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Yuffie Kisaragi

Artwork by Tetsuya Nomura
A.K.A. Mystery Ninja, Treasure Princess
Japanese name ユフィ・キサラギ
Romaji Yufi Kisaragi
Weapon Shuriken
Birthplace Wutai
Date of Birth November 20
Age 9 (Crisis Core)
11 (Before Crisis)
16 (Final Fantasy VII)
18 (Advent Children)
19 (Dirge of Cerberus)
Height 5'2" [1]
Blood type A
Japanese voice actor Yumi Kakazu
English voice actor Christy Carlson Romano (Kingdom Hearts, Advent Children)

Mae Whitman (Kingdom Hearts II, Dirge of Cerberus)

Final Fantasy VII Character
"Cunning and sly, she may look like a common thief, but Yuffie is a very skilled ninja..."

Yuffie Kisaragi is a secret playable character in Final Fantasy VII. She is a Ninja and a Thief, wielding a large shuriken. As a rebellious and cocky tomboy, Yuffie desires to restore her homeland Wutai to the glorious nation it was before being conquered by Shinra. Despite her sometimes obnoxious personality, she is friendly, helpful, and willingly helps the party in their battles.



Yuffie is the youngest in comparison to the rest of the party. She is short with a small nose and short black (sometimes depicted as brown) hair, except for in Dirge of Cerberus where her hair just reaches down to her shoulders. Her eyes are a bit inconsistent in color, as they are dark brown in Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus, and her PlayArts figures, and purple in her main concept images. Her weapon of choice is a large fuma shuriken. In Final Fantasy VII, Yuffie wears a white headband with a green, sleeveless turtleneck jumper that bares her stomach and unbuttoned tan shorts. Over her left arm she wears a protective gauntlet that originates from a single pauldron over her shoulder, presumably meant to also act as a shield. The gauntlet is held in place via a strap tied across her chest and around her back. Typical ninja-mail mesh covers part of her right arm and left leg as well as an additional piece of armor which covers the rest of the thigh of that leg. She wears a smaller wrist-covering gauntlet on her right arm, both hands are covered with fingerless gloves while she wears brown sneakers with white leg warmers.

Final Fantasy VII concept artwork by Tetsuya Nomura.

In Advent Children, two years later, Yuffie wears a navy blue tank-top with a white hawaiian flowered design underneath a sleeveless dark-gray vest. Both stop just below the rib-cage, revealing the midriff. Her shorts, while still khaki, now fold back over a belted hip-pack, blue in color, that rests across her right hip. Her green forehead protector is now replaced by a blue and white bandanna. A white wrist band on her right arm and a blue cloth that covers her left hand replace the gauntlets while khaki colored, laced knee-high boots with blue socks with two white stripes at the top replace the sneakers. The animators for the film have noted that Nomura wanted Yuffie to have a "cute" face, and her facial animations were constantly redone. Her Wutai heritage also gave them an opportunity to use Japanese clothing stylings not present in the appearances of the other characters.

In Dirge of Cerberus, now 19, she is again without the braces and arm guard, and her shirt is blue (once again revealing the midriff) and her shorts are yellow. In Crisis Core, a young (9 years old) Yuffie wears a green kimono with yellow linings, and she wears a shirt with similar coloring and orange shorts in her Before Crisis appearance. Overall, although the exact coloring has changed, most of Yuffie's outfits consist of sleeveless shirts that show the midriff with short shorts and leggings. She is wearing a black head band with white around the edges of it, a sweat band on her left wrist, an arm fingerless warmer on her right arm tied up with a bow, a blue tube top with a black fabric hanging at the bottom attached to the bottom of the blue top, two black straps on her shoulder, what looks like a black and yellow belt attached to the black fabric of the top and the belt goes over her shoulder and attached at the back showing her stomach, Orange-y-yellow shorts with a yellow belt slouching, long white socks that end just above her knees, Black long boots that end at the knee, two orange straps that go over the foot of the boot like sandals and a yellow flat, square pouch attached to the right side of her shorts.


Menu portrait in Final Fantasy VII.

Yuffie has a very cocky and rude personality, and at times can be aggressive and a bit of a tomboy. She has a tendency to bestow honorific titles on herself, such as "great ninja Yuffie" and "the single white rose of Wutai". Despite being the daughter of Wutai's leader, Godo Kisaragi, Yuffie has little tolerance for tradition and is highly rebellious to the very old-fashioned ways of Wutai, which lead to her clashing with her father. She is also very clever and cunning, able to trick the party with ease. Despite this, she is not at all averse to heroics and is still a reliable ally and friend of the main characters.

