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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Episode 048

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Episode 048


マイナスワールド 白き獅子レグルスを探せ


Mainasu Wārudo - Shiroki Shishi Regurusu O Sagase

Japanese translation

Minus World, Search for the White Lion Regulus


Mark of the Monkey: Part 2

Episode number


Japanese air date

4 March 2009

English air date

26 August 2009

Card Gallery Japanese
Featured Card

Ape Fighter

Japanese opening

Last Train - The New Morning

English opening

Hyper Drive

Japanese ending


Episode listing Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episode listing (season 1)
Previous Mark of the Monkey: Part 1
Next Mark of the Monkey: Part 3

Mark of the Monkey: Part 2, known as Minus World, Search for the White Lion Regulus in the Japanese version, is the forty eight episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. From this episode & onwards, the dub aired on CITV before it aired in the USA.

While Luna continues her searches for Regulus in the Spirit World with the help of Torunka, Leo continues his Duel against Devack while managing to Synchro Summon "Power Tool Dragon".





Devack prompts Leo to begin his turn, although all he forsees for Leo is pain. He reminds him that surrendering is option. Leo blatantly rejects the offer, denouncing that he must protect Luna and begins his turn.

Leo draws "Morphtronic Magnen Bar". He Normal Summons it in Defense Mode and Sets 1 card in his Spell & Trap Card Zone. As he ends his turn, he promises Luna he'll defeat Devack.

Devack begins his turn. He uses "Magician's Ape's" effect, discarding "Fighter Ape" to take contrl of "Morphtronic Magnen Bar". "Magician's Ape" aises its staff, which is identical to the ones Luna sees in the spirits' world, and uses its Cursed Needle effect to move "Morphtronic Magnen Bar" to Devack's side of the field.

Trudge thinks this is bad, but Yusei sees what Leo is doing. Leo laughs that Devack fell for it. With "Magnen I" in Defense Mode, his monsters can't attack. With that in mind, Devack Releases it to Summon "Fighter Ape". He proceeds to attack Leo directly with "Fighter Ape", but Leo activates "Remake Puzzle", destroying "Morphtronic Magnen", which is on Devack's side of the field and ending the Battle Phase. He then gets to Special Summons a "Morphtronic" monster with a lower Level than "Magnen". He selects "Magnen I" and the pieces of the destroyed "Magnen" merge together to form "Magnen I". Devack ends his turn.

Nearby, Akiza, Mina and Jack can see the Monkey geoglyph in the sky. However Akiza and Jack notice they are getting no reaction from their birthmarks and wonder if it's a non-Signer that is facing the Dark Signer.

Leo begins his turn and draws "Morphtronic Celfon" in Attack Mode. Using its "Dial On" effect, "Celfon" stops on a 3 and lets Leo Special Summon "Morphtronic Remoten". Leo then uses "Level Mirroring" to change "Magnen I's" Level to that of "Magician's Ape". Leo's 3 monsters' Levels now add up to 7. He tunes the 3 monsters to Synchro Summon "Power Tool Dragon".

Trudge is glad to see Leo get a Synchro Monster out before his opponent, while Yusei is pleased to see how Leo's dueling skills have developed. Devack laughs and calls "Power Tool Dragon" a toy dragon, which suits a non-Signer, like Leo.

Leo tells Devack not to make a fool of him and uses "Power Tool Dragon's" effect to equip itself with "Break! Draw!". Using the "Crafty Break" attack, "Power Tool Dragon" attacks and destroys "Magician's Ape". Devack's Life Points drop to 2500 and Leo draws a card from "Break! Draw!". Leo ends his turn, telling Devack not to look down on him for not being a Signer.

Devack laughs at the idea of a minor duelist such as Leo doing so well in a battle determined by fate. Leo is displeased at being called minor and reminds Devack that he is risking his life and fighting. Devack announces that he shall offer this Duel to his God. He Summons "Dark Tuner Dark Ape". Leo and his spectators start to worry over the possible appearance of a Dark Synchro Monster. Devack then uses "Dark Wave" to reverse "Fighter Ape's" Level to -5. "Dark Tuner Dark Ape's" Level is subtracted from "Fighter Ape" as Devack Dark Tunes his monsters. In the Japanese version, he chants "The one chosen by darkness, I invite you to this world to become its ruler. Dark Synchro! Show yourself, Demonic Monkey King Zeman!". In the English version, he chants "When the shadows are devoured by even darker shadows, the curtain pulls back and revals a world without light! Come forth, Zeman the Ape King!" as he Dark Synchro Summons "Zeman the Ape King".

Leo says he doesn't fear a Dark Synchro Monster as he has "Power Tool Dragon" on his side. Devack draws a card from "Dark Ape's" effect. He activates the card, "Closed Forest". Yusei begins to panic, since Demak now has a Field Card he can Summon an Earthbound Immortal.

