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Prior to pilot

Yugi lives with his mother and Grandfather, Sugoroku in the family game shop, Kame Game. By the pilot, his father is away on business.

Yugi found the Millennium Puzzle on a shelf in the shop. He spent 8 unsuccessful years trying to solve it.


The Puzzle of the Gods

Yugi at the beginning of the manga.

At school, while working on the Puzzle, he utters the riddle on the box "It's something that you see, but have never seen before". Honda and Jonouchi enter the room and start tossing the puzzle around. Jonouchi manages to secretly steal a piece. However Anzu arrives and tells them off. Yugi discloses with Anzu how he's been spending years trying to solve the Puzzle and believes he will be granted a wish upon solving.[1]

The hall monitor Ushio believes Yugi is being bullied by Honda and Jonouchi. He takes it on himself to be Yugi's bodyguard, although Yugi denies that Honda and Jonouchi have been been troubling him. Regardless Ushio beats them both up. Yugi protests as Ushio continues to hit them, resulting in Ushio attacking him too. Afterwards Ushio imposes bodyguard fees of ¥200,000 (about $2070.82 in US dollars) and threatens him with a knife should he not pay.[1]

That night, Yugi works on the Puzzle, while thinking of way to make the money. Unlike other days, he was able to assemble the Puzzle more easily and quickly, until he realized the last piece was missing. His Grandfather gives him the last piece, which Jonouchi had returned earlier.[1]

Yugi solves the Millennium Puzzle.

When Yugi assembled the Puzzle, he became the Guardian of the Shadow Games and his body came to bear host for the spirit of the 3,000-year-old Nameless Pharaoh. The spirit, known as Dark Yugi shares Yugi's body, unbeknownst to Yugi.

Dark Yugi defeats Ushio in a Shadow Game, which, in this particular instance, is a test of courage, in which both participants place stacks of paper money on their left hand, and stab down to collect it with a knife, using their right hands. Ushio cannot control his greed, and stabs his own left hand, which results in a loss. His penalty game is that he sees garbage as money, and frolics in it like a moron. Dark (or Yami) Yugi changes back to Yugi, who has no knowledge of what has passed.[1]

The next day at school, Jonouchi answers Yugi's riddle, saying it's friendship and that they're friends.[1]

Early games

A ZTV director arrives at Domino High to make a documentary about bullying. He has his assistant Fujita stage a bullying scene, by attacking Yugi. Yugi is saved by Jonouchi and Dark Yugi later beats the director in a Shadow Game consisting of dice and a low chance of winning.[2]

The untalented singer, Sozoji, forces Yugi to sell tickets to his concert. After Hanasaki tries to sell Yugi a ticket, Yugi takes all Hanasaki's tickets off his hands. Knowing neither of them are going to be able to sell the tickets, he tries to spare Hanasaki of the burden. The day of the concert, Yugi informs Sozoji that he couldn't sell any tickets. As punishment, Sozoji makes Yugi listen to music at full blast and reveals Hanasaki, beaten-up, as the audience for the next song. Dark Yugi once again takes over and subjects beating the bully in a Shadow Game.[3]

Yugi and Jonouchi notice how Anzu is acting suspicious and avoiding walking her from school with them. To get to the bottom of it, they follow her home from school and find she has been working at Burger World. Since part time jobs are against school rules, she makes them promise they won't tell. An escaped convict enters the restaurant, takes Anzu hostage and blindfolds her. Everyone is else is made lie on the floor apart from Yugi, who is made to serve him. Dark Yugi takes control of Yugi's body and faces the convict in a Shadow Game. Anzu thinks his voice sounds like Yugi, but his actions and bravery are completly different. Dark Yugi defeats the convict, setting him alight. Yugi is made believe the convict accidentally set himself on fire.[4]

Yugi gets envious of the self-proclaimed psychic Kokurano, as he tries to seuduce Anzu. For Yugi's disbelief in his powers, Kokurano says that in Yugi's future countless letters will fall from the heavens and bring disaster upon him. Later that day Kokurano knocks over bookshelves on top of Yugi. Dark Yugi then emerges to punish Kokurano and save Anzu.[5]

For a school carnival, the class follow Yugi's suggestion to set up a section for Carnival Games. However Goro Inogashira and his classmates tear down their stand to make way for their own. Yugi gets injured trying to protect their stand and is taken to the infirmary. Anzu takes care of him for a while, but after she takes her eyes off him, he disappears as Dark Yugi to get revenge on Goro.[6]