Yuffie is the subject of two running jokes in the series. One is her motion sickness, as she gets very ill whenever on a moving vehicle, be it an airship or a boat. The other is her obsession with Materia - when she joined the party, it was merely to steal their Materia from them. In Final Fantasy VII, she claims she wants Materia because Shinra banned it in Wutai and she wants to use it to restore Wutai's glory. However, her obsession is shown to be intact in her appearances before and after the game, so the validity of this is dubious.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Yuffie was born at an unspecified time, but seems to be somewhere around the end of the Wutai War. Her mother is never mentioned in any game, but according to the Creation Materials in the Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega guide, her mother was named Kasumi and died from an illness when Yuffie was young. As a child, Yuffie watched Wutai turn into a tourist resort and grew up on stories about how the area used to be a place of honorable mystique before Shinra came.

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-

Before Crisis artwork.

Yuffie appears in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, and encounters the player Turk in Wutai, where AVALANCHE has set up a stronghold in the pagoda. Pursued by AVALANCHE, she is saved by the player Turk and quickly starts scheming to steal their Materia moments after learning what Materia even is.

Yuffie follows the player Turk into the AVALANCHE base and steals the detonators for bombs that had been planted in the pagoda, and the player Turk must chase her and get it back. However, Yuffie accidentally presses the detonator switch, and she and the Turk must cooperate to escape. Once they rendezvous with Tseng, she realizes the player Turk is with Shinra and flees.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Crisis Core artwork.

Yuffie appears in Crisis Core when Zack invades Fort Tamblin. Despite being only nine years old, she describes herself as "Wutai's Greatest Warrior". Zack plays along with her antics and she runs off. After losing to Shinra, Yuffie's father Godo Kisaragi, the leader of Wutai, began to turn their home into a tourist attraction for outsiders. This did not suit Yuffie who eventually began running off, stealing Materia from unaware travelers. Later on in the game, when Zack is at Mako Reactor 5, he gets mail from someone named "Treasure Princess" looking for someone to help her steal treasure. It later turns out to be Yuffie using the information she received from a "blond man" to enlist Zack's help to find treasures (this blond man is speculated to either be Lazard Deusericus or Rufus Shinra in the Crisis Core Ultimania, but neither is ever confirmed). By the end of their working relationship, Yuffie manages to steal Zack's Bahamut Fury Materia, but returns it as she is unable to use it.

Final Fantasy VII

Yuffie's battle render.

Yuffie is one of two secret characters in Final Fantasy VII (the other being Vincent Valentine), and is a materia hunter. She can be found in any forest on the World Map after leaving the Mythril Mines at any point in the game. Yuffie's level will be adjusted depending upon the player's current level. If the player defeats her in combat and then chooses a series of correct answers in dialogue with her, she will join the party. An incorrect answer causes her to steal something and flee.

Yuffie later steals the party's Materia when they enter Wutai, and they must chase her and save her from Don Corneo before she returns it. She then proves herself to her father by beating the bosses of Wutai's Five Story Pagoda, and her father begins to understand the reasoning behind her position. At the end of disc one, it is possible to get Cloud to go on a date with either her, Aeris, Tifa, or Barret. At the date, however, Cloud ignores all of her movements toward him, and gets smacked more than twice. She is the only character to kiss Cloud in the date sequence, although it is only on the cheek and Cloud stays completely quiet after she kisses him, creating an awkward silence that makes Yuffie feel embarrassed.

Being an optional character, she was not included in the ending FMV of the game, though can still be used in the Final Dungeon at the Northern Crater and the Final Battle with Safer∙Sephiroth. It is later explained that she and Vincent were absent from the Highwind after the final battle because they went to Midgar to help evacuate the citizens and Shinra personnel before Meteor hit. After placing an injured Rufus Shinra aboard a helicopter, Yuffie warns Vincent to be careful in his search of the Mako Cannon. She later saves him as the building collapses from a lightning strike.

On the Way to a Smile

Yuffie is the central character in Case of Yuffie, where she returns to Wutai to help the people rebuild after Meteor's fall. After her return, Geostigma begins to spread, and the "Midgar illness" is blamed on Yuffie as she was at Midgar when Meteor struck. Yuffie thus resolves to find the true cause of the disease and a Materia to cure it, searching around the world and helping the infected as best she can during the time before Advent Children.

