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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Episode
Japanese name: ヨハン・ジム・オブライエンVS仮面の三騎士
Translated Japanese name: Johan, Jim, and O'Brien VS The Three Masked Knights
English name: Triple Play - Part 2
Episode number: 125
Japanese air date: February 28, 2007
English air date: October 26, 2007
Japanese opening theme: Teardrop
English opening theme: Get Your Game On!
Japanese ending theme: THE SUN
Previous episode: Triple Play - Part 1
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Next episode: Return of The Sacred Beasts


Episode Summary

The Duels between Jesse, Jim, and Axel vs. The Three Masked Knights continue. Early on, Axel realizes that the duel is a just a distraction, he tells Jesse and Jim after defeating his opponent to surrender, saying they'll gain nothing from dueling their opponents. They attempt to surrender only to be stopped by the knights, but the knights are ultimately defeated. After the duels, Jaden and others spot Marcel running to the power station. While attempting to apprehend him, Jaden is stopped by Bonaparte who threatens Jaden if he hurts his son, Marcel. Using this to his advantage, Marcel holds Bonaparte as a hostage long enough to go under the power station where the Sacred Beasts are held. Professor Banner then informs Jaden of the situation, to Marcel's annoyance. The episode ends with Marcel laughing and the image of the Sacred Beasts appearing.

Featured Duels


Jesse Anderson vs. Emotionless Mask

continued from last episode

Jesse Summons "Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth" (1700 ATK) in Attack Position and attacks Emotionless Mask directly, reducing Emotionless Mask's Life Points to 2300.

Emotionless Mask passes and discards "Silent Pain" in his End Phase, due to the hand size limit.

Jesse draws a card and Emotionless Mask activates "Silent Pain" from his Graveyard, destroying "Amber Mammoth" and inflicting 1000 damage (Jesse 3000). "Amber Mammoth" is placed in the Spell & Trap Card Zone. Jesse Summons "Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger" (1600 ATK) in Attack Position and attacks directly. Emotionless Mask activates "Silent Space" from his hand to destroy "Topaz Tiger". Topaz Tiger is moved to the Spell & Trap Card Zone.

Emotionless Mask activates "Silent Pain" to inflict 1000 damage. (Jesse 2000) He then removes "Silent Torment" from his hand to inflict another 1000 damage. (Jesse 1000)

Jesse Activates "Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins" and Summons "Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus" (1800 ATK) in Attack Position. he activates "Sapphire Pegasus's effect, sending "Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle" to his Spell & Trap Card Zone. Emotionless Mask activates another "Silent Space" to destroy "Sapphire Pegasus", which is also sent to the Spell & Trap Card Zone. Jesse Special Summons "Ruby Carbuncle" (300/300) and activates its effect, Special Summoning all "Crystal Beasts" from his Spell & Trap Card Zone. He then activates the effect of "Rainbow Ruins", sending "Topaz Tiger" to the Graveyard to negate "Silent Space" since there are three Crystal Beasts in the Spell & Trap Card Zone. Jesse attacks Emotionless Mask directly with all three Crystal Beasts dropping Emotionless Mask's Life Points to 0.

Jesse wins.

Jim Crocodile Cook vs. Anger Mask

continued from last episode

Jim Summons "Weathering Soldier" (2000 ATK) and attacks "Anchor Knight". (Anger Mask 3500 Life Points) Anger Mask discards "Reload" for "Anchor Knight's" effect to Special Summon it back in Defense position. Jim ends his turn and "Weathering Soldier's" effect decreases its own ATK to 1400.

Anger Mask switches "Anchor Knight of Anger" to Attack Position and activates "Violent Salvage" returning "Giant Trunade", "Magical Mallet" and "Trojan Blast" to his hand. He discards them for "Anchor Knight's" effect inflicting 1800 damage to Jim. (Jim 400) "Anchor Knight" attacks and destroys "Weathering Soldier". (Jim 300)

Jim discards "Sample Fossil" to activate "Specimen Inspection" and chooses Warrior-Type and Level 4. Anger sends another "Anchor Knight" to the Graveyard. Jim activates "Fossil Fusion", fusing "Anchor Knight" and "Weathering Soldier" into "Fossil Warrior Skullpawn" (2000 ATK/500 DEF), activates "Time Stream", Tributing "Skullpawn" and paying half his Life Points (Jim 150) to Summon "Fossil Warrior Skullknight", activates another "Time Stream", Tributing "Skullknight" and paying half his Life Points (Jim 75) to summon "Fossil Warrior Skullking". It attacks "Anchor Knight" (Anger Mask 2200). Anger Mask dscards a card to Special Summon back "Anchor Knight ". "Skullking's" effect lets it attack again and inflict Piercing Damage (Anger Mask 0)

Jim wins.

Axel Brodie vs. Laughter Mask

continued from last episode

Axel Sets a card and Summons "Fire Trooper" (1000 ATK). "Fire Trooper" inflicts 1000 damage to Laughter Mask decreasing his Life Points to 3000. "Fire Trooper" is then sent to the Graveyard. Laughter Mask removes "Laugh Fight" from his Graveyard, inflicting the same amount of damage to Axel. (Axel 1500) Axel activates "Fire Recovery" discarding "Volcanic Scattershot" (Laugter Mask 2500) to Special Summon back "Fire Trooper". "Fire Trooper" is sent to the graveyard again (Laughter Mask 1500) Axel Activates "Fire Recovery" discarding "Volcanic Scattershot". (Laughter Mask 1000) Axel brings back "Volcanic Scattershot" (0 DEF) in Defense Position.

Laughter Mask draws a card and Axel activates "Draw Bomb" to inflict 1000 damage to Laughter Mask when he draws a card dropping Laughter Mask's Life Points to 0.

Axel Brodie wins.

Mistakes in the English version

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English air date 26 October 2007  +
English episode name Triple Play - Part 2  +
Episode number 125  +
Episode series Yu-Gi-Oh! GX  +
Japanese air date 28 February 2007  +
Japanese episode name ヨハン・ジム・オブライエンVS仮面の三騎士  +
Translated Japanese episode name Johan, Jim, and O'Brien VS The Three Masked Knights  +

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