Despite Honda's wishes, Jonouchi let's Yugi in on Honda's crush on Miho Nosaka and asks him for help. Yugi suggests that they browse his family's store for a present, where they decided on a love letter jigsaw puzzle. Having never sent a love letter before, Honda gets Yugi to write one and threatens him, should Miho not like it. The next day at school, the teacher Ms. Chono finds the puzzle on Miho's desk and confiscates it. She demands the sender come forward. Yugi, Jonouchi and Honda all claim to have done so, but Chono continues the puzzle to find out who really sent it and plans to punish the others for lying. Dark Yugi emerges and turns the puzzle into a Shadow Game; as Chono continues to complete the puzzle, she feels the pain she is inflicting on others. The makeup on her face begins to crack up, revealing her true ugly self. Chono flees the room, sparing the boys any trouble. After Miho turns Honda down for a date, Yugi and Jonouchi treat him to a hamburger to cheer him up. Since then Honda becomes good friends with Yugi.[7]

After Jonouchi buys a pair of Air Muscle shoes from the Junky Scorpion, he, Yugi and Honda are ambushed by the Muscle Hunters, who steal the shoes. After finding out they were sent by the store owner, Dark Yugi emerges and returns to the store, to win back Jonouchi's shoes. Not knowing how he got the shoes back, Yugi returns them to Jonouchi.[8]

After realizing Jonouchi has missed school for the first time, Yugi, Anzu and Honda investigate. They visit Jonouchi's apartment, but get scared off by his father, who mistakes them for Jonouchi and yelling at them for disappearing for two days. The trio search the city and find Jonouchi with Hirutani's gang attacking a boy. Yugi ran over to ask Jonouchi what was going on, but Jonouchi denied knowing him. As Yugi continued to plea with Jonouchi, one of the gang members punched Yugi in the face.[9]

Yugi refuses to believe Jonouchi has changed so they followed the gang to J'z. Honda demanded Yugi and Anzu to wait outside, for their own safety, while he went inside. However Honda could only report the gang had left, so the trio split-up to look for Jonouchi.[9][10]

Unable to find him, clasped the Millennium Puzzle and asked it to tell him where Jonouchi is. Dark Yugi took control of his body and went to Hirutani's torture chamber, where the gang had Jonouchi tied-up. Dark Yugi managed to take out the gang and relinquish control to Yugi, who escorted Jonouchi out.[10]

Yugi gets a Digital Pet, which he names U2. At school, he connects it Jonouchi's pet, where it initially gets bullied, but they start to get along afterwards. After Kujirada's pet eats Jonouchi and Anzu's, he connects it to U2. Initialy it gets chased, but then uses the data it incorporated from its battle with Jonouchi's pet to transform to a more powerful form, allowing it to take out its opponent. After U2 reachs its life expectancy, Yugi stays awake to watch him disappear.[11]

The Man from Egypt

Yugi reads that there will be an Egyptian exhibition at the museum in the newspaper. Since his Grandfather knows Professor Yoshimori, the archaeologists who discovered the tomb, Yugi is allowed come for free and invites his friends too. Anzu notes that Egypt is where the Millennium Puzzle came from and reminds Yugi that his grandfather had said all the archaeologists involved in finding the puzzle had died mysterious deaths. Yugi assures his friends that he isn't cursed, but admits to suffering memory loss.[12]

Outside the museum, he is introduced to Professors Yoshimori. Yoshimori in turn introduces him to Kanekura, who begs Yugi to let him put the Millennium Puzzle on display for the day. During the exhibition, Yugi doesn't feel right without the Puzzle.[12]

Yugi's two soul rooms.

After the exhibition closes, Yugi returns to collect his Puzzle. Unable to find Kanekura, he meets Shadi and explains what he's looking for. Shadi is astonished to learn that Yugi may be the one who solved the Puzzle. To check, he uses his Millennium Key to look into Yugi's soul room. However he find two rooms, one for Yugi and one for Dark Yugi.[12]

Shadi leaves Yugi's mind, after he is defeated by Dark Yugi. He returns Yugi the Puzzle, saying there is no need to thank him as he is in his debt, since Yugi's other self had saved him. Yugi laughs at the idea of there being another person living inside him.[13]

After hearing the news of Kanekura's unexpected death, Yugi, Sugoroku, Jonouchi and Anzu go to Yoshimori's house to cheer him up. However Yoshimori, possessed by Shadi, starts attacking Yugi's friends.[14] Shadi redecorates Anzu's soul room and order the other Yugi to appear. He tells Yugi that he can make Anzu die by commanding her to do so. This prompts Dark Yugi to appear.[15]