Part of Case of Yuffie also overlaps with Case of Red XIII, in which Red XIII helps Yuffie save Yuri and stays at Wutai for some time before moving on.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Yuffie in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.
"All right, who's been touching my materia?"
—Yuffie in Advent Children

Yuffie can first be heard when Cloud's cell phone is lost and descends into the water, where she says, "Surprise! It's Yuffie." although her voice is difficult to pick out as other pieces of dialogue are being played at the same time. But the word 'Surprise' is really easily heard as it sounds as if Yuffie is shouting. Yuffie mentions that the children from Wutai have gone missing, and tells Cloud to call her if he knows why.

Yuffie appears in person along with all the other living playable characters in the game during the battle in Edge. She arrives in Edge via Cid's airship (still showing signs of motion sickness after parachuting down). She helps the party to defeat Bahamut SIN, and brings Cloud's collection of Materia to the ruins of Midgar aboard the Shera.

During the bonus feature "Reminiscence of Final Fantasy VII", Yuffie sends a "Closed for Business" sign to Barret through the Strife Delivery Service as a way of getting Cloud to take a day off. She also seems to call Vincent Valentine in the time after Advent Children because Vincent asks Cloud to relay a message to her, claiming that she has no right to call his phone.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-

"I am the champion of the earth and the sky. I am the conqueror of evil. The single white rose of Wutai...Yuffie Kisaragi!"
—Yuffie in Dirge of Cerberus

Having joined the World Regenesis Organization, Yuffie is in charge of the espionage and intelligence gathering. Yuffie works to fight against Deepground in 2010. She is the one who rescues Vincent from Rosso the Crimson in the Shinra Mansion, where the bloodthirsty Tsviet was about to kill him, and takes him back to the WRO Headquarters. Onboard the Shera, she still carries her motion sickness with her, and leads the troops from the airships to the ground for the Battle of Midgar to shut down a generator inside the ShinRa building. Then she and Vincent go into Deepground in attempt to kill Weiss but are stopped by Nero, who sucked Yuffie into Darkness and Vincent goes to save her, since Nero's darkness does not affect him. She and other AVALANCHE members aided Vincent in Omega's destruction and is seen last in Seventh Heaven, asking Tifa if she has heard from Cloud, most likely concerning Vincent's whereabouts.

Equipment and Stats

CG render of Yuffie's original outfit for the Compilation.

As a party member, Yuffie wields giant-sized shuriken which function like boomerangs. While she is below average on the main stats, she is very quick and has the best Luck. Most of her weapons are also Long Range and thus do full damage from the back row.

Yuffie's weapons have a few unique properties. One, the Rising Sun, has the highest attack of any Double Growth weapon. Another, the Oritsuru, has 90 attack strength with 8 Materia slots and normal growth, and is the strongest weapon with 8 Materia slots, excluding those with zero growth. Yuffie's ultimate weapon, the Conformer, does more damage the higher the level of the enemy, allowing it to do 9,999 damage to many bosses. It will automatically miss allies, making her a safer player if she is confused in battle. It also does normal damage when using Morph, allowing you to deal massive damage and get valuable items both easily, and at the same time.

Limit Breaks

See videos of the various Breaks here

Yuffie's Limit Breaks have fair power, and most of them hit multiple enemies. She also learns her Limit Breaks slightly quicker than other party members. Of particular note, her Clear Tranquil ability is the only healing Limit Break not learned by Aeris in the game. All of Yuffie's Limit Breaks besides Clear Tranquil rely on Yuffie's physical strength.

Level Name Obtaining Action Image
1 Greased Lightning
Shippū Jinrai
Already known. Dashes at an enemy and strikes hard with her weapon, inflicting 3.125 times normal damage.
Clear Tranquil
Meikyō Shisui
Use Greased Lightning 8 times. All party members have their HP restored by half of their maximum HP.
2 Landscaper
Batsuzan Gaisei
Kill 64 enemies with Yuffie. Damages all enemies with an earthquake, doing 3.0 times normal damage.
Use Landscaper 7 times. Attacks ten random enemies, doing 0.625 times normal damage each time.
3 Gauntlet
Gaishū Isshoku
Kill 64 enemies with Yuffie after learning Landscaper. Launches a large bomb that hits all enemies, inflicting 1.75 times normal damage.
Doom of the Living
Shōja Hitsumetsu
Use Gauntlet 6 times. Attacks random enemies 15 times, doing 0.625 times normal damage.
4 All Creation
Shinra Banshō
Defeat Godo. Hits all enemies with a powerful beam of energy, doing 8.0 times normal damage.


