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For the alternate reality version of Yves Müller, see Yves Müller (Pendragon timeline).

Yves Müller (also Mueller) was a Federation Starfleet officer and commanding officer of a starship.

In 2369, Müller was the first officer of the USS Minnesota (NCC-19923). (Star Trek: Minnesota: "Divergence")

In that same year, after their runabout crashed on an alien surface, Müller was severely injured, and Minnesota counselor Scott Fack had to look after him while protecting the runabout from an unknown entity. The duo survived two weeks on their own under attack. Müller and Fack were rescued by the Minnesota, and Müller made a full recovery. (Star Trek: Minnesota: "Black Tangled Heart")

After the Minnesota's destruction by Breen pirates, Müller opted to take a promotion, taking his own command aboard the USS Winterthur (Star Trek: Minnesota: "Dirge"). In 2370, the Winterthur, at Deep Space 9, rescued the survivors of the USS Prospect (NCC-60056) after returning from the Gamma Quadrant and ensured no Dominion ships were following through the Bajoran Wormhole. (Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles: "Pure Massacre")

Star Trek: Pendragon

In the Pendragon timeline, Yves Müller was the commanding officer of the USS Winterthur through until 2379.

In that same year, he joined Admiral John Sill and Captains Noel Turner, Anne DiCosola, Scott Fack, Kari Liljehorn and James Lee aboard the USS Advantage to hear about the possible M'Tar influence of the Myhr'an. He and his crew were part of the task force facing the a Myhr'an armada at Rhaandaran. (Star Trek: Pendragon: Other Knights anthology: "Gravity")


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