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Episode Guide - Season Four
Episode Number
Japanese Title and Translation
English Title
Japanese Air Date
English Air Date
Episode 157 忍びよる脅威!「謎の来訪者」
(A Creeping Threat! "The Mysterious Visitor")
October 17, 2007
Episode 158 さらばデュエルアカデミア!十代の選ぶ道
(Farewell, Duel Academia! The Path Judai Chooses)
October 24, 2007
Episode 159 ダークネスの真相!十代VS吹雪
(Truth Behind Darkness! Judai VS Fubuki)
October 31, 2007
Episode 160 融合する魂!ネオスVS F・G・D
(Fusing Souls! Neos VS F.G.D.)
November 7, 2007
Episode 161 シャル・ウイ・デュエル?ペアデュエルへの招待
(Shall we Duel? Invitation to a Pair Duel)
November 14, 2007
Episode 162 十代VS明日香!秘めた想いの伏せカード
(Judai VS Asuka: face-down card of Hidden Emotions)
November 21, 2007
Episode 163 サイコ・ショッカーからの挑戦状
(Challenge from Psycho Shocker)
November 28, 2007
Episode 164 受け継がれしサイバー・ダーク・ドラゴン
(The Inherited Cyberdark Dragon)
December 5, 2007
Episode 165 目指せ万丈目!プロデュエリストへの道!
(Aim for it! Manjyome, the Path to a Pro Duelist!)
December 12, 2007
Episode 166 アームド・ドラゴンVSドラグーン・D・エンド
(Armed Dragon VS Dragoon D-END!)
December 19, 2007
Episode 167 恩返しデュエル!クロノスVS元祖ドロップアウト・ボーイ
(Gratitude Duel! Chronos VS The Original Dropout Boy)
December 26, 2007
Episode 168 卒業デュエル開始 ! ネオスVSホルスの黒炎竜
(Opening of Graduation Duel! Neos vs Black Flame Dragon of Horus)
January, 04 2008
Episode 169 決断の代償 ! オブライエン炎の闇
(Sacrifice of Decision! O'Brien Flame of Darkness)
January 09, 2008
Episode 170 斎王再び!「絶対運命決定力」発動!!
(Saiou, Again! "Decisive Power of Absolute Destiny"!!)
January, 16 2008
Episode 171 運命の終焉!マグマ・ネオスVSザ・ダーク・ルーラー
(End of Destiny! Magma Neos VS Dark Ruler)
January 23, 2008
Episode 172 デュエルアカデミアの危機! 立ちはだかる宝玉獣
(Duel Academia Crisis! The Jewel Beasts Blocking the Way)
January, 30 2008
Episode 173 ダークネスの侵攻! 奪われた記憶
(Invasion of Darkness! The Stolen Memories)
February 6, 2008
Episode 174

(Activate, Clear World! Ferocious Negative Effect)

February 13, 2008
Episode 175 バトルロワイヤル!十代VSヨハンVS藤原
(Battle Royal! Judai VS Johan VS Fujiwara)
February 20, 2008
Episode 176

(Rainbow Neos, Protector of Bonds VS Clear Vicious Knight)

February 27, 2008
Episode 177 恐怖のコンボ!「虚無と無限」
(Combo of Terror! "Nihility and Infinity")
March 05, 2008
Episode 178 最後の希望!遊城十代
(The Last Hope! Yuki Judai)
March 12, 2008
Episode 179 さよなら十代!涙の卒業式
(Good-Bye Judai! The Tearful Graduation Ceremony)
March 19, 2008
Episode 180 (Final) 真の卒業デュエル!十代VS伝説のデュエリスト
(The True Graduation Duel! Judai VS The Legendary Duelist)
March 26, 2008
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