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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Episode
Japanese name: 三沢VS万丈目 アサルト・キャノン・ビートル
Translated Japanese name: Genex Opening Game! The first target!
English name: Generation neXt
Episode number: 084
Japanese air date: May 10, 2006
English air date: December 16, 2006
Japanese opening theme: 99%
English opening theme: Get Your Game On!
Japanese ending theme: WAKE UP YOUR HEART
Previous episode: Schooling the Master
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Next episode: N/A


Major Events

  • Ojin loses.
  • Sartorius gets keys to satellite laser.
  • Sartorius accomplishes a "Zero Turn Kill" (he never had a turn, so it's even better than an OTK).

Featured Duel #1: Syrus vs. Unidentified Boy

(Duel already in progress - Unidentified Boy controls "Berserk Gorilla"; Syrus controls "Jetroid")


Unidentified Boy's Turn

Syrus's Turn

Featured Duel #2: Hasselbury vs. Unidentified Boy

(Duel already in progress - Hasselbury controls "Giant Rex" and "Element Saurus"; Unidentified Boy controls "Big Shield Gardna", "Gear Golem the Moving Fortress", and "Type Zero Magic Crusher")

Hasselebury's Turn

Featured Duel #3: Bastion vs. Unidentified Boy

(Duel already in progress - Bastion controls "Water Dragon"; Unidentified Boy -seemingly a FIRE-specialist- controls "Little Chimera", "Familiar-Possessed - Hiita", "Backfire", and has just activated "Molten Destruction")

Bastion 's Turn

Featured Duel #4: Ojin vs. Sartorius

Ojin's Turn

Sartorius wins in one turn, gaining keys to Ojin's satellite and a Genex medal. Since Sartorius technically never had a turn, Bastion Misawa dubs this occurence a "Zero Turn Kill."

Featured Cards

Facts about Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Episode 084RDF feed
English air date 16 December 2006  +
English episode name Generation neXt  +
Episode number 84  +
Episode series Yu-Gi-Oh! GX  +
Japanese air date 10 May 2006  +
Japanese episode name 三沢VS万丈目 アサルト・キャノン・ビートル  +
Translated Japanese episode name Genex Opening Game! The first target!  +

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