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Yuuzhan Vong advance scout ship
Production information

Yuuzhan Vong

Technical specifications

>100 meters[1]

Engine unit(s)

Dovin basals[3]

Hyperdrive system



Dovin basals[3]


Several Yorik-et starfighters[1]

Docking bays

One forward-facing[1]




New Jedi Order era


Yuuzhan Vong

The Yuuzhan Vong advance scout ship was a vessel in the Yuuzhan Vong fleet.[1]



It was dark in color, with several tendril-shaped structures hanging to each side of the vessel, and had a large, forward-facing hangar which could carry several Yorik-et-sized vessels.[1]


At some point during the time of the New Republic, former Jedi Knight A'Sharad Hett was captured by the Yuuzhan Vong when his transport crashed inside one of their scout ships.[1]

He was tortured and experimented on while imprisoned on the vessel, and during his time there, encountered the exiled Jedi-turned-Sith Vergere. They had several discussions on the topic of the Dark Side and the Sith Order and how to structure it properly, while Hett was subjected to the Embrace of Pain device.[1]

When the Yuuzhan Vong War was about to begin and Vergere had left him to join priestess Falung, Hett managed to escape, killing the crew with the dark side. He then destroyed the scout ship, to make the Vong believe he was dead.[1]

At the start of the war, a scout ship was part of the Yuuzhan Vong fleet that advanced on Artorias.[4]


The scout ship shares similar aesthetic details with Shadow warships from Babylon 5


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