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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Episode 042

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Episode 042


学園祭デュエル! ブラマジガール乱入

Japanese translation

School Festival Duel! Blamagigirl's Intrusion


Duel Monsters Spirit Day

Episode number


Japanese air date

20 July 2005

English air date

2 March 2006

Japanese opening


English opening

Get Your Game On!

Japanese ending


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Duel Monsters Spirit Day is the 42nd episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX in Japan).

With all but one Shadow Rider defeated, the school celebrates Duel Monsters Spirit Day, where the main event is a Duel against Jaden. But no one wants to Duel, until a mysterious girl who strongly resembles the "Dark Magician Girl" steps up to the challenge.


Episode Summary

A strange, yellow ball of light was floating around Duel Academy. Apparently, it was Duel Monster Spirit Day, the day where students appreciate the Duel Spirits and dress up as their favorite monster. The yellow light was the spirit of the Dark Magician Girl. She wanted to stop by the Academy and make Spirit Day a day they students will never forget.

Meanwhile, All around the school, students were celebrating spirit day. Chumley and Syrus worked together to create a duel arena outside the Slifer dorm, for Syrus’ costume duel. The Key Keeper’s had a meeting outside the dorm to talk about what Atticus said about Professor Banner. Since Banner was the one who lured Atticus to the abandoned dorm, he’s working for the shadow Riders. Plus, no one has seen Banner in a while, which means he’s gone missing. Chazz tried to find Banner’s cat, Pharaoh, figuring it would be easier to find him that way, but failed. They decided to take a break from the problem and celebrate Spirit Day. Syrus wanted to have someone dress up as Dark Magician Girl (she’s is favorite) for the costume duel, but couldn’t find anyone. Jaden decided to dress up as a bunch of different monsters, Alexis and her friends went as the Harpy Lady Sisters, Chazz went as XYZ Dragon Cannon, and Bastion went as Amazoness Tiger. Chazz started to build up a crush for Alexis, after seeing her in her costume, and was surprised to see a female students show up as a perfect copy of the Dark Magician Girl. No one knew who she was, but after she volunteered to be in the duel, they let her and Jaden go at it. Chazz and Syrus refereed the duel and Jaden was ready to win. Jaden won the duel.

After the duel, everyone was curious as to who exactly was the Dark Magician Girl. Syrus figured it out that she was the spirit of Dark Magician Girl and hoped to see her again someday. Little did he know, Dark Magician Girl returned to give Syrus a little kiss on the cheek before going away for a long time.

Featured Duels

Jaden Yuki vs. Dark Magician Girl

DMG's Turn

  • Sets a monster

Jaden's Turn

DMG's Turn

Jaden's turn

DMG's turn

  • Activates Magic Formula, raising Dark Magician Girl's attack by 700
  • Attacks Flame Wingman with Dark Magician Girl
  • Jaden activates Staunch Defender, forcing the two Valkyrias to attack
  • Jaden activates Hero Barrier, protecting Flame Wingman from Dark Magician Girl's attack
  • The two Valkyrias attack Flame Wingman, destroying them both (DMG 1000)
  • Because of Flame Wingman's effect, the ATK points of the two Valkyrias are deducted from DMG's LP (DMG 0)

Jaden wins

Featured Cards

Dark Magician Girl

Show Stars

Facts about Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Episode 042RDF feed
English air date 2 March 2006  +
English episode name Duel Monsters Spirit Day  +
Episode number 42  +
Episode season number 1  +
Episode series Yu-Gi-Oh! GX  +
Japanese air date 20 July 2005  +
Japanese episode name 学園祭デュエル! ブラマジガール乱入  +
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Translated Japanese episode name School Festival Duel! Blamagigirl's Intrusion  +

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