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Card List


SY2-001 Dark Paladin (Ultra Rare)

SY2-002 Dark Magician

SY2-003 Feral Imp

SY2-004 Giant Soldier of Stone

SY2-005 Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts

SY2-006 Mystical Elf

SY2-007 Beaver Warrior

SY2-008 Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1

SY2-009 Dark Blade

SY2-010 Buster Blader

SY2-011 Dark Magician Girl

SY2-012 Kuriboh

SY2-013 Big Shield Gardna

SY2-014 Obnoxious Celtic Guard

SY2-015 Skilled Dark Magician

SY2-016 Sangan

SY2-017 Magician of Faith

SY2-018 Old Vindictive Magician

SY2-019 Zombyra the Dark

SY2-020 Giant Rat

SY2-021 Royal Magical Library

SY2-022 Magical Dimension (Ultra Rare)

SY2-023 Polymerization

SY2-024 Fusion Sage

SY2-025 Monster Reborn

SY2-026 Pot of Greed

SY2-027 Mystic Box

SY2-028 Monster Recovery

SY2-029 United We Stand

SY2-030 Mystical Space Typhoon

SY2-031 Pigeonholing Books of Spell

SY2-032 Fissure

SY2-033 Emblem of Dragon Destroyer

SY2-034 Remove Trap

SY2-035 Magic Cylinder

SY2-036 Spellbinding Circle

SY2-037 Mirror Force

SY2-038 Lightforce Sword

SY2-039 Magic Jammer

SY2-040 Raigeki Break

SY2-041 Dust Tornado

SY2-042 People Running About

SY2-043 Oppressed People

SY2-044 United Resistance

SY2-045 Thousand Knives

SY2-046 Dark Magic Curtain

SY2-047 Restructer Revolution

SY2-048 De-Fusion

SY2-049 Fusion Gate

SY2-050 Tribute to the Doomed

SY2-051 The Eye of Truth

SY2-052 Trap Hole

SY2-053 Royal Decree

SY2-054 Chain Destruction

SY2-055 Shift

SY2-056 Huge Revolution

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