Dark Yugi faces Shadi is a Shadow Game in order to save his friends. Anzu and Jonouchi see Yugi shortly after he wins the game and notice he is acting differently. They approach him over this matter, but Dark Yugi relinquishes control to Yugi, causing them to think they'd been mistaken.[16]


Yugi introduces Jonouchi and Anzu to Duel Monsters at Kame Game. Seto Kaiba arrives and takes interest in Yugi's grandfather's rare "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" card. Unable to buy it off him, he attempts to steal it from Yugi the next day at school, by switching it with a counterfeit. Despite noticing this, Yugi waits until no one else is around, before asking for the card back. After Kaiba refuses to and mocks Yugi and his grandfather's attitude, Dark Yugi takes control. Dark Yugi defeats Kaiba in a Shadow Game of Duel Monsters, winning back the card and giving Kaiba a Penalty Game, making him believe he is in the Duel Monsters Spirit World, where he gets constantly killed.[17]

Much later, Kaiba's brother Mokuba, approaches Yugi in search of revenge. Using his gang, who are armed with dangerous weapons, he forces Yugi into a game of Capsule Monster Chess. As Mokuba's minions try to mess with Yugi's Millennium Puzzle, Dark Yugi emerges, as Mokuba had hoped for. Even though Mokuba rigged the dispenser to give Yugi low level monsters for the game, Dark Yugi accepts the ante of having one of Yugi's fingers cut off should he lose, provided he may subject Mokuba to a Penalty Game, should Mokuba lose. Dark Yugi wins and Mokuba warns him Death-T is coming, before he believes himself to be trapped in a gaint capsule, as his penalty.[18]

At an arcade, Yugi hears rumors of Kaiba is building the ultimate game. He takes his mind off it, by playing a fighting game. He receives multiple challenges from Feng Long, defeating him each time. Not too pleased with this Long beats up Yugi and steals the Millennium Puzzle. After Jonouchi sees what happened he chases down Feng Long and wins the Puzzle back in a fight.[19]

Shortly after leaving the arcade, Yugi and Jonouchi are invited via limousine to Kaiba's mansion. At the mansion, Mokuba treats them to a meal, which turns out to be a game called Russian Roulette Dinner, in which he poisons Jonouchi. In order to save Jonouchi Dark Yugi emerges and defeats Mokuba, despite him cheating.[20]

The next day, Kaiba takes Yugi and Jonouchi to Kaiba Land as special guests. He treats them to a special show. However the show turns out to be Kaiba facing Yugi's grandfather in a game of Duel Monsters inside a Battle Box. Kaiba defeats Sugoroku using his 3 "Blue-Eyes White Dragons" and tears up Sugoroku's after he wins. Kaiba subjects him to an artificial Penalty Game to blackmail Yugi into competing in Death-T.[21] Sugoroku hands Yugi his Deck to use against Kaiba, before being rushed to hospital.[22]

Yugi receives his grandfather's Deck.

Jonouchi insists on helping Yugi. Honda who'd brought Johji to Kaiba Land comes out of the crowd to help Yugi too. Much to everyone's suprise they are greeted by Anzu as they start the first stage. Anzu, who is working there, explains the rules of the shootout game they're about to play. They players basically take out their opponent's by shooting the sensor on their vest. However Kaiba has hired professional hitman, armed with lethal guns as their opponents, while Yugi and his friends guns are totally ineffective.[22] Jonouchi manages to kick out one of the opponents, while Honda and Johji use Anzu's working gun to take out the other two in a fake surrender.[23]

During the second stage, Yugi and his friends resist screaming on an electric chair ride.[24] The ride takes them to a haunted mansion, where they get their hands stuck in a guillotine. Yugi is made think fast as he solves a riddle in time to save the group from getting their hands sliced off.[25] In the final part of the stage, Jonouchi is locked in a room, where he faces the Chopman in a deathmatch. While the Chopman's weapon is stuck, Yugi diverts Jonouchi's attention to a candlestick he can use to pick the lock on his cuff. He then instructs Jonouchi to lock the cuff onto the door with the candle slipped inside it. After the Chopman unsticks his weapon he yanks the chain, ripping out the door. Jonouchi makes his escape, while the candle hits the tar covred floor, incinerating the Chopman.[26]

At the start of the third stage, the friends are left waiting in a empty room for a long time. Yugi uses the time to apologise to his friends and blames himself for dragging them into this. Jonpuchi seizes him, demanding he never say that again. Jonouchi and Honda then admit that through Yugi, they have come to like themselves. Anzu asks them to hold out their hands as draws a smiley face on them. If they end up taking separate paths in life, she tells them to remember this symbol and they'll remember being friends.[27]

For the first time in the manga, Yugi confesses that he thinks there is "another Yugi".