Spirit world

Luna makes haste in her rescue mission, thinking she must free Ancient Fairy Dragon quickly and return to her own world in order to prevent danger falling on Leo. Luna remembers Ancient Fairy Dragon telling her to meet up with Regulus. In the distance, she sees a nearby town.

The spirits peering at Luna.

She and Kuribon enter the town. The town is seemingly abandoned and the streets are lined with strange staffs. A number of sprites, with worried eyes, peer around corners at her. Luna spots them and asks what they are doing. As she makes her way over to them, they turn and flee.

Unable to get near any of the inhabitants, Luna sits down to think, but Kuribon diverts her attention to a ball that is ouncing up a flight of steps. Luna thens spots leaves rising off the ground and reconnecting to a tree. She wonders if everything is backwards in this world and draws her attention to one of the staffs.

The Akeys.

One of the sprites alerts the town that someone is coming to take over the spirit world. As everyone else flees, a black mist makes its way into the square. Luna and Kuribon quickly hide. A number of monkey soldiers, known as Akeys, armed with the staffs then emerge from the mist. They begins to search the area for spirits.

While Luna hides in an alley, wondering what those monkeys were, her Deck starts to glow. She senses that the spirits in her cards are scared. As she tries to comfort them, a group of townspeople run past her alley. The Akey that was chasing them spots Luna. Kuribon runs out past the Akey, followed by Sunlight Unicorn and Sunny Pixie, who emerge from her Deck. The Akey raises its staff and fires blasts as the spirits, sealing them in stone tablets, identical in design to Duel Monsters' cards. However their Level Stars are reversed, giving them all Negative Levels. One of the Akeys looks at Kuribon and asks how it feels to be a Minus.

One of the Akeys spots Luna, prompting her to run. As she goes past windows, her reflections are all upside down, rather than reversed. She reaches a dead end and starts to panic. One of the stones lining the ground is lifted up and a spirit inside perrs out and invites Luna in.

After the Akeys clear off, Luna and her rescuer emerge from the hidden hole. Despite the spirit's height it displays the traits of a nagging adult, saying that a little girl such as Luna shouldn't be entering this world and asks what would have happened if he hadn't been there to save her. Luna replies by pointing out that he is also just a child. The spirit says that his name is Torunka and he is really old.

The town before the Minus Curse.
The spirits sealed in tablets.

As they hide inside a buiding, Luna asks if the townspeople are all Spellcaster spirits. Torunka tells her that that is true and everyone else has been captured. He managed to escape, but because of the Minus Curse, everyone has been turned into a child. He explains how the people of the village used to use their abilities to help each other, but after something strange appeared in the sky. The evil beings began to turn the spirits into minus energy and using the Cursed Needle and the Minus Curse, they turned spirits into stone.

Luna then asks Torunka if knows Regulus. Torunka looks at her funny and questions how she knows that name. After Luna explains that she has come to save Ancient Fairy Dragon, Torunka asks her if she is a Signer. Torunka is reluctant to help her find Regulus and explains that it's too dangereous to meet him right now, as he has been acting strange lately; he has been gnarling his fangs at anyone who approaches him. Torunka assumes that he is troubled over not being able to protect Ancient Fairy Dragon.

Luna insists that they find Regulus, as she cannot save Ancient Fairy Dragon without him and they must save the other spirits that have been captured. Torunka looks down and tells her Regulus is in a nearby forest. Luna demands Torunka take her there. Despite Torunka's objections, Luna briskly leaves the building, while the Akeys are still nearby. Torunka follows her and they are quickly spotted by the Akey soldiers. While they are chased, Luna takes time to line up some bottles on their sides. She then turns the arrow on a nearby Cursed Needle, causing the bottles to roll back in the direction of their pursuers. The Akeys slip on the bottles and tumble backwards, allowing Luna and Torunka to make their escape.

Outside the town, Torunka stops to catch his breath. Refusing to go any furture, Luna insists that she will carry him. Torunka apologises and climbs on her back. He admires her strength, but Luna disagrees, telling him that she spent a lot of time in hopital when she was younger. Regardless Torunka believes she has the strength of a hero. According to Luna that strength comes from the people that protect her. Torunka asks if she means Ancient Fairy Dragon. Luna shakes her head and replies "No, the people that are close to me".

Luna asks Torunka where the spirits go after they have been captured. Torunka assumes that they go to Zeman the Ape King's castle after being minus'd. Luna asks if Zeman is their ruler. Torunka knows he is their leader, but no one knows where he came from or what his true intentions are.

From Zeman's castle, Zeman throws a Cursed Needle through a portal at the Ancient Fairy Dragon crag, demanding that she give him her minus'd powers. The staff shatters and Zeman slams his fist on the arms of his throne. He believes he needs more captures in order to completely minus her.

Regulus confronts Luna and Torunka.

Luna and Torunka find themselves inside a dark part of the forest. Despite Torunka's orders Luna starts calling Regulus. Torunka tries to quieten her down, but Luna insists Regulus will be understanding once she talks to him. After shouting Regulus' name once more, a large white armored horned lion with a Cursed Needle attached to its leg jumps out in front of them. Torunka reognizes this being as Regulus.

