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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Episode
Japanese name: シャル・ウイ・デュエル?ペアデュエルへの招待
Translated Japanese name: Shall we Duel? Invitation to a Pair Duel
Episode number: 161
Japanese air date: November 14, 2007
Japanese opening theme: Precious Time, Glory Days
Japanese ending theme: Endless Dream
Previous episode: Fusing Souls! Neos VS F.G.D.
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Episode Summary

Blair is taking pictures of the students that will graduate, but notices that Jaden is being seclusive. Alexis ends forcing him to take part in getting his picture taken. Tyranno comes up with the idea of Duel party, which Jaden surprisingly isn't eager to join. At the Duel party, a new kind of tag duel is arranged where both players on a team each share the same field and take turns playing their cards (strangley similar to the gameplay of the Tag Force series). The pairs must have one boy and one girl. Although Syrus and Chazz fight over Alexis, Jaden shows up and she and him end up paired. During their first Duel, Alexis finds it unsettling that Jaden doesn't look at the card she played face-down, and only uses his cards, even though they easily win. Later, the problem keeps up, with Jaden Tributing Alexis's cards to power up his own. This gets her mad, and she then criticizes Jaden for not trusting her, which he doesn't understand since they're winning.

Featured Duels

Jaden Yuki and Alexis Rhodes vs. Sheppard and Ms. Dorothy

Sheppard activates "Polymerization", fusing two "Cyber Ogres" into "Cyber Ogre 2" (2600 ATK/1900 DEF) and Sets a card.

Alexis Summons "Etoile Cyber" (1200 ATK/1600 DEF) in Defense Position and Sets a card.

Ms. Dorothy Summons "Marshmallon" (300 ATK/500 DEF) in Attack Position.

Jaden activates "Polymerization", fusing "Elemental Hero Necroshade" and "Elemental Hero Sparkman" into "Elemental Hero Darkbright" (2000 ATK/1000 DEF). He attacks "Marshmallon" (Sheppard and Ms. Dorothy 2300 Life Points), but "Marshmallon" is not destroyed by battle. He then activates "De-Fusion" to separate them into "Necroshade" (1600 ATK/1800 DEF) and "Sparkman" (1600 ATK/1400 DEF). He attacks with both (Sheppard and Ms. Dorothy 0)

Jaden and Alexis win

Featured Cards

Facts about Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Episode 161RDF feed
Episode number 161  +
Episode series Yu-Gi-Oh! GX  +
Japanese air date 14 November 2007  +
Japanese episode name シャル・ウイ・デュエル?ペアデュエルへの招待  +
Translated Japanese episode name Shall we Duel? Invitation to a Pair Duel  +

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