After the challenge starts, blocks fall from the ceiling, while the gang climb them in order to escape through a hole in the wall, high off the ground. Anzu makes use of her dancing skills to read the rhythm the blocks are falling and help the others avoid them. However Honda gets his coat, stuck under a block, while the others make their escape.[27]

Upset over what happened to Honda, Yugi admits to Jonouchi and Anzu that he believes there is another Yugi living inside him. He had held this information back before, in fear that they won't want to be friends with him, knowing this. The group proceed to the third stage, where they knowingly see Yugi change to Dark Yugi for the first time, as he prepares to face Mokuba in another game of Capsule Monster Chess.[28]

Dark Yugi defeats Mokuba and saves him from the artificial Penalty Game.[29] He proceeds to defeat Kaiba in a game of Duel Monsters in the final stage.[30] As a penalty, he dispel's Kaiba's evil half.[31]

After the final stage, Yugi is reunited with Honda, who is saved by Mokuba. From that day on, Yugi remembered all the battles he and Dark Yugi had fought.[31]

Later games

Anzu gives Yugi a love compatibility tester, Lovely Two, which initially gets no response when he tries his with Anzu's. At school Tsuruoka catches Yugi, Jonouchi and Honda playing "test score bingo". After ridiculing their test scores, he confiscates the Lovely Two, prompting Dark Yugi's arrival. Yugi, Jonouchi and Honda end up in a game, where they must find the Lovely Two or face expulsion. Anzu becomes bashful, knowing she's speaking to the other Yugi, and gives him her Lovely Two. After trying the love compatibility test, as Dark Yugi the Lovely Twos start to beep, revealing its location.[32]

Yugi takes up a game called Monster Fighter, which proves to be a big hit, with Yugi asked numereous times at school if his family's store has any in stock. Among Yugi's opponents is Koji "the Spider" Nagumo, who cheats by punching Yugi and steals his Monster Fighter. Yugi borrows Jonouchi's Monster Fight and changes to Dark Yugi, who uses it to defeat Koji in a Shadow Game of Monster Fighter.[33][34]

Over the summer vacation, Anzu asks Yugi out to Domino Park. Yugi ends up chasing a kid, who sprays him with a water pistol. Seeing him act immaturely, Anzu unsuccessfully trys to fake that she's in danger to make the other Yugi appear. After a bomb scare, Yugi is forced to stay back to find Anzu, who's gotten on the ferris wheel. Upon learning the bombs are planted on the ferris wheel, Yugi switches to Dark Yugi, who engages in a game of clock solitare set by the bomber in order to save Anzu. After stopping the bomber, Anzu attempts to continue the date with Dark Yugi.[35]

The evidence existing becomes drastically clearer and clearer that Yugi and Dark Yugi are different souls. In the most prominent of these, Yugi is challenged to a Shadow Game by a boy named Imori using Chinese Dragon Cards that were sealed. Yugi loses and, as the rules say it must, his soul is sucked into the soul-eating jar. However he seizes the puzzle just in time and Dark Yugi challenges him to a re-match, defeating Imori and setting the captured Yugi's soul free while at the same time imprisoning Imori's. Now it is made clear that Dark Yugi and Yugi just live in the same body.

Monster World

Yugi makes friends with a new student, Ryo Bakura. Bakura tells Yugi and his friends how he plays Monster World. He advises against them playing it with him, as people he's faced in the past ended up in comas.

After Bakura misses a day of school, Yugi, Jonouchi, Anzu and Honda visit his apartment. Bakura tries warning them to leave, but his alter ego Dark Bakura possess him and invites them in.

Dark Bakura suggests they play Monster World. Yugi and his friends fill out data for their characters and Bakura creates minature versions of them.

