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Eternal Duelist Soul is a Yu-Gi-Oh! video game for the Game Boy Advance. Gameplay is similar to standard dueling
The Game Cover
rules, except that the side deck can have less than 15 cards, and is more for convenience of getting to cards for your deck than switching between duels, as CPU duels are single duels rather than matches (though some NPCs will randomly challenge you to a Match).



Opponents are arranged in "tiers," with higher tiers unlocked by beating already open tiers. A tier may consist of 4 or 5 duelists. In order to advance, all duelists on a tier must be beaten before the next level can be unlocked. Beating a tier also unlocks certain in-game events, such as special cards that can only be received by beating that tier.

Another important aspect of the game is the in-game calendar. On certain days of the week (not actual days, as the game does not support a real date function) in game, random events may occur, such as recieving a pack of cards in the mail or being challenged to a Match by an opponent.

This is also the first game to include Polymerization as an actual card and also the first to include the Egyptian God Cards (though they are completely unusable, as the game considers them illegal).



Level 1

Level 2

Defeat Level 1 duelists 2 times each

Win against everybody three times to advance to the next level.

Level 3

Win against everybody four times to advance to the next level.

Level 4

Win against everybody five times to advance to the next level.

Level 5

  • Maximillion Pegasus (Toon/Relinquished Deck)
  • Simon (Ultimate Cookie Deck)
  • Solomon Muto, here called Solomon Trusdale (Cookie/Exodia Deck)
  • A dueling computer (Deck designed to counter your deck; usually a Mill Deck)

You can battle Maximillion Pegasus by obataining the Toon World by password or booster packs. You can battle Simon, by winning the annual tournament on November. You can battle Solomon Muto by beating Simon once or to collect all the cards.


As the game progresses, more and more cards unlocked that can be used for your deck. There are over 10,000 unlockable cards, But more importantly, beating a certain level or even particular duelists will unlock new Booster Packs or reward the player with rare cards. Like many previous and later Yu-Gi-Oh! games, it also used the 8-digit passwords printed on most cards to unlock new cards. Cards are kept in a Chest where they can be accessed at any time, and may be placed in the Deck or Side Deck. Fusion cards that are added to the Deck do not go toward the 40 card minimum, and are used in the Fusion Deck. The game follows the banned list created at the time of the game.


Unlike games that follow this one, this game doesn't follow a general theme when dispensing cards through boosters. Instead, the newer ones you get have a higher chance of rare cards in them. The boosters in order of achievement:

Dark Magician-->Available at beginning of game
Mystical Elf-->Available at beginning of game
Red-Eyes B. Dragon-->Available at beginning of game
Judge Man-->Win a total of 10 times
Blue-Eyes White Dragon-->Beat Yugi 20 times
Exodia-->Beat Joey 20 times
Tiger Axe-->Complete level 1
Harpie Lady-->Defeat everyone in level 1, 10 times
Gate Guardian-->Have a total of 10 wins in level 2
Launcher Spider-->Beat Mai 20 times
Gemini Elf-->Beat Mako 20 times
Garoozis-->Complete level 2
Great Moth-->Defeat everyone in level 2, 10 times
Relinquished-->Have a total of 10 wins in level 3
Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon-->Beat Marik 20 times
Battle Ox-->Beat Umbra & Lumis 20 times
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon-->Complete level 3
Black Luster Soldier-->Defeat everyone in level 3, 10 times
Millenium Puzzle, Blue-->Have a total of 10 wins in level 4
Millenium Eye-->Beat Kaiba 20 times
Buster Blader-->Beat Yami Yugi 20 times
Millenium Puzzle, green-->Defeat everyone in level 4, 10 times
Millenium Puzzle, Multi colored-->Beat Simon or collect all cards

Card List

Other cheats

Black Skull Dragon: Black Skull Dragon is included in the Gate Guardian piece's pack.

Gate Guardian: To get the Gate Guardian, you first must obtain the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon pack. After you do so, Gate Guardian will be a common as well as Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Tri-Horned Dragon, and Meteor Black Dragon.

Magician Of Black Chaos: To earn Magician Of Black Chaos and Dark Magic Ritual in a booster pack, obtain the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon booster, then select it. Magician of Black Chaos will be a common as well as Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and Gate Guardian.

Obelisk The Tormentor: To get Obelisk The Tormentor you must be able to have the Green Millennium Puzzle unlocked. After that. you can receive Obelisk.

Pegasus: Get the Toon World card and have access to the fifth level.

Ra: The Ra God card can only be obtained by getting it in the Monthly Yu-Gi-Oh! Magazine.

