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Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 217

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 217


召喚! 三幻神

Japanese translation

Summon! The Three Gods


The Dark One Cometh - Part 3

Episode number


Japanese air date

11 August 2004

English air date

22 April 2006

Japanese opening


English opening

Yu-Gi-Oh! theme

Japanese ending


English ending

Yu-Gi-Oh! theme

Episode listing Yu-Gi-Oh! episode listing - season 5
Previous The Dark One Cometh - Part 2
Next The Dark One Cometh - Part 4


Major Events


(NOTE: for steps in the Yugi Muto vs. Yami Bakura Duel please see the Featured Duel section below)


Enter the 3 Egyptian Gods

Yami Yugi "Well it appears the game has shifted in my favor..."
Yami Bakura: "Your creatures are no match for Zorc. I should know since he and I are one and the same!"
Yami Yugi: "Hold on... you mean... YOU are Zorc?!?"
Yami Bakura: (evil laughter) "Surprise!! How's THAT for a twist? Now, let's go in for a closer look shall we?"
Pharaoh: "Surrender now Zorc! Or face the rage of the three Egyptian Gods!"
Zorc Necrophades" "When I am through with them, your deities shall bow before the Lord of Darkness!"

Complete Darkness

  • The Pharaoh orders "Obelisk the Tormentor" to attack with Fist of Fate, then follows up with "Slifer the Sky Dragon" ("Slifer, lay down your judgement upon this enemy of Egypt") and "The Winged Dragon of Ra" ("Ra, may your eternal light banish the darkness").
    • He then orders Obelisk, Slifer, and Ra to combine their attacks: respectively Fist of Fury, Thunderforce Attack, and Blaze Cannon Blast. Ra's last attack is of such magnitude it buries Zorc into a big crater underground.
  • For a moment, the light returns; it seems as if the Pharaoh has triumphed. However Zorc soon emerges from his crater and shifts the moon, provoking a solar eclipse!! The light is gone and Egypt is covered in complete darkness.
    • The Pharaoh orders his three Gods to attack before the light is gone. However Zorc grabs Obelisk and rises high in the sky: he continues to grow in power as the darkness spreads.
      • Slifer and Ra attack Zorc, but their attacks don't even phase him. His counter-attack however destroys all three Egyptian Gods.
        • The Pharaoh loses part of his life energy.

Featured Duel: Yugi Muto vs. Yami Bakura - Part 3

Duel continues from previous episode.

Yugi Muto's Turn

Yami Bakura's Turn

Yugi Muto's Turn

Yami Bakura's Turn

Yugi Muto's Turn

Yami Bakura's Turn

Yugi Muto's Turn

Duel concludes next episode.

Facts about Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 217RDF feed
English air date 22 April 2006  +
English episode name The Dark One Cometh - Part 3  +
Episode number 217  +
Episode season number 5  +
Episode series Yu-Gi-Oh!  +
Japanese air date 11 August 2004  +
Japanese episode name 召喚! 三幻神  +
Screenshot Yugioh217.jpg
Translated Japanese episode name Summon! The Three Gods  +

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