As they play the game, Bakura seals the souls of Yugi's friends into the miniatures. Yugi demands that Bakura seal his soul into a figurine as well. In his thoughts he states that even if he can't roll the dice, 'the other me' can. Dark Yugi then meets Yugi for the first time. At this point both characters have changed dramatically from the beginning of the manga - Yugi is more confident and daring, while Dark Yugi's treatment of his foes is softer and his attitude is no longer so arrogant. This is shown in their designs: Yugi's face has matured and sharpened, and he no longer looks awkward when putting on a brave face; Dark Yugi's has softened, his glare is more of weariness than of pride and his eyes are less wild. After this story, both Yugis have a more comfortable relationship with each other and their friends.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist

Duelist Kingdom

Prior to the tournament

Pegasus sends Yugi a video inviting him to participate in his Duelist Kingdom tournament. Pegasus appears on the video and invites Yugi to duel him on the spot. Initially astonished at how he can face a pre recording, Yugi complies. Seeing the nature of the Duel, to be that of a Shadow Game, Dark Yugi takes control.[36] Pegasus later imposes a time limit, which becomes responsible for Yugi's defeat. As a penalty for Yugi's defeat, Pegasus traps Sugoroku's soul in the video tape.[37]

Yugi inserts the tape into a camcorder, so he can watch his grandfather on its screen, to easily communicate with him wherever he goes.[38]

Having recently attained the ability to tell what his other self is feeling, Yugi divulges that Dark Yugi feels bad for losing to Pegasus to his friends at school. They fill Bakura in on what happened to Sugoroku and consider Yugi entering the tournament to return him to normal.[38]

Yugi arrives home, finding the invitation to and instructions for Duelist Kingdom attached to the door. Jonouchi, Anzu, Honda and Bakura catch up with him, revealing Jonouchi also received a tape in the mail. Since he doesn't have an 8 mm VCR of his own, he asks if they can watch it on Yugi's. The tape shows Jonouchi's sister Shizuka telling Jonouchi her inevitable blindness is approaching. Jonouchi tells them about being unable to afford the expensive surgery and mopes about being unable to help her. Yugi then changes to Dark Yugi and reminds Jonouchi of the prize money for the Duelist Kingdom and hands him one of his 2 Star Chips, granting Jonouchi entry to the tournament.[38]

The group on the ship leaving Domino.

Yugi and Jonouchi spend the next week training for the tournament.[38] Among this time, Yugi gives Jonouchi the card "Time Wizard".[39]

Along with Anzu, Bakura and Honda they arrive at Domino Pier and board the ship to the tournament. Here they meet Insector Haga, Dinosaur Ryuzaki and Mai Kujaku. Yugi spends some time conversing with Haga, who leaks word of newrules being in place. Haga requests to see the "Exodia" cards Yugi used to defeat Kaiba, only to throw them overboard. Jonouchi dives into the water but is only able to recover 2 of the cards. Yugi changes to Dark Yugi, who vows to take out Haga first in the tournament.[40]


After the tournament starts, Yugi and his companions head to the forest, having seen Haga go that way. No sooner than than when they come face to face, Haga challenges Yugi to a Duel, knowing his monsters will benefit from the Field Power Bonus. Dark Yugi accepts and is led to a Battle Box, where he wagers his 1 Star Chip and his life for Haga's 2 Star Chips.[41] Yugi emerges victorious, eliminating Haga from the tournament.[42]

Yugi spends much of his time as Dark Yugi, including watching Jonouchi face Mai[43], winning his next 2 Star Chips from Ryota Kajiki[44] and facing a Star Chips thief, who turns out to be Mokuba Kaiba, on the run from Pegasus. Mokuba tries to swipe Yugi's Star Chips, but is discouraged by Dark Yugi. Saruwatari refuses to let Mokuba hand the Star Chips back to Yugi, but arranges an opponent for Yugi to face, the Ventriloquist of the Dead for Mokuba's freedom.[45] Yugi's opponent uses Seto Kaiba's Deck, but as Dark Yugi defeats him, Kaiba wakes from his coma and Yugi ups his Star Chip count to 6.[46] However Saruwatari has already disappeared wth Mokuba.[47]

Seeing as Jonouchi is disallowed from receiving help from Yugi in his Duel with Ryuzaki, Dark Yugi returns control to Yugi.[47]

Yugi speaks with his grandfather through the camcorder.

