposing alignment via Zaap, even with wings down.


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