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Yura's in-game sprite

Yura is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy VI. He is an Esper.

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Yura lived in the Land of Espers, and was a well respected Esper. When Terra Branford came to plea to the Espers for help in defeating the Empire, Yura led a band of Espers out the Sealed Gate. They went berserk, and attacked Kefka Palazzo, who was sent to ambush Terra and her friends at the Sealed Gate. The Espers then attacked the Blackjack as it was trying to escape, and then attacked Vector, the capital of the Empire. Yura then led them to the Espers' Gathering Place. Here, Yura was found by Terra, and sensed that she was not dangerous. She convinced them that the Empire was willing to talk peace, and Yura represented the Espers in negotiations with General Leo Cristophe of the Empire. However, the peace agreement was really a trap set by Kefka and Gestahl to acquire more Magicite. Kefka invaded Thamasa, the town where the negotiations were being held, and killed Yura and the rest of the Espers, while gravely injuring the others.


  • In the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary remakes of the original Final Fantasy, Yura is one of the automatic names the player can choose for the Red Mage Job.

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