That night, Mai proposes a ceasfire, as she shares her food with Yugi and his friends. After the meal, Yugi speaks with his grandfather on the camcorder, briefing him in on his progress in the tournament.[48]

After Jonouchi, Honda and Bakura falls asleep, Mai arranges for Yugi and Anzu to meet up, telling Yugi that Anzu wanted to speak with him. Anzu starts to talk about old times, but Yugi believes she wants to speak with his other self and offers to change. Anzu refuses as she tries to convince herself that both Yugi's are the same person.[48]

The date is interrupted by the sound of Mai scream. Yugi and Anzu find out she has been beaten by the Player Killer of Darkness, who has taken all eight of her Star Chips. The Player Killer then challenges Yugi to a Duel.[48] Yugi changes to Dark Yugi and defeats him winning back Mai's Star Chips. He offers them to Mai, who reluctanlty takes them back, saying she owes him one.[49]

The next day, Mai has left by the time the rest of the group wake up, but left a note to Yugi saying she owes him 8 Star Chips, along with her tent and enough food for Yugi and his friends.[50]

After Jonouchi gets lost from the rest of the group, Dark Yugi takes control and senses him inside the underground. The group enter the cave and find Jonouchi as he defeats "Ghost" Kotsuzuka. However, before the group can leave, Bandit Keith has his gang trap them inside the underground by rolling a boulder in front of the entrance.

Using the light, Mai left them and Bakura's Millennium Ring which is pointing in the direction of Pegasus's castle, where the Millennium Eye is, they navigate to the Labyrinth. As Dark Yugi, Yugi teams-up with Jonouchi to defeat the Meikyû Brothers in a Tag Labyrinth Duel in order to escape to the surface and raise both their Star Chip counts to 10.

The group find themselves outside the castle after making their way out of the underground. At the entrance to the castle, Yugi is confronted by Kaiba, who challenges him to a Duel with 5 Star Chips on the line. Yugi's friends try to advise him against accepting, as he already has enough Star Chips, but he switchs to Dark Yugi and accepts. As Yugi is about to win, Kaiba stands up on the edge of the castle, such that the shockwaves from Yugi's attack may cause him to fall to his death. Although Dark Yugi tries to attack, Yugi takes over and calls it off. Kaiba wins on the next turn, taking 5 of Yugi's Star Chips.

With Yugi unable to enter the finals with only 4 Star Chips, Jonouchi offers Yugi 5 of his, but Yugi won't have it. Mai then arrives on the scene. She manages to encourage Yugi to take her extra Star Chips, to repay her debt.


After entering the castle, they spot Bandit Keith, who points out Kaiba and Pegasus are about to start dueling.[51] Yugi cheers for Kaiba, who loses and his soul sealed in a "Soul Prison" card.[52]

As Dark Yugi, he gives Jonouchi his "The Honor of the King's Right Hand", so Jonouchi may participate in the finals. Over dinner he promises Honda to try save Mokuba and gets paired up with Mai for the semi-finals.[53]

During the night, Yugi hears noises coming from Jonouchi's room. He goes in the check it out and finds Keith. Keith tries to quieten Yugi by punching him, but Jonouchi wakes-up and holds Keith back. Keith leaves without them knowing he took the "The Honor of the King's Right Hand" card. While Anzu tends to Yugi's wounds, he tells her how feels embarrassed, having to always be helped; such as by her Jonouchi and the other Yugi, but plans to be stronger someday.[54]

Yugi faces Mai in the first Duel of the finals. Dark Yugi puts little effort into the Duel, as he worries about facing Pegasus. This results in a number of poor plays, but after encouraging words from Mai, he returns to the top of his game and defeats her.

Yugi cheers for Jonouchi in his Duel with Keith. After Jonouchi's win, Crocketts prepares to have Yugi duel Jonouchi, but Pegasus insists there is no need. Yugi immediatly advances to facing Pegasus.

Dungeon Dice Monsters

Mr. Clown framed Yugi for stealing merchandise from his shop. After taking him away for the alleged crime, Clown stole the Millennium Puzzle and locked Yugi in a secret game room, where he faced Ryuji in a game of Dungeon Dice Monsters for the ownership of the Puzzle.

As Yugi gets the upperhand on Ryuji, Clown entered the room and shattered the Puzzle. Yugi manages to defeat Ryugi with Dark Bakura's help and Ryugi admits that he cannot hate Yugi.

Clown pretended to apologize as he put the Puzzle's chain back on Yugi's neck. However he tightened the chain and dragged Yugi into another room, locking the door and pinning down the a piece of the Puzzle by its chain. He faces Yugi in the same Shadow Game he played against Sugoroku Mutou. However Ryugi accidentally sets the room on fire.

Jonouchi arrives to save Yugi, but Yugi refused to leave without finishing the Puzzle. After he finished the Puzzle, Jonouchi managed to remove the pin and help him escape.

Battle City

Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World

Shadow RPG

Ceremonial Battle


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