Early concept art of Yuffie, with a different color scheme.

In earlier versions of Final Fantasy VII, Yuffie and Wutai as a whole were very different from the finished product. Yuffie was envisioned as a bounty hunter seeking Cloud and Sephiroth, and she in turn had a bounty on her head. Posters showing her stats would be around the world, and Yuffie's stats, abilities and level would change when the party fought her depending on which poster was inspected last. She was also intended to be an ex-SOLDIER.

The Wutai subquest would have involved Shinra placing Wutai goods under high taxes, straining their economy. Yuffie would have stolen the party's money to try and help, but the High Priestess Izayoi would reject the funds. A Shinra spy in Wutai, Sera, would have spread pro-Shinra propaganda, and planned to blow up the mountain to level Wutai and build a Mako reactor in the ruins. Cloud and his allies would then have to climb the mountain and stop her. Her mother's name would have been "Kasumi Kisaragi" and she would have died while Yuffie was still very young.

Yuffie's Job Class was originally listed as "Ninja (Assassin)".


Main article: Mystery Ninja

The Mystery Ninja can be fought in forests across The Planet.

Non-Final Fantasy Appearances

Kingdom Hearts series

Artwork of Yuffie in Kingdom Hearts.
For more information, see Kingdom Hearts Wiki:Yuffie

In the Kingdom Hearts series, Yuffie appears with Leon and Aerith. The three of them form a trio that assist Sora in his adventures throughout the series, helping him fend off the Heartless and giving him advice and information. Yuffie also appears as an opponent in various colosseum cups in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, fighting using her shuriken and ninja skills including teleportation and healing.

Rikku, from Final Fantasy X, also seems to have similar personality traits as Yuffie.

Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring

Artwork of Yuffie in Ehrgeiz.

Yuffie is a secret playable character in the game Ehrgeiz: God Bless The Ring. She primarily fights with punches and kicks, but can also perform several slash attacks with her shuriken and throw many smaller shurikens for ranged attacks.

Itadaki Street Portable

A super-deformed Yuffie also appears as a playable character in the Japan-exclusive board game, Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable.



Kisaragi (如月) is the Japanese name for the month of February.

Musical Themes

Yuffie's theme is considered to be "Descendant of the Shinobi". It plays during the sequence just after you defeat her and during many other scenes involving her. This theme appeared in a vocal form on the Final Fantasy Song Book album. The theme "Stolen Materia" is also often used in association with Yuffie, generally whenever she is behaving in a sneaky or untrustworthy manner.

There also exists a hidden music theme, only accessible through hacking, that was meant to play when Yuffie was nearby. It is titled "Comedy".


  • In a bit of foreshadowing, if Yuffie is in the party after they liberate the Tiny Bronco, she immediately suggests heading to Wutai (to carry out her Materia-stealing plan, naturally), but will not answer the question as to why.
  • Apparently, Yuffie seems to have a good relationship with Vincent Valentine, who she nicknamed Vince (along with Cid Highwind). Also, according to Vincent himself, she likes to call him for no reason. In the ending of Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-, she seems to be the character who appears most worried about Vincent's disappearance. This may be a reference to them both being secret characters in Final Fantasy VII. Or she has a bit of a crush on him.
  • Yuffie is also assumed to have a decent relationship with Red XIII, seeing as how he is the one she went off to talk to when Cloud was picked by default to be the one to use Priscilla's dolphin to get up to Junon. However, it was revealed that she did tend to make fun of him at times to blow off steam.
  • Yuffie makes a small cameo in Dissidia Final Fantasy as a tutor from the in-game manuals.
  • Yuffie has had a different outfit in each of her appearances in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, and appears to be the only character to have a different outfit in Dirge Of Cerberus.
  • Yuffie is one of the very few characters to retain a true Japanese name in the English versions across all Final Fantasy games; most other character names are often American or European-style names. The only modification made to Yuffie's full name is that the developers anglicized the name by adding a second F and an E to the spelling of her original Japanese given name Yufi. In French, her name, while prounonced the same way, is written Youffie.
  • Yuffie's Theme, Descendant of the Shinobi, is often used as a theme in Pinoy Big Brother.



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