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This is the first character Structure Deck in the Japanese OCG. It contains cards used by Yugi Muto.This Deck contains 2 new cards (Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight and Obnoxious Celtic Guard) and a new artwork of Dark Magician Girl.

Deck Specifications

OCG Set Card Ratios

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OCG Set Card Lists

Spoiler Card List

YU-01 Dark Magician Girl (Super Rare)

YU-02 Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight (Ultra Rare)

YU-03 Obnoxious Celtic Guard (Ultra Rare)

YU-04 Archfiend of Gilfer

YU-05 Buster Blader

YU-06 Valkyrion the Magna Warrior

YU-07 Kuriboh

YU-08 Berfomet

YU-09 Giant Rat x 2

YU-10 Cyber Jar

YU-11 Penguin Soldier

YU-12 Alpha The Magnet Warrior

YU-13 Beta The Magnet Warrior

YU-14 Gamma The Magnet Warrior

YU-15 Dark Magician

YU-16 Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts

YU-17 Giant Soldier of Stone x 2

YU-18 Card Destruction

YU-19 Swords of Revealing Light

YU-20 Monster Reborn

YU-21 Pot of Greed

YU-22 Change of Heart

YU-23 Graceful Charity

YU-24 Fissure x 2

YU-25 Mystical Space Typhoon x 2

YU-26 Polymerization

YU-27 Multiply

YU-28 Dark Hole

YU-29 Mystic Box

YU-30 Premature Burial

YU-31 Magic Cylinder

YU-32 Mirror Force

YU-33 Magical Hats

YU-34 Shift

YU-35 Spellbinding Circle

YU-36 Backup Soldier x 2

YU-37 Magic Jammer

YU-38 Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast

YU-39 Silver Fang

YU-40 Beaver Warrior

YU-41 Magician of Black Chaos

YU-42 Black Magic Ritual

YU-43 De-Spell

YU-44 Gaia Power x 2

YU-45 Nobleman of Crossout

YU-46 Giant Trunade x 2

YU-47 The Eye of Truth

YU-48 Ultimate Offering

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