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Yu-Gi-Oh! R

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Yu-Gi-Oh! R遊☆戯☆王RYūgiō R

Genre Shōnen

Manga Series

Authored by

Naoyuki Kageyama


Japan Shueisha

Serialized in

Japan V-Jump

Original run

June, 2004 – January 2008

No. of volumes


Yu-Gi-Oh! R, is a manga series that is a spinoff of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise.

Yu-Gi-Oh! R is published in Shueisha's monthly magazine V-Jump in Japan. The manga is made by Akira Itou. Yu-Gi-Oh! R is an alternate plotline which takes place after the defeat of Marik Ishtar. It will be released in the USA by Viz Media in October 2009, with 1 volume released every other month.[1]

In Yu-Gi-Oh! R, the kōhai (protégé) and adopted son of Pegasus J. Crawford, Yakou Tenma, decides to avenge his senpai's defeat at the hands of Yugi Mutou, since Tenma sees blood next to a card, suggesting that Pegasus committed suicide after his loss (although in actuality, Bakura stole his Millennium Eye). He is certain that Pegasus is dead, since the card is of his late wife, Cyndia, and Pegasus was very devoted to her. The blood on the card and the fact that Pegasus does not have it signifies that he has lost his lifelong dream of resurrecting his wife, and Tenma therefore assumes that he is dead.

Tenma takes over KaibaCorp while Seto Kaiba is in the United States. He kidnaps Anzu Mazaki, prompting Yugi and his friends Katsuya Jonouchi and Hiroto Honda to face Tenma's RA Project (RA stands for "Rebirth of the Avatar") and the duel professors. Seto Kaiba and his brother Mokuba also come to the scene to rescue the company.


Chapter Guide

Yu-Gi-Oh! R Chapter Listing

Volume Guide

Volume # Cover English Cover
Volume 01
  • ISBN:
    • JP: 4-08-873822-5
  • Release:
    • JP: 03/04/2005
    • EN: 10/06/2009
  • Chapters:
    • 001 - 009
  • 'Prohe Dark Don ord]]
Volume 02
  • ISBN:
    • JP: 4-08-873893-4
  • Release:
    • JP: 12/02/2005
    • EN: 12/01/2009
  • Chapters:
    • 010 - 017
  • Promotional Card:
    • N/A
Volume 03
Volume 04
  • ISBN:
    • JP: 978-4-08-874351-6
  • Release:
    • JP: 04/04/2007
    • EN: 04/29/2010
  • Chapters:
    • 025 - 032
  • Promotional Card:
Volume 05

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  1. Yu-Gi-Oh! R - Volume 1
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