Featured Duels

Leo vs. Devack
... continued from previous episode.

Currently, Devack controls "Magician's Ape" and "Morphtronic Magnen" and has 4000 Life Points. Leo has an empty field, and 3200 Life Points. It is Leo's turn.

Leo draws "Morphtronic Magnen Bar" and Summons it in Defense Position. He Sets 1 card in his Spell & Trap Card Zone, and ends his turn.

Devack draws "Fighter Ape" He discards "Fighter Ape" to use "Magician's Ape's" effect, taking control of "Morphtronic Magnen Bar". He then Tributes "Morphtronic Magnen Bar" to Summon the other "Fighter Ape" from his hand. He declares a direct attack with Fighter Ape, but Leo activates "Remake Puzzle", destroying "Morphtronic Magnen" and ending the Battle Phase. Using "Remake Puzzle's" second effect he Special Summons "Morphtronic Magnen Bar" in Defense Position. Devack ends his turn.

Leo draws "Morphtronic Celfon" and Summons it in Attack Position. He uses its effect, getting a 3. His top 3 cards are "Junk Box", "Factory of 100 Machines" and "Morphtronic Remoten". He Special Summons "Morphtronic Remoten". He then plays "Level Mirroring", changing "Morphtronic Magnen Bar's" Level to that of "Magician's Ape"; 3. He uses all 3 of his monsters to Synchro Summon "Power Tool Dragon", uses its effect to add "Break! Draw!" to his hand and equips it with "Break! Draw!". He attacks and destroys "Magician's Ape". (Devack: 2500 Life Points) Leo draws 1 card due to "Break! Draw!". He ends his turn.

Devack Summons "Dark Tuner Dark Ape". He then plays "Dark Wave" changing "Fighter Ape's" Level from 5 to -5. He uses both monsters to Dark Synchro Summon "Zeman the Ape King". He draws 1 card due to "Dark Tuner Dark Ape's" effect. He then plays the Field Spell, "Closed Forest".

Continued next episode...

Differences in Adaptations

The following changes were made in the English version:

  • Trudge (Ushio) described Leo (Lua) as "a tough kid".
  • Leo said that he doesn't like tests.
  • Devack said "it looks like you're going to fail".
  • Luna's "list" of things she sets herself that she must do is longer than in the original.
  • Luna said that "Kuribon" doesn't bite.
  • Luna said "if we don't catch those kids we'll never find Regulus".
  • Luna said "if we don't find out what's causing this I might end up in diapers again".
  • The servants of Zeman the Ape King said "I don't want any monkey business like last time".
  • The outfit of "Sunny Pixie" is edited to be less revealing.
  • The stone Tablets that Luna's monsters are sealed in are edited to look more like dubbed anime cards, rather than official/original anime cards.
  • Kuribon's Stone tablet has its anime artwork on it, in the original its official artwork was used.
  • Devack said "Morphtronic Magnen Bar join the dark shadows".
  • Trudge said "well he should throw a Monkey Wrench into things".
  • Jack said "it feels like Luna has fallen off the face of the earth".
  • Luna said "I would've been monkey bait without your help".
  • Torunka said "you don't look like any Duel Spirit I've ever seen".
  • Torunka said that he's old enough to be Luna's (Luka's) Great Grandfather.
  • Luna said that her teachers can hardly remember her name.
  • Torunka said "don't run so fast I'm an old man remember".
  • Torunka said that his sciatica was acting up.
  • Luna told Torunka about her twin bother.
  • From the transition from commercials the scene of the Monkey geoglyph is shown, it was shown more than once in the original.
  • Devack said that "Power Tool Dragon" is a toy which Leo (Lua) should've left in his "play room".
  • Leo asked Devack (Demak) "has my dragon got your tongue".
  • Zeman the Ape King (Demonic Monkey King Zeman) mentioned that it's because Regulus is free that he can't capture Ancient Fairy Dragon.
  • Devack (Demak) said if he knew that Luna (Luka) was in the Sprit World.
  • Luna said that she has a Kitten at home.
  • In the dub Luna tried to tempt Regulus out by talking to him like he was a pet cat.
  • The words "To Be Continued" are added in the dub.

Changes to opening

Starting this episode a few changes were made to the Japanese opening theme.

  • Scenes with Jack dueling Carly and Aki dueling Misty are added.
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English air date 26 August 2009  +
English episode name Mark of the Monkey: Part 2  +
Episode number 48  +
Episode season number 1  +
Episode series Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's  +
Featured Card Ape Fighter  +
Japanese air date 4 March 2009  +
Japanese episode name マイナスワールド 白き獅子レグルスを探せ  +
Romaji episode name Mainasu Wārudo - Shiroki Shishi Regurusu O Sagase  +
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Translated Japanese episode name Minus World, Search for the White Lion Regulus  +

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