Slifer The Sky Dragon: To get Slifer The Sky Dragon God card, unlock the Golden Millennium Puzzle Booster Pack. You will eventually get it.

Simon: Win the tournament in November (in game time).

Grandpa: Defeat Simon once.

Duel "unknown" character: On May 1 (in game time, days may vary), a man will duel you. He states that if he wins he will take your rarest card. He will pick which card he wants (for example Blue-Eyes White Dragon). However, you do not win anything.

Powerful Blast Sphere/Maha Vailo: If your opponent plays a Maha Vailo card (this will most likely be Ishizu Ishtar), play a Blast Sphere. Since its effect makes it an Equip Card, it will make the Maha Vailo's attack 2050 (if they attacked the Blast Sphere with it). Add a couple of Axe Of Despairs on to make the Maha Vailo's attack higher. It is possible to increase it to 5050.

Hint: Powerful Goddess Of Whim: This trick requires the following cards: Goddess of Whim, Axe Of Despair, and Megamorph. First, play the Goddess Of Whim with the Axe Of Despair, then play Megamorph before attacking. Use the Goddess Of Whim's effect to double your current attack power to 7800.

Summon Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon easier: First, put Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon in your deck. Then, put a Cyber Stein in your deck and duel. When you draw Cyber Stein, make sure you have much more than 5000 LP, then play it. Next, press A on the Cyber Stein and select "Activate". You will lose 5000 LP, which is a small price to pay to special summon Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

You need a Monster Reborn and a Magic Jammer. When you activate the Magic Jammer card, discard the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, then use a Monster Reborn to get it back on the field, with no cards getting sacrificed.

Have a deck with a Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Ring Of Magnetism, and a Sword Of Deep-Seated. Summon the Blue-Eyes White Dragon and use both the Ring Of Magnetism and the Sword Of Deep-Seated. If any of your opponent's monsters attack the Blue-Eyes White Dragon it will destroy itself while losing life points. Note: If your opponent uses a magic card to destroy the magic cards, this trick will not work.

Have a Lord of D. and three Blue-Eyes White Dragons out on the field. Do the same thing to one of the dragons and your opponent has one monster card in attack mode. You can use the other three monsters to attack his/her life points.

Summon Exodia easier: Get Witch Of the Black Forest and/or Sangan, all five pieces of Exodia, Monster Reborn, and Magician of Faith. Use Witch Of The Black Forest and/or Sangan in defense mode and let them die. Chose the pieces of Exodia to draw to your hand. Use Monster Reborn to get one of them back. Repeat the defense part. Use Magician of Faith to get Monster Reborn back and Monster Reborn to get Witch Of The Black Forest and/or Sangan back and repeat the step again. You should now have deliberately drawn at least three pieces of Exodia.

Have Swords Of Revealing Light, Pot Of Greed, and some Morphing Jars. When you have at least two pieces, use Swords Of Revealing Light, and on your next turn, use Pot Of Greed. If you get any pieces on your next turn, when you press A, press B then press R. This should help you get Exodia faster.

Easy summon: Get a Cheerful Coffin and Monster Reborn. Use them in a duel. Use Cheerful Coffin and discard the monster you want. Then, use Monster Reborn and bring out that card. Note: Works with any card, including Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

Control numbers on Skull Dice or Graceful Dice: Hold B to make the number higher or A to make the number lower. This works almost every time.

Do not lose life points from Graverobber card: Once you play Graverobber, set the card instead of immediately activating it. Once the card is set, activate it and you will not lose the 2000 LP.

Password System

Passwords can be found on the lower left hand corner of actual physical Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. In this and many other games, a password screen allows these codes to be entered to unlock new cards. However, there are two conditions to this:

  • Certain rare cards will not allow their passwords to be entered, unless the condition to unlock them has been met but the game has not awarded it yet.
  • The player must not already have the card in his/her Trunk, Deck, Side Deck (or if the card is a newer card), it will not go through and it will display an "ERROR" message.


As an added bonus for buying this game, three previously unreleased Holofoil Rare cards. Though not immediately available in-game, they could have their passwords entered immediately. These cards are:


EDS supportes 2 player Versus play, provided each player has his/her own Game Boy Advance and their own copy of Eternal Duelist Soul. Also, one Game Link Cable is required to connect the systems (the game is not compatible with the Wireless Link accessory for the GBA). Players can also transfer cards between copies of the game.


To duplicate a card, trade with a friend. When you go to trade, one person pushes the trade button, when their card appears back on their screen, the other person pushes the trade button. There you have the original card and the traded card, plus your friend